Doctor Who

Season 1 Episode 12

Bad Wolf (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 11, 2005 on BBC America

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  • Hello Dalek!

    Thankfully, once the episode actually starts, the action and mystery is right there and we get a fine introduction as The Doctor (quite literally) falls into the Big Brother house. This opening is quirky and hilarious and makes you want to stick around for what comes after the credits (unlike the aforementioned yawn-fest).

    It's a shame that after that amazing reintroduction where they were both mysterious and cunning, the poor Daleks are being demoted to Exposition Exterminators. Still, the episode manages to climb to an edge-of-the-seat climax (especially when the 'Next Time' trailer shows The Doctor saying he's going to die) and wraps up most loose ends while still leaving the most important to be resolved. As the first of a two-parter, I give Bad Wolf an 4/10 in terms of storytelling, characters, and atmosphere. I look forward to reviewing the resolution in The Parting of the Ways.
  • Of all the Dr Who episodes I have watched - this has the biggest error

    When the Doctor says, scanning space for Dalek's using "SONAR"....

    It has to be the most unthought through dialog in the entire series and programme!

    FFS even matt smith the worst doctor ever did not make such statements!!

    SONAR is measurement via sound waves... in space there is NO sound waves as it is a VACUUM!!!
  • Bad Wolf - the Original!

    I love how this is the original episode from where come all the references in later episodes, with different looks for the Doctor (I heard Steve Moffat say they are all the Doctor, just different looks - Doctor Who Confidential for Season 5). It's on BBCA right now and I'm enjoying it. Even if DH says I have seen it at least twice before!
  • Bad Wolf!

    This episode of Doctor Who highlights many of my favorite things about the show. There's mystery, future Earth, Rose Tyler, the return of the Daleks, Captain Jack flirting with everything that walks, and the Doctor being his awesome self.

    All in all, "Bad Wolf" is a great set-up for the finale of Season 1.
  • Bad Wolf

    Bad Wolf was a perfect and phenomenal episode of Doctor Who. I loved watching this episode because the episode was awesome, fun and full of character depth and plot development. It was intriguing to see game shows of the future so to say. I liked the connection to The Doctor's actions in a prior episode. The various game shows were great for each character. I liked the girl The Doctor rescued from the Big Brother House. Jack's TV show was fun and humorous to watch. I liked how every thing played out and it was intriguing to learn who was behind every thing. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • soalong comes "Bad Wolf". Having sat through "The Web Planet", "Horns Of Nimon" and "Delta And The Bannermen", "Bad Wolf" ranks up there as one of the most embarrassing episodes in the series' history.

    Where can one start to explain just how embarrassing this pretence at cleverness is?

    The first point that people seem to hold is that Bad Wolf is a satire. I am pretty gob-smacked by the amount of people who have hailed this episode as, to quote one site, "a brilliant satire on modern reality-TV and game shows". Which is rather funny when one considers the meaning of the word satire: "a literary work in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony, derision, or wit." And while there's plenty of derision coming from Eccleston's Doctor (as usual, for example, the "whole human race reduced to mindless sheep" line, repeated from "The Long Game", although one wonders why since reality-TV doesn't imply that people are mindless sheep, just that they have very bad taste), the only irony here is that Bad Wolf contains all other aspects applicable to what most people would call a satire. Compared to "The Sun Makers", it has the subtlety of a bull in a china shop; compared to the genuine moral messages in "Vengeance On Varos", it is filled with irrelevant platitudes; and compared to "The Happiness Patrol", it lacks both creativity and feeling. This is an episode that displays more sophistry than sophistication. That RTD has used popular contemporary game shows (and hosts) rather than invent his own, which could either mirror the content of said game shows or reflect similar themes, is sheer laziness. It's not clever, it's not trying to poke fun or be witty, it's just a cheap ratings-grabber completely lacking in originality. What more do you need to justify this claim than the fact that 200,000 years in the future (exactly as in "The Long Game") everyone is wearing 20th century clothes! Even when they were just jumpsuits with exotic symbols drawn on them or spikey foam attached, Doctor Who costumes have always tried to be different, no matter how ludicrous some of the outcomes. That people in the far-flung 4th Great And Bountiful Human Empire wear the same clothes we do, act the same way we do, watch the same shows we do, is not reflective of a genius writer but an uninspiring hack. And this doesn't bother anyone?

    (And again on creativity: why have all the stories in the season been set in London, Cardiff or a space station? When the series first began in '63, the travellers ended up on an alien planet in the second story! And here we have gone one whole season without. I guess what's really worse, is not just that all the stories have been set in these rather dull locations, but that "The Long Game" and "Bad Wolf" are actually set in the same location!)

    The second point is on death. Now from what I can see, the only point of introducing Lynda was as a Rose substitute so that after Rose's apparent death, viewers would assume she had really died and that Lynda would now be taking her place on board the TARDIS. (It's not for nothing that the two characters are almost identical.) Is this a clever ploy to fool the audience into believing that Rose is dead? Perhaps, and if it is, it is quite clever. Unfortunately, like many similar moments in the new series thus far, the illusion is completely let down when Rose is revealed to be safe and well about ten minutes later! At least when we thought Peri died in "Trial Of A Time Lord", we didn't find out she was still alive until several episodes later.

    The whole issue of using the death of main characters in drama to create tension, pathos or some such reaction from the audience, is only useful when the character really dies or at least is dead for an extended period of time, long enough for the audience to become accustomed to the fact. We have already had one Slitheen come back from the dead, we've had the entire cast of "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances", we've had Rose's dad (who came back from the dead twice!), now we have Rose, and in "The Parting Of Ways" it will be Captain Jack. And then there's the Daleks. It's great to see them back and they do look superb but it's annoying that here we have a species who were extinct bar one but six episodes ago. And now they've returned in force through a less-than-dramatic loophole only to be completely exterminated again as a species in the next episode! Arrrggghhh! What is the point of killing and reviving characters so frequently??? We know the Daleks will be back in a season or two anyway, so why make grand claims to have destroyed them completely?

    Point three: the Bad Wolf arc. Now this is something laughably ridiculous. Lots of people have commented how Super Rose, having been able to send messages back in time and space, sent such obscure and unhelpful ones. Very few people have commented, though, that the messages Rose did send to herself were actually rarely seen or heard by her! The references in The End Of The World, Dalek, The Long Game, Father's Day (give or take), and The Doctor Dances, would probably not have been noticed by Rose, either occurring when she was not present, being so small as to go unnoticed or else being in a foreign language! Once again we have what has become typical of the new series: a pretence at cleverness, and only that. There is nothing clever at all about the Bad Wolf arc. Even the revelation of what Bad Wolf is is unsatisfying and sloppy. Many of the theories fans have come up with are far superior than the one RTD has, which begs the question why he is penning so many episodes. Yes, people will get down on their knees and worship RTD for bringing back Doctor Who, but when it all comes down to it, a review is a review, not a homage. I am glad that the new series is back and while some of it is really good, with some cracking stories, a lot of it is a pale imitation of Doctor Who of old.

    And the last point, although there are many more I could make and I'm sure others will make one day when everyone's stopped worshipping RTD, is regarding characters. For me, one of the greatest disappointments of the new series is the lack of hero-figures it contains. When I watched Doctor Who as a kid, the Doctor and his companions were always people you could look up to, to emulate in life and try to make a better world. This new series has very few such characters.

    The Doctor seems more incompetent than effective, unable to resolve any issues himself and makes blunder after blunder. After presenting the Doctor throughout this season as a killer, we see him in "Bad Wolf" realising that his past actions have created the world in which he now is. Strangely, however, he only dwells on this very important point for a minute, as opposed to the half-hour of pedestrian philosophy and padding for a plot we had in the previous episode, "Boom Town". The way the Doctor has been shown in this new series, one has to wonder why he even bothers to do anything at all, since he can't seem to get anything right and tends to make things a lot worse. The idea was already raised in "Trial Of A Time Lord" and rightly resolved as being mostly irrelevant since not only are the Doctor's intentions good but also in the utilitarian balance of things, he tends to do far more good than evil. So why bother to raise the point again – and not just raise it, but leave it unresolved?

    Then there's the Doctor's line about "wiping every last Dalek out of the sky" (which is technically wrong, since space isn't sky). While I don't have a problem with this intense machismo, which seems to be a very strong trait with Eccleston's Doctor, it is, as usual, the machismo of a eunuch. Regardless of the Doctor's boasts, it will be Rose/Bad Wolf who destroys the Daleks in the final episode of the season, leaving the Doctor doing bugger all. Again this reflects the trend of the entire season: a Doctor who is supposed to be a hero but rarely seems to have the answers to anything and finds himself in situations where he relies on others to do things for him (characters or props, viz. the overuse of the sonic screwdriver – you can see why JNT decided to get rid of it!). The 9th Doctor is so useless that he might as well give Rose control of the TARDIS and retire. And when the Doctor even confesses to loving "Bear With Me", I'm sure we have to agree that it adds no small amount of "greatness" to his character.

    So that's the star of the show, although more of a red dwarf than a neutron star. What about the rest of the characters? Captain Jack's main motivation in the show seems to be trying to sleep with everything he comes across or else making constant sexual passes and innuendos, to the point where every conversation involving his character is one. Although he adds some needed humour and action to the show, I'm sure most parents would love their children to display that certain quality of sexual perversity inherent in Captain Jack. His character is yet another example of how low the show has sunk. A critic of the new series has rightly pointed out that sexual (overtly homosexual) references may have some place in Doctor Who provided that they complement the context and themes in the story. However the gutter innuendo RTD seems to enjoy injecting into the series is pointless, probably just there for cheap jokes and to seem "contemporary", and completely irrelevant to both plot and context. That the Doctor should spend even a line of dialogue in a 45-minute show trying appeal to Captain Jack or telling him (when the latter tries to pick up one of the station controllers in this episode) that "there's a time and place" for that sort of thing, is abysmal and would have William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee rolling in their graves. RTD doesn't seem to understand himself that "there's a time and place" for that kind of muck, and the time and place certainly isn't contemporary Doctor Who. I guess that's what happens when one person on a programme has so much power he can sanction his own ideas, being both producer and main script-writer. He might be a great soap writer, but RTD sure has a hell of a lot to learn about writing either science-fiction or Doctor Who.

    Rose is the only character that is in the slightest way admirable in the new series, even if she is incredibly stupid at times (and this is "incredibly" for a Doctor Who companion). And while all these characters may be entertaining – I'll admit, they're not boring in the slightest – the level of morality they exhibit leaves more than a lot to be desired.

    Ultimately Bad Wolf is an episode in a series that is generally pretending to be clever and creative, but really can't be bothered trying or else doesn't have the talent to do so. (4.6/10)
  • No a fan of the gameshow part of the episode but sets up the finally well.

    I think folks get fall into a trap of examining this episode together with its second part which was much better. This episode while setting up the finally well is fairly cheesy, that parodies without really being all that funny, more sad. It is an interesting take on the role of reality TV in today's culture. But that is a problem because this episode wont be as relevant years down the line, which looses a timelessness which exists within Doctor Who.

    I thought the loss of Rose was well done. There was no last minute save. It was also nice that they tied in Satellite 5 back to the other episodes showing the reasoning behind the questions from the other episodes.

    A nice Dalek climax with the Doctor determined just to act not explain.
  • Why does Russel T. Davies write this poor filth!

    The series has been a joy to watch, I've really enjoyed it. But now here comes... Gameshows gone wrong! Where did Russel T. Davies think of this!

    His episodes have only been watchable but now this came along.

    The starting of it was weird. Rose's gameshow was viewable. But then comes Yankee Doodle Captain Jack. Who somehow pulls a gun out of his arse! Thats not 7pm BBC quality. Thats 4:30 CBBC quality.

    Thank god the episode gets darker after Doctor and Jack escape. (Jack using his arse gun what would we do with out it!) I then really gotten excited and relieved when the Daleks came into it. But still a very poor Installment to the Series.

    I can say this to this Episode. Russel T. Davies if you read this please dont write Dr Who anymore!

    Luckily hes only writing 5 episodes for season 2!!
  • The TARDIS is attacked and the crew seperated. The Doctor ends up playing Big Brother, Captain Jack takes part in What Not To Wear, and Rose face the Anne-Droid in The Weakest Link. The crew are actually onboard Satellite 5, where deadly enemies await!

    Oh.... My.... God!!! Actually, it's interesting. The crew end up playing game shows! A very interesting situation for the Doctor. Captain Jack enjoys himself tremendously. Things get better when they break out. The Bad Wolf still follows them everywhere and you know it's going to be revealed soon. It's been mentioned in every single one up to now. So, it is significant to the plot. The Anne-Droid is a brilliant invention. I bet Anne Robinson would love to that in real life to the idiotic contestants. Then, of course, the true villains are revealed. The Daleks are back, thousands of them! The series finale will be soooooo good!!!
  • Brill!

    Absolutely fantastic.

    Very clever and interesting which is promising for the finale. It ends on a real cliffhanger which left us at the edge of our seats.

    It was clever bringing in the game shows where Rose was on 'The Weakest Link', the Doctor was on 'Big Brother', and Captain Jack was on 'What Not to Wear' which was funny.

    It is my favourite of the season, just above 'Father's Day'.

    It is very colourful at the start then it slowly becomes a little more darker and brings a fantastic ending to the episode.

    Well done, we need more episodes like this in every series.
  • The Doctor, Jack and Rose are back on Statellite 5. But it's changed. People seem to be following orders from the controller who is being controlled by an even more deadly foe. Written By; Russell T Davies Directed By; Joe Ahearne

    The Doctor is in a small room and comes out to find himself in the Big Brother house! He is called to the diary room and is told not to swear! 'You've got to be kidding'!
    Mean while Rose is in the Weakest Link studio where Anne Robinson has been replace by an Anne - Droid of her self! Roderick tells her she has to play - her name is on the podium! Jack is in the What Not To Wear studio where Trinne and Suzzanah have been replaced with the Robotic Trinn-E and Suzzan-ah! Jack then gets all his clothes taken off as his clothes are to twentieth century!
    Back in the BB house the Doctor is trying to escape but the three others aren't having any of it - it's eviction in 5 minutes. Crosbi is evicted and the Doctor don't know why all three of the others start crying over it! That's untill she is zapped by Davina - Droid! Rose is playing the weakest link now and finds out that the weakest link is killed in the same way as Crosbi! Roderick is not votting for her - but only show she survives and he can play her in the final and win! Mean while Jack is told he gets to go to the face off and that means he literally has his faced chopped off. He escapes and so does the Doctor with Lynda, who tells him this place is run by 'Bad Wolf'! They meet up and try to save Rose but it's to late and she is 'killed'. They then go to controll wear they meet the controller and find the the TARDIS. They have been brought here by Transmatt. Jack then finds out people dont die in the games they get transported through space! They then find the place on a scanner and relise it's the Dalek's. Rose is being helled captive as a hostage so the Doctor will not fight the Daleks!

    This is the first part of the first climax and it does it in style! The sets are brillian as are thee affects and the use of other shows is brilliant. All acting is once again superb write from Jo Joyner's protrayal of sweet Lynda to Rose's horror to the Doctor's grief.

    Best Actor/ Actress; John Barrowman
  • The best idea for an episode ever.

    I wonder how they came up with it? Big Brother Weakest Link & Trinny & Susanna all "eviled up" for this amazing episode. With the Daleks coming along to play aswell this must be the best episode ever. And with the final revelation that Bad Wolf was running the whole thing provided us with a great and exciting first half to the end of series 1. Christopher Ekelston seemed amazing at the time, even though David Tennent overshadows him now. Personally I think that this is definately the best episode of the first series and the only thing that can beat it is the last five minutes of series 2.

    This is Davina Droid, you are live on channel 44000 please do not swear...
  • Liking this show...

    This show is awesome. I saw the episode before it and then I just watched this one last night and it was a very good episode. The doctor wakes up in a big brother house, rose is on the weekest link and Captain Jack is getting a make over. It was funny how they were making fun of big brother and the weekest link. I liked how Captain Jack was standing there with no clothes on and he pulls a gun on the robots and they said where did that come from? I liked how the doctor just went a-wall when he thought rose died it shows they are really close friends and he cares for her. This enemy called the Daleks captured rose and this episode neded in a cliffhanger. later...
  • Play or die!

    The Doctor, Rose and the captain are trapped separetly in gameshows. What first looks as just an annoying inconvenience, later reveals the strange truth: these games have deadly results, and it seems as if they have a mind of their own when it comes to the Doctor. The concept was interesting... if you're voted off the Big Brother house, you're killed, hehe. But anyway, it was a fun episode to watch for the first part, and then you see theat the strings being pulled behind the shows go much further than you thought, and guess what they lead to: Daleks. Lots and lots of Daleks, in fact... Coming to destroy the Earth (as if gameshows being on 24/7 wouldn't have done it already).
  • The doctor and Rose travel to the 4th dynasty of earth again, only to find it has changed...again

    The Doctor, Rose, and Jack are in the time of the 4th dynasty of Earth again, but are forced to play games for their lives. Rose is forced to play "The Weakest Link" with the robot who kills you if your chosen, whereas the doctor is stuck in the 500th version of big brother. Jack is the only one who got the best deal, he get to go through makeovers and put on tv for all to see him in all his glory.

    During her game, Rose has no idea what is going on, so she is basically having fun with her game until she realizes that the losers are disintegrated on the spot. The Doctor manages to escape his game, and Jack somehow hides a gun on his naked body and escapes his too (dont ask how he hid the gun, the robots who had him naked where wondering the same thing before he shot them).

    Jack and the Doctor rush to meet up with Rose who is chosen now as "the weakest link". The Doctor is heartbroken when Rose is disintegrated before his eyes. But what the doctor doesnt know is that Rose is alive and onboard a dalek ship...
  • Play The Game

    The first part of the season finale, ‘Bad Wolf’ gets off to a bit of a creaky start but soon picks up once the parodies die down. Transmatted out of the TARDIS, the Doctor finds himself in the Big Brother house, whilst Rose is a contestant on The Weakest Link (complete with a fearsome red-haired Anne Droid) and Captain Jack is faced with two robots who’ll tell him What Not To Wear. But these are shows with a fatal twist… The Doctor finds out they’re on the Gamestation, the erstwhile Satellite 5, and he’s responsible for plunging the Earth into ‘one hundred years of hell’. When tracking down the operators of the station, they find out its the Bad Wolf Corporation. But there’s something more sinister going on behind the scenes. The station is being used as a front as a deadly force seek to invade the Earth… the return of the Daleks in full force is an effective way to finish the episode and sets up ‘The Parting Of The Ways’ nicely. Just a shame that the material preceding that isn’t quite up to standard.

    The reality TV show parodies are quite well observed; helped no end by the real hosts (Davina McCall, Anne Robinson, Trinny & Susannah) voicing their robotic counterparts. And yet, it’s not as cutting as it could be. Yes, we know that these kinds of shows are basically just people being horrible to one another. Adding death to the mix doesn’t really help the satire. The ‘What Not To Wear’ sections work the best, I think- the best scripted, certainly- plus a naked John Barrowman certainly doesn’t hurt things!

    As for the rest of it, the Weakest Link section is pretty run-of-the-mill as is the Big Brother stuff. The only real function of these parts is to introduce the ‘sweet’ BB housemate Lynda (Jo Joyner, good performance, making the character very likeable) who gets out of the house with the Doctor, put in the first Torchwood reference and to ‘kill’ Rose off. That part worked very well; Jack’s anger and the Doctor’s shellshock were very effective. But of course, she’s not dead; she’s just been transmatted off somewhere else. A cryptic meeting between the Doctor and the blind station Controller (Martha Cope) was nicely done, too; beneath the shadows of a solar flare, she was able to warn the Doctor of the impending Dalek invasion. The episode really picks up as Jack meets up with the Doctor and Lynda and they head to save Rose. As a final showdown, the newly-revamped Daleks will do quite nicely. The pieces are now set up; bring it on!
  • It was a wopnderful episode. the Daleks were a surprise. The Doctor is a loveable and troubled man and this episode shows that.

    i almost cried when the doctor was crying when he believed rose had died. it shows he has more depth than just the devil may care time traveler.

    he has a wonderful sense of humor and it\'s easy to get attached to the characters in Doctor Who i hope they show the second series on SCIFI channel. Captain Jack is funny though.

    do you think they\'ll show Torchwood in america.
  • Finally! We find out what Bad Wolf is! Or do we?

    I was looking forward to this episode, who wasn't? Finally the explination to Bad Wolf! But it wasn't. The title was misleading as there was no explination of Bad Wolf whatsoever. But there was Rose finally figuring out it had been following them everywhere (I know they figured it in Boomtown but they thought it was just a coiencidence). I loved that bit, Rose having flashbacks of Bad Wolf moments.

    The beginning of the episode was funny if anything. Everyone lands in a game show. I found the part where DavinaBot says "you are live on channel 44,000" hilarious. "You have got to be kidding me".

    And as for the robots, AnneDroid, Trin-E and Zu-Zana, they were good too. I found the AnneDroid a fantastic part of this episode. Other characters such as Lynda with a Y and Roderick were also good parts. Lynda especially, she would have made a great companion.

    Then the end. Best part of the episode. Daleks appear and then there's mayhem. The Doctor shone through though and was the best part of the scene, not the Daleks. "No... it means no... coz here's what I'm gonna do..." that was (as the Doctor would say) FANTASTIC! It had me jumping around the room (really it did). And then the Daleks rise, all shouting EXTERMINATE. What a cliffhanger.

    Easily a 9/10. Oh and nice Torchwood reference in The Weakest Link.
  • Let's Play Written by Russell T Davies Directed by Joe Ahearne


    Lynda (to The Doctor, re Crosby): “She’s just been evicted – from life”.

    So reality TV and games shows really are the source of all evil then? I just thought it was Davina McCall’s by now grating fake enthusiasm and Big Brother’s knack for picking more increasingly desperate contestants year in, year out that was fuel to some of the laziest and over hyped pieces of television nowadays. Oh wait, it still is.

    After the disjointed escapades of “The Long Game”, I wasn’t particularly thrilled to be revisiting Satellite Five, which is now known as the Gamestation and I was even less enthusiastic about having to sit through half an episode parodying a genre that I’m not exactly fond of either. Thankfully the results aren’t as bad as I fear but they are rather touch and go to be honest.

    Dealing with the least screen attention parody first, the consistently likeable Captain Jack wakes up to find himself at the mercy of robots Trin-E and Zu-Zana. It doesn’t take a genius to guess who they are meant to be. I ask – could there be a bigger fate worse than death than having to contend with these two? The androids, who are every bit annoying as their real life counterparts who we have to deal with in “What Not To Wear”, then happily decide that the usually dapper Jack needs a new look. Now I personally liked the naked one as John Barrowman delightfully lets it all hang out. Well as much as you can let hang out for a teatime slot on a Saturday BBC show that is. Damn the BBC and their fears of offending ofcom and the like.

    Of course proving that Trinny and Suzanna as androids are just as evil as the real thing, their next assignment seems to be ripping Jack a new face, forcing our bisexual conman to do what I assume, most viewers would like to do to plenty of so called fashionistas out there and use a compact laser deluxe to blast the meddling duo. How I cheered while watching that particular moment, although Trinny and Suzanna’s demise wasn’t completely in vain. After all, they made good enough for Jack to build a gun and to locate The Doctor.

    Which then leads to the Time Lord waking up in the Big Brother house with three contestants left, Lynda, Crosby and Stooed, although only Lynda made anything resembling an impact. The Doctor doesn’t exactly like being watched by millions of viewers and does his best to sabotage and shorten his stay in the house.

    If you think that Celebrity Big Brother is a pain to watch, then being a contestant on this reality show bites even more. You’re basically chosen at random and if you’re evicted , you’re killed by a beam and if you win, you just get to live, which is a damn site better than losing but even still it’s a pretty harsh blow to the system. Luckily for The Doctor, his plan works and him and Lynda make a break for it, which luckily for this episode, it means more interesting stuff happens too.

    For instance, we learn that this new world is The Doctor’s own doing as upon freeing everyone in Satellite Five, he forgot to set up a replacement government station, so everything has been thrown into turmoil. On a lighter note we got some rather cute flirting between The Doctor and Lynda. She was definitely wowed by him and The Doctor kept referring her as sweet, but sweetness aside, we seem to be getting closer to the “Bad Wolf” mystery as it finally comes into play big time when Lynda reveals that the Gamestation is owned by Bad Wolf Corporation.

    As for Gamestation itself, just like a heightened version of “The Long Game”, the controller who is human but literally so wired up that she’s little more than a human computer makes, controls and packages the programs along with seemingly loyal staff but even the Gamestation is only smoke and mirrors for something much worse, which is a good thing, plot wise.

    Elsewhere Rose finds herself on a game even I like called The Weakest Link with a nefarious Anne Droid, a few nervous fellow contestants and a rather slimy bastard named Rodrick who deliberately keeps Rose on the game so he can beat in the end. Just like with Big Brother, you lose and you die but if you win this game, then you actually get money. Rose may not be an intellect but luckily she isn’t made too dense here either.

    Sadly though, things don’t turn out so well for Miss Tyler as after getting one answer too many wrong in the final round, she is killed by Anne Droid’s laser beam. This is the first time in this episode where real emotional content comes into play and this is where the premise gains a bit of credibility. Jack angrily lashes out at executives over his friend’s death while The Doctor just stares numb and despondent until both men and Lynda are arrested.

    However they don’t spend an awfully long time behind bars thanks to a little quick thinking and old fashioned fisticuffs leading our trio to fight their way to Floor 500, which thankfully gives us some revelations, one in particular that will make everyone cheer for joy.

    For instance remember when I said that the controller only appeared to be smoke and mirrors for something really bad? Well I was right but before it’s revealed, she is conveniently teleported away and killed, which then reveal out mystery assailants and we’ve already seen them earlier on this year.

    Before that though, Captain Jack continues his resourcefulness and manages to prove, with some help from Lynda that Rose is still alive, along with everyone else who we saw die in this episode. The not so great news is that there’s millions of Daleks alive in outer space that have her hostage and are planning to use her as leverage to get to The Doctor. I’m glad to see the return of the Daleks and I can’t wait to see what further chaos they have in store for us.

    Also in “Bad Wolf”

    Although this episode featured the consequences of “The Long Game”, we actually didn’t learn whatever happened with The Editor or Cathica. Not even Adam was mentioned.

    Captain Jack: “Am I naked in front of millions of viewers?”
    Trin-E/Zu-Zana: “Absolutely”.
    Captain Jack: “Ladies, your viewing figures just went up”.

    Costumes we had for Captain Jack was a buccaneer look, a hell’s angels, tennis pro. I still liked the nude one, heehee!

    Rose: “I just travel; I’m a bit of a tourist I suppose”
    Anne Droid: “Another way of saying unemployed?”

    Other contestants on The Weakest Link were Brotch, Flitch, Colleen, Colin and Max. Rodrick was the first to mention “Bad Wolf” for Rose to really piece things together.

    Lynda (re being over 100): “You’re looking good on it”
    Doctor: “I moisturize”.

    There are 60 Big Brother houses on Gamestation, in BB504 all the contestants walked and The Doctor took the advice of another Linda and smashed property to be evicted. Surely The Doctor, Captain Jack and Rose weren’t meant to escape the games if the Daleks want to win their battle?

    Captain Jack (re talking to Lynda): “I was just saying hello”
    Doctor: “For you, that’s flirting”.

    Captain Jack (re Rose): “You killed her! Your stupid freaking game just killed her”.

    Torchwood was mentioned here. What are they, a special ops unit or something?

    Davish: “But I have your gun”
    Doctor: “Okay, so shoot me”.

    Other games on the Gamestation include Wipe Out, Countdown (30 seconds to diffuse a bomb, like Alias the reality TV series), Stars In Your Eyes (where you can get literally blinded) and Bear With Me.

    Female Operator: “It’s not our problem; we’re just doing our jobs”
    Doctor: “With that sentence, you’ve lost the right to talk, now back off”.

    Doctor (to Dalek): “And doesn’t that just scare you to death? Rose?”
    Rose: “Yes Doctor?”
    Doctor: “I’m coming to get you”.

    The chronology is exactly 100 years since “The Long Game”.

    With an incredibly dodgy opening half, it’s nice to know that “Bad Wolf” was able to recover itself and even better, that we are finally starting to get some answers as well. The last fifteen minutes is where the real meat of the episode is and I for one can’t wait until next week.
  • The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack are all transmatted to different futuristic gameshows back on satellite 5. But it is being run by some hidden force about to make its presence.

    This a brilliant episode. It is funny and very exciting. This is an episode all Doctor Who fans do not want to miss has it is it gets us closer to an answer to Bad Wolf actually is and we get to see big brother, trinny and susanah and the weakest link in a more more futuristic, deadlier version. It also marks the return of the Daleks. You definetely do not want to miss this episode.
  • There are a lot of things that go wrong in this story, although you feel like they were really trying to make it a great story.

    There are a lot of things that go wrong in this story, although you feel like they were really trying to make it a great story. The main problem for me is that reality TV is already bad enough, we don't need WHO to do a parody of it. Plus, it was already done way better in Vengeance on Varos. And Vengeance was years before the reality TV boom, and therefore 500 times more novel in its approach.

    Also done before was the concept of the Doctor in the same place but at a future date and witnessing the consequences of his meddling. This was done before, albeit not very well, in The Ark. Admittedly, it's about 500 times better here.

    As usual, the pacing in RTD's script is all over the place. The story seems to change gears halfway through. Originally it's all game show reality junk, then suddenly, ah, let's bring the Daleks in and throw some Bad Wolf references in there. It's not really a seemless transition. You also get the feeling that THIS should have been called The Long Game, and they should have called the previous story something else (it probably was that way originally I would bet).

    Ok, and we get tidbits of more offscreen adventures. Why? It feels like we've missed half the season because of these adventures that have been described here and in Boom Town but not shown. Both stories could have been done without those references and nothing would have been taken away from them.

    I think for the first time the new series has blatantly ignored a continuity point of the original series. They got transmatted from the Tardis console room??? What happened to the Tardis defense systems?? What use is the Tardis if it's that easy to zap people off it? The inside of the Tardis has always been a safe haven because it's indestructable (for the most part). Plus, it's impossible to enter the Tardis usually without the key. I would think that would go for a transmat beam as well. Furthermore, how does one transmat someone who is in an altogether different dimension (that is, the whole dimensionally transcendental thing)? They made an effort to explain it when the Doctor mentioned that it had to be a really powerful transmat...but the thing that transmatted him was just a tool of the Daleks. Even when the Timelords used to grab hold of the Doctor, it was done by grabbing hold of the Tardis itself and moving it, not by breaking into the Tardis with a transmat.

    Granted, the Tardis doors and defense mechanism have always had continuity problems, but for a long time it's been pretty well established that the Tardis can't be destroyed (barring any involvement with the Tractators) or invaded without the key or by using the opening mechanism from inside (traditionally the big red knob thingy). I suppose Adric was able to invade using block transfer computation in Castrovalva...but that is different.

    Other than the things I've mentioned, it was really a quite good episode. I like how they explained "The Long Game" idea, and basically once the story turned toward introducing the Daleks, things improved dramatically.

    Some questions have been answered, but so many more have now been raised. We still really don't know who or what Bad Wolf is. We don't know really why the Daleks are transporting the game contestants off of Satellite 5. I suspect it's because they are turning humans into Daleks. Because if all the Daleks had been destroyed in the Time War, then whoever has brought them back would need some type of humanoid material to mutate into Daleks. If in fact that is the case, then whoever has brought them back would have to be a humanoid type of guy, such as Davros...that is, usually the Daleks aren't quite clever enough on their own to create new mutations (excluding the Dalek from the last story). They've always required Davros to do that type of genetic engineering. Also, the trailer for the last episode, the booming Dalek voice that appears to be behind the whole thing, who might that be? Davros? The Master? The Face of Boe???? Or maybe the Dalek from the last story that we thought killed itself?

    One thing that's funny is that the Daleks are not really logical. They threaten to kill Rose, but when the Doctor says no and scares the bejesus out of the Daleks, what do they do? Do they kill Rose? Nope, they speed up their invasion instead, lol. They get so nervous they lose sight of what it is they were doing in the moment.

    I did rather enjoy Jack in this one. Nearly every scene he's in is just padding, but it's rather humorous padding. He gets a giggle out of me in all those makeover scenes.

    It has to be said that the techno music is highly inappropriate. I like techno as much as the next guy...but this borders on the levels of the Mortal Combat soundtrack...which is not a good thing.

    The use of the young child (who has now grown older) as a Dalek tool is a reference to Remembrance. The only thing with that is that it was the renegade daleks who used the child, while the other batch of Daleks had Davros. So if that voice thingy in the trailer is Davros, why did he need a human assistant thing?

    The line from the Doctor about the bad wolf having to do with him, and someone manipulating and controlling his "entire" life...Sounds more like the Master than Davros. Or maybe Fenric lol (gasp!). I wouldn't have used the phrase "entire life." His life since the Time War, yeah, I'd buy that. But then that line about the Daleks guiding humanity for hundreds and hundreds of years. Wonder just how long we're talking about, and why the jagrafess would be involved. And how does that correlate with the Time War?

    Loved the reference to the "lunar penal colony." Direct reference to Frontier in Space there (the last story that had the Daleks that didn't have the word Dalek or Daleks in the title). I was even getting ready for a venusian karate moment when he turns to Jack and says "let's do it" lol

    Anyway, this episode had its problems, but there was enough there to make it pretty decent. I gave it a 39, and I can't wait for next week, who resurrected the Daleks!???

  • Just freaking brilliant couldn't have asked for more! ...Well maybe.

    I've never seen a Doctor Who episode up into the pilot for this series. I found it slow to begin with but once it had me in it's clutches I found my self screaming "Exterminate!"

    This episode is hands down why I watch the show, it had me on the edge of my seat trying to piece together the links from previous episodes, did anyone else notice the similarities to the maid in “The Unquiet Dead?” Similar position of the hands the spirits would be the wires... Maybe it's just me.

    I was giddy when I saw the Dalaks at the end of the episode, it makes me want more! Give me more!

    Overall, I think the only thing that could have been improved in this episode was Rose fell kind of flat. She really didn't do anything to get out besides play the game. I kind of wanted her to do, something! But then again, it does seem to be her character is to always be the damsel in distress waiting for the Doctor or Jack to come save her.

    But despite the flat acting and lack of character development. I loved this episode.
  • as the doctor says:Fantstic!

    I think this was the best episode yet!
    how did russle.t.davis think of the doctor being traped in the big brother house rose on a grim version of the weakest link?
    it was great and i cant wait for the finale!
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    by the ceo altrus kranoka.
  • This was fab!

    I thought that it didn't explain Bad Wolf fully but Russell T. Davis has said today (the 15th) that there is still more to be revealed on bad wolf in the last episode. Can't wait and what wuith the BBC showing a different trailer everyday saying "Time is up in x days"
  • OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

    The reality TV segments at the beginning of the episode were funny, it's only when the Doctor and Jack escape from their shows that things get really dark.

    Who has been using satelite 5 (now called Gamestation) to bombard the human race with mindless television? and why?

    It's a shocker of an ending. Thankfully the effects people at "The Mill" are still doing a bang up job. I almost jumped out of my seat at the final shot of thousands of Daleks (some flying, just to show off) all wanting the Doctor Dead.

    Gripping cliffhanger and I can't wait to see the next episode.
  • The Doctor while mysteriously transported into the set of Big Brother, he discovers that there is a conspiracy of an alien influence in human development under the guise of Bad Wolf. a.k.a. the return of the Daleks

    The writers have been planting Bad Wolf across the episodes without our notice, and its only recently been highlighted to us of this phenomenon.

    This is a really witty episode that satirises the current obsession of the game show, reality tv and lifestyle makeover junk we get on tv.

    The promise of a showdown of galactic proportions between the Doctor and the Daleks at the end of this half of a two parter is a cliff-hanger to die for.

  • Who's Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?

    Who or what is the Bad Wolf? All throughout this series we have seen the words ‘Bad Wolf’ pop up everywhere the Doctor and Rose travelled. At first the references where subtle and I for one didn’t notices them until they were pointed out to me. In “The End Of The World” there is talk of the Bad Wolf scenario among the guests on Platform 1. The words appeared again in “The Unquiet Dead” with Gwyneth seeing a “big Bad Wolf” in Rose’s future. Back on Earth in “Aliens of London” the phrase is graffiti on the side of the Tardis. Henry Stanton helicopter is named Bad Wolf in “Dalek”. It appears again as the name of a TV channel in the prequel to this episode “The Long Game”. Bad Wolf is seen on as graffiti again in “Father’s Day” where it is painted over a poster. In “The Doctor Dances” Jack is on top of a German bomb with the words Bad Wolf on the side in German. And finally the power station in “Boom Town” is a welsh translation of Bad Wolf.

    It is point where Rose and the Doctor first begin to take notices of the Bad Wolf phenomenon that has been chasing them since day one, but the Doctor tells her it is just a simple coincidence. Know the Doctor as many of us long term fans do it would be foolish of us to take the Doctor’s claim at face value. He is a man of science and reason, someone who is unlikely to believe in such an improbable fluke. Was he aware of the words meaning, did he suspect someone is watching him and if so was he trying to protect Rose for his unseen enemy.

    The episode opens with the Doctor finding himself and unwilling housemate in the Big Brother house unsure of how he got there. Rose is in a similar situation forced to take part in a life and death game of The Weakest Link with the fearsome Anne-Droid. Jack meanwhile is getting a make over from a robotic Trinny and Susannah on What Not To Wear. The twist in the tale is that anyone who competes and loses is automatically disintegrated or in Jack’s case has they’re head removed for the sake of fashion.

    As a satire on the current boom in reality television this episode is rather tame. Considering most of this shows have turned into self-parodies all on their own any attempt by Davis to generate mockery is futile as all the jokes have already been told and this offers nothing new. In fact compared to the sexual excess of current series of Big Brother this version, executions aside, was rather tame in comparison. It is not until the true masters of the Game Station are revealed that things take a more interesting and sinister turn.

    From the outset it seems rather self-defeating to have hundreds of programmes on thousands of channels which all result in the fatality of the majority of their contestants. The death rates would be in the tens of thousands each day and in the millions every year, after fifty years of this the population of earth would be deceased dramatically a perfect situation for an invading army. The twist here is the revelation that none of the contestants have been disintegrated at all but transported to a Dalek fleet for reasons that are not explained but I have a rather good guess why.

    In the sixth Doctor tale “Revelation of The Daleks” the giant pepper pots creator himself Davros is in hiding on the planet Necros after surviving the events of “Resurrection of The Dalek”. While he is there Davors uses the bodies of deceased humans kept in cryogenic suspension to produce a new Dalek army. With the majority of their forces destroyed by the Doctor at the end of the time lord the Daleks may have been using the games as a means of rebuilding their forces while at the same time thinning the human population to prevent future resistance.

    While I have enjoyed this new series there has always been one giant flaw that just refused to go away and was always on the verge of running for everyone. That flaw is Russell T. Davis. Rose, Aliens of London, World War III, The Long Game and Boom Town are the weakest stories not because they are bad (although Long Game is dismal) it is because of Davis unbalanced scripts, pointless infusions of silly toilet humour and too much focus on the relationship between the Doctor and Rose at the expense of story. Luckily with this episode Davis seems to have gotten over his early foibles and put all his energies into telling a good story with welcome little character moments for our three heroes.

    It is a rare occasion when Davis is writing an episode where Eccleston’s Doctor isn’t a grinning berk going fantastic every five seconds. Here Eccleston is at his finest giving us a Doctor who is focused and determined when first thrown into the BB house, silent and heartbroken when he believes Rose is gone and overjoyed when he Jack discover she is alive. And his final declaration of war with the galactic pepper pots was just brilliant.

    Jack continues to develop into an crucial part of the Tardis crew as he uses some…er…well hidden weaponry to make his escape, build a bigger gun and show true grief over Rose’s ‘death’. Jack is the action man of the team, the one who beats up bad guy heavies and still make time to flirt with…well everybody. Here’s hoping he’s back next year as the dynamic with him, Rose and the Doctor is quickly becoming one of the series strengths.

    Of the three heroes Rose is perhaps give the least work to do. For the first half of the episode her struggle through the Weakest Link is a pivotal part of the plot but after she is transported to the Dalek ship she has nothing to do but look scared and stand in the corner. What effect Rose does have in this episode is what she represents to both the Doctor and Jack. The Doctor is the mind, Jack the hand and then Rose is the heart, something that both men fell they’ve had broken when they see her die.

    The supporting cast where perhaps the weakest aspects of the episode with none of them standing-out enough for me to care about any of them. Davis weakness in all his episodes has been in writing memorable secondary characters that you feel something for and want to see survive. Gatiss, Sherman, Cornell and Moffat were all able to surround the regulars with three-dimensional, flawed and human characters who we cared about and remember long after the credits rolled. For the life of me I can’t name a single character with the exception of Linda with an ‘I’ or a ‘Y’ if only because her name was the mot repeated.

    Good Bits
    -Eccleston. Why is it Daleks bring out his best performances.

    -Jack. Goes on What Not To Ware, gets new wardrobe, destroys host. Good for him.

    -Daleks, Daleks and more bloody Daleks.

    -Doctor: No! Says it all.

    Bad Bits
    -Rose doing nothing but being the damsel in distress.

    -Still not clear how the Bad Wolf has been able to follow the Doctor and Rose around for all this time.

    -Anne-Droid. Not nearly as scary as the real thing.
  • Best episode of the new season so far. The storyline is now starting to come together and we can see the bigger picture.

    The silliness of reality shows aside, this was an exciting and tense episode. It has a big ending that draws you in and makes you want for more. Much less character development, and more action - just what the doctor ordered (sic).

    The Bad Wolf items from previous episodes are starting to make sense, and now we can see how all the episodes really do have a story-ark connection between them.