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Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 09, 2007 on BBC America

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  • Don't blink! Seriously! Don't you dare blink! You might miss something!

    I was a bit unsure about this episode before I watched it. Maybe it was the title, or it had been the preview, I don't know... But then I started watching and I was instantly captivated. The creepy old house, the eerie messages, and of course, the weeping angels that seemed to move when you weren't looking. The characters, no matter how little time they had, like Kathy, were all charcaters you immediately came to like (which is something that happens a lot on DW), which got me even more into the story. It was a beautifully crafted episode, and I loved every moment of it. Loved the "don't blink" moments. While the Doctor is MIA for most of the episode, the few moments in which he appears were great, especially the parts where we see him on the DVDs. Another great trick was not letting us see the angels moving either. I think it gave it a much more thrilling feel. One of my favotrite moments were the lights flickering and the TARDIS going away. And of course, the Back to the future mirror image with the letter delivery, haha. Nice to see smart characters. Anyways, lots of great moments and an exciting episode altogether. Loved it!
  • Steven Moffat crafts one the the smartest, and the best doctor who episodes ever. He writes real drama, without the razzal dazzal of alot of series three. RTD has somthing to learn from this fellow.

    I'll admit it right here, I was scared for this episode. The fact that it did not follow the doctor and Martha scared me because of the crap that Love and Monsters was....below quickly I forgot that Love and Monsters was written by RTD. This is Steven Moffat

    I do not want to spoil it, but here's the basis of it all. Sally Sparrows is being contacted by a mysterious Doctor on a little Easter egg on 17 different DVDs....the thing is that the message comes from 1969 and...I'll stop there. This episode in reason three, is like a well of water in the desert. Its flawless, and without a doubt the most cleverly plotted episode of the new series of doctor who. I can tell Steven Moffat puts alot of thought into his episodes.

    Maffar knows how to freak you out. There is no razzal dazzle, no stupid scary monster. Maffar has a talent to creep you out, to get your heart racing. Why doesn't he have RTD's job?
  • After finding a cryptic message written to her 40 years before on the wall of a decrepit old house, Sally Sparrow finds herself the center of a complex fight in which she must find a way to help the Doctor retrieve the TARDIS & defeat the Weeping Angels.

    This episode is by far the best of this series so far. Though it has a noted absence of the Doctor, the part he plays is so far complicated, there need not be more. It also presents one of the most terrifying enemies ever seen. While they, for the most part, do not look at all scary, it is that simple fact which makes them so. Rarely on the show is an alien enemy seen that is as believable as something anyone could encounter at any time. This element of reality just heightens the fear. My advice when watching this episode: Don't think about it too much. Trying to figure out the time travel in this particular installment, especially that of Kathy and Billy, just causes headaches. Oh, and don't blink.
  • Brilliant!

    I had missed this one when it aired on Sci-Fi here in the States and at the time I just kinda figured no big deal. Then I finally watched it after catching up on the ones I missed from series 1 and 2 and I have to say that was Bloody Freaking Brilliant! Amazing for the fact that it was good even though there was very little of the Doctor and Martha in the episode. Much better than the last time this was tried in Love and Monsters. Its really too bad they couldn't have brought Sally Sparrow along to be a new companion, I'm thinking she would have been an excellent companion.
  • Sally Sparrow happens upon "murderous" angels to help the Doctor and Martha who are trapped in 1969.

    Seriously the best episode of the season. Very very good. Sally Sparrow finds her name and other ominous words written on a wall in an abandoned house. In the course of solving this mystery she loses her best friend in 1920, sort of, a potential date in 1969, sort of and helps the Doctor and Martha escape from 1969 where they are trapped. Martha was fully unhappy to be working in a shop to support the Doctor, exactly right. A somewhat non-linear episode full of twists, turns, and timey-wimey... sort of...
    Definitely one of the best episode of the entire series.
  • Blink and die!

    This episode stars Sally Sparrow, Lawrence Nightingale and of course, The Weeping Angels. The weeping angels are the perfect monsters, being that their only weakness is that they can't move when someones watching them. So don't blink, blink and the angels will get you. Their power isn't that impressive, though. All they can do is send you back in time and have you die in the same year you left. The finale where Lawrence and Sally got into the Tardis and sealed the weeping angels fate because they were looknig at each other was an awesome end. And when the past selves of the doctor and martha came there and sally gave them the script thing brought everything into full circle.
  • Terrifying!

    I've been watching Doctor Who since it came back on and none of the episodes have scared me like they scared me watching as a child. Except this one! It was very well done even for an episode without so much of the Doctor and Martha in it. The Weeping Angels were such a fantastic idea, things that didn't kill you but sent you back so far in time you wouldn't be able to see your friends or family again which is more terrifying that being destroyed. The statues were sooo creepy and for about two days after I watched it I wouldn't look at any statues at all in case one of them crept up behind me! Sally Sparrow was a bit annoying though, I hope she's not brought back at a later stage.
  • Brilliant.

    If you like the Twilight Zone, you will love this episode. The dialog, pace and cinematic timing is that of a scifi suspense thriller. It will have you at the edge of your seat. This is probably the creepiest Doctor Who episode to date. Even creepier than the "Terror of the Autons" from 1971. This one could easily give you nightmares. You will never look at graveyard statues and gargoyles the same way again. Unlike most Doctor Who episodes, this one has very little of the campy witty dialog from the Doctor. The Doctor plays a distant supporting role, which itself is unusual.
  • Blows away last year's Lost and Monsters, this is how you do a Doctor-less or Doctor-lite episode.

    I wasn't against the idea of Love and Monsters, just the application. Sally Sparrow is such a great character, I nominate her for future companion. The Weeping Angels were great although they made no sense what so ever. Who threw that rock at Sally in the beginnning? The Angel? Why would they do that? Sally had the stuff written on the wall in the file? Alot of this doesn't bear much scrutiny but it works as you watch it, you just go with it. I thought one could shut one eye at a time to keep both from blinking as a way of keeping the Angels away although you would lose total periphery vision. Nice to see the message at the end is for hot chicks to love us DW nerds.
  • The Doctor and Martha are stuck in 1969 and only a young girl in present time can help them get back. That is, if the "angels" don't get the Tardis first

    A Mostly Fantastic episode! It started off real creepy and thrilling but took a turn for the worse when the angels showed their true form. I would have liked it much better had they been more "hitchcock-esque" then fangs and claws. It did make me wonder though, why the angels did not attack the girl (Sally Sparrow) in the first place? Everyone else who went into that house disappeared. Why not her? Besides plot device? All in all, an easy episode for the doctor and Martha, they are in less than 10% of the show, so you don't get as much of the witty doctor banter that one usually gets. All in all though, totally worth the Tivo space.
  • One of the best ever.

    My friend told me that this was the best episode he had ever seen and after watching it twice, I agree this episode was special in a lot of ways. I liked how it was not doctor related but from a third party point of view and the ending was also so clever. This is the second time that they gave us an unexpected ending that leads us to a complete time loop.
    It is as if a new writer has taken over as the last three episodes have a different feel to them. I cannot wait to see the next episode.

    This episode is one of my faves from Series 3... even though Martha and the Doctor aren't major character in it (much better then the other episodes of Who shows like "Love & Monsters"(2-10) and Torchwood's "Random Shoes"(1-9))... The Weeping Angels are some of the best monsters not only on Who, but on any sci-fi show... the concept of being "Quantum Locked" (based on the idea of quantum physics where either a partical's speed or its position can be know, but never both at the same time. So the Angels could only move when not being observed)...was intriguing and was pulled off expertly. I don't think they would have been as scary if this was a "normal" episode focusing on the Doctor... but the way poor Sally Sparrow has no clue what they are or how to stop them adds to the tension of the episode and makes it work...
    also, the way in which the Doctor has to contact her through various "Easter Eggs" on DVDs is brilliant! It reminded me of "The footage" in William Gibson's novel "Pattern Recognition"
  • Doctor Who: Blink Sally Sparrow gets a cryptic message from the Doctor and then from her best mate, both of whom somehow are communicating with her from the past. And what's with all these weeping angel statues.

    God I love this show. A fine example of this shows timey-wimey wondrous genius. Time travel can be confusing enough what with paradoxes, and past events happening in the future and vice versa. This show and specifically this episode makes simply brilliant use of these devices, and does it with a sly smirk and a hey how do you do? Another episode in which the Doctor's genius is sprinkled in small doses while other one ordinary folk get to strut their heroic muscles, like Love & Monsters from Season 2. Sally Sparrow; this episode's happenstance heroine, is deftly portrayed by the absolute entrancing Carey Mulligan. She has a kind of early Katy Holmes-esque vibe, but a style and beauty all her own. Playing perfect foil to Finlay Robertson's DVD obsessesed Larry Nightingale, as they unravel the clues and battle the Weeping Angels. A quick aside for those keeping track of the dedication of Miss Martha Jones. As if dealing with the Familly of Blood after a month putting up with being the Doctor's; nay John Smith's servant in the not so afro-friendly early 1900s, wasn't enough. In this episode she spends a bunch of time in good old 1969 working in a shop to support our inter-dimensional man of mystery. The Doctor better realize how lucky he is.
  • Suspenseful, yet fun, gothic horror in the modern age!

    At long last, I can appreciate what my British friends have told me: As kids, they, literally, hid under their living room couches whenever a seriously spooky scene occurred on the original Dr Who series!

    When this episode started, I thought I was watching the wrong show! Who is that young woman, and why is she trespassing into a spooky, old, abandoned house? Who wrote the warning to her beneath the wallpaper? Why is the Doctor only on DVD's, and how can he be communicating with the young woman through them, when they're pre-recorded? What happened to the woman's friend, who disappeared, suddenly and mysteriously, even though they were very near each other? What's with all the statues holding their hands and arms in front of their eyes? And where are the Doctor and Martha, anyway? And then I realized the greatness of both the story and the direction, in not making the story obvious, until the very end, as is true of any good detective story!

    The only problems I had with this episode was when the statues are rendered harmless - - thanks to a bit of trickery on the part of the Doctor (I don't think I'm giving too much away!) - - but there was a hole in the plot, in that the creatures are in a dark basement: As soon as the lights are off, they will be able to cover their eyes and be free, once again (I can't be the only one who thought of that!). And why didn't anyone think of just holding up a mirror in front of the statues? Also, the last few minutes were stretched and unnecessary, making the denouement somewhat obvious and even tedious, although it was redeemed, somewhat, by the DVD playback warnings of the Doctor (sorry . . . you'll just have to see the episode for yourself to understand that!).

    Regardless, though I'm an adult, I'll admit to shaking in my knickers throughout most of the episode! And this definitely rates among my all-time (no pun intended!) favorite Dr Who episodes!
  • Best of this season...

    This was a fabulous episode. I've found that I really enjoy the ones where the doctor impacts multiple parts of a person (or persons) lives, like the episode "The girl in the fireplace" last season.

    I really enjoyed trying to figure it out, and really got lost in the story for a bit, but it all came around full circle. Then end, when she realizes she gave him the info was perfect (and the hand-holding). The angels were truly scary, throughout.

    Oh and even though she missed out on spending life with her best friend, there was still a Nightingale and Sparrow, how great!
  • Extremely refreshing episode...

    After the last few episodes of Doctor Who, I thought that this show has finally lost it's charm. And then I saw Blink.

    For starters, it's hard to believe that the same person that wrote "The Girl in the Fireplace" wrote "Blink". Cause, although both episodes feature problem of flexibility of time - "The Girl in the Fireplace" was so out of the character for Doctor, and I couldn't convince myself to like it. Well, mostly cause I'm a big fan of Rose, and don't like to watch Doctor with other women, but still. I know that I'm not the only one who saw that enormous change in Doctors character there. In "Blink" there is no Doctor, though you can see him everywhere - there are only two real-time scenes with Doctor and Martha.

    One of the best things about "Blink" is amazing performance of actress who played Sally Sparrow. Every single character in this episode has an important role, and it all kinda leads to revealing a mystery of this weeks villains - "weeping angles", assassins in form of a rock statues, old as time.

    I'm kinda grateful we didn't get to see much of a Martha Jones, cause honestly, I really tried, but I just don't feel it... Nor any sympathies towards her, nor any chemistry between her and Doctor. Bored now.

    When I first heard everyone praising "Blink" and amazing Sally Sparrow, I thought we're gonna see another out-of-the-character sad love story, but I was pleasantly surprised, cause "Blink" is one of those episodes of a show that you can watch even without knowing plot or characters, and still be heavily impressed.
  • It was a really refreshing episode, especially straight after the double when The Doctor had to become human to avoid detection. Isn't Sally cute!

    I'm a big sucker for time paradoxes. Like the best in the Star Trek series, this one is all about the heroine Sally piecing together clues in the present time to help The Doctor and Martha back from 1969. I couldn't help but think it must've been a conscious effort by The Doctor when he does leave 1969, he chose not to affect any of the time leading up to his eventual rescue, which meant those affected by the "angels" were still affected - no rewriting history here!

    Certainly very hard to wrap one's brain around the DVD easter egg question and answers between The Doctor and Sally. Everything seems to be happening as intended, so in a way, The Doctor must've known he was going to be saved anyway.

    It's almost inconsequential that The Doctor and Martha are playing almost a cameo role in this episode. A bit like episodes on Miss Marple where she's not necessarily the main murder mystery solver!
  • Evil alien angel statues and a timey whimey detector, what's not to like?

    This was by far the best episode of Doctor Who I have ever seen, and I think I have now seen them all. It was clearly the creepiest episode ever, the only one to really have me on the edge of my seat, the only one I would hesitate to watch in the dark. It was also funny, the Doctor, while not the main character in this episode, was hilarious. There were so many good lines, whole speaches really, that kept me laughing. It helped to balance out the scary aspect of this episode. If I wanted to get any of my friends interested in watching Doctor Who, I would recomend this episode for them to watch to see if they would like it. In my opinion, it's by far the best, outshining all other episodes by a long shot.
  • In giving this episode a rating, I can't help but these go to eleven?


    Between the combination of this episode's awesomeness and the previews for next episode, I did a quite literal flail. Alone in my room at 5 am. Note to potential viewers: DO NOT watch this episode in the dark during a particularly bad thunderstorm!! I learned this the hard way.

    Another reviewer was spot-on when (s)he mentioned that this episode tosses aside the child's notion of hiding under the bedcovers and "if I can't see them they can't see me". I'm frightened to ever look a statue ever again.

    This episode was just everything that you could possibly want in an episode of Doctor Who. You've got a fantastically complicated plot, great dialogue, the Doctor being all adorable with his "wibbley-wobbly timey-wimey stuff", superb acting, CREEEEEEEEEPY villains, a few subtle jabs at internet geekdom, and the completely random but oh-so-awesome bows and arrows. I can't BELIEVE that I, of all people, am saying this, but this actually might be my favorite episode ever....despite the fact that there was no Rose. Ok, so I'm a bit biased, so sue me. Last series' "Love and Monsters" was an interesting exploration into how the Doctor affects other peoples' lives, sometimes completely unintentionally. I understand what they were trying to do, but I started to get bored and wished the Doctor would come on-screen and entertain me. With this episode, I was probably halfway through before I realized that we had barely seen any of him and I didn't even care, the plot was so compelling.
  • We now introduce you to, Sally Sparrow!

    This is my favorite episode to date, all for two words. Sally Sparrow. I love her character, it was just perfect through the whole episode. I saved this review for my new badge one, hell I had to.

    The story line was great, the whole spookiness of the episode was great. Don't blink, don't look away. The new characters introduced were great, and Sally had that wit with her and her beauty.

    I was sad that the Doctor wasn't in the episode to much, but i think Sally made up for that. I do hope they bring Sally back and give her a chance to tag around with the Doctor. I could care less if her story was closed, I want her back. I'm fine with her leaving her boyfriend, as long as she comes back.
  • The creepiest episode yet!

    This episode of Doctor Who is one of the best and creepiest of the bunch. In this episode the Doctor and Martha do not appear very often, and when they do they are in a DVD, but it really doesnt matter! The whole concept of not being able to Blink or move because the Weeping Angel Statues will get you is very nerve-wracking. Also, this episode keeps you wondering how the Doctor is communicating with Sally Sparrow (the main character) from 1969 (the time period he and Martha are stuck in). This episode has everything: action, suspense, drama, mystery, creepiness, and humor (which every Doctor Who episode simply has to have). This episode is deffinatly one of the best so far in this series. Anyone who has missed this episode has missed out on something special.
  • The season finally jumps into gear with an exciting, genuinely frighting, series clasic.

    Wow. Where did that come from? After a run of poor or at best average episodes (ok, Human Nature was alright) this one rises majestically above the rest of the season. The characters are all well drawn and the direction is great. The script is polished and original. Sally Sparrow is a fantastic creation, why isn't she the new companion instead of dreary Catherine Tate's grating Donna? Clever and inventive just what Naughties DW should be, not the usual derivitive histrionic rubbish we mostly get served up from the new series. Well done Steven Moffat. Well done Carey Mulligan. Well done Hettie MacDonald. More of this in S4.
  • Absolutely Outstanding!

    After watching the brilliant conclusion to Human Nature (Family of Blood) I was expecting the series to be back to another average episode as most of the season has been. Even the Trailer for this episode looked kinda dull in a weird way. I was pleasantly mistaken. This has to be the best episode of the new series since School Reunion. Sally Sparrow is a very likable & clever character but not at all smug like the Doctor can be. I hope she will be come a future companion as I think she wil out-shine even Rose! The Doctor - & Martha especially - barely feature in this episode but the story as whole is strong enough to not even need them. The excellent direction & fantastic adult realisation made up for the lack of main characters. One of the best ideas the BBC has had - to make "monsters" that you actually see move. The Angels were the scariest, sinster & well-realised "monster" I've seen on Doctor Who for many years, & I mean the classic series as well. The pivotal moment where the Sally & Larry realise no-one is looking at the statue & you see it's true nature was scariest thing ever!

    I seriously hope we get more episodes as well written & realised as this one is series 4 & beyond.
  • Weird, the best epi of the season, and the Doctor is barely in it?

    This episode saved the entire series in my opinion!

    I was almost on the verge of not bothering with the season at all. The 7 of the first 9 episodes were so completely and utterly bad, that it actually made me start to only watch Doctor Who when I had nothing else to do!

    And to think, I only watched this because I thought this episode was where Captain Jack came back.

    This was old school Doctor mixed with some modern M. Night/X-files.

    Anyway, I just had to put my two cents in on this one. Best episode of season!
  • Scariest episode yet

    Most episodes of Doctor Who have a lot of frightening elements in them, but very few keep me from getting sleep. This one succeeded in doing just that. In truth, I was not expecting a whole lot out of this episode, as it had almost no scenes with the Doctor at all. However, I was blown away by the characters it did include, as well as their interaction with the Doctor, while he and Martha were 38 years in the past.

    The monsters featured, the Weeping Angels, were the most frightening creatures in the new series. The scenes in which a character blinks or turns their head, and you see how quickly the Angels move were extremely scary.

    The explanation of time, and the way that the Doctor sends messages to Sally Sparrow through people who have been sent back in time, is very impressive. The best scene in my opinion is the conversation between The Doctor and Sally through an easter egg on a DVD.

    All of this, along with the Doctor's warning to the viewer at the end, create an exciting and terrifying episode.
  • Just fantastic

    This was definately one of the scariest episodes of Doctor Who I've ever seen, I didn't think I'd like it owing to the lack of doctor (expected it to be similar to Love and Monsters from the last series) but I thought it was absolutely brilliant, edge of your seat stuff.
    The doctor and his timey wimey detector was hilarious and I loved the bow and arrows at the end.
    Totally put an end to the childhood idea of 'if I can't see it then it can't see me' and that hiding under your duvet makes you immune to danger, scary stuff, but brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
    Doctor Who at its best.
  • "Yea the Sparrow hath found her an house..."

    Nobody who watches Blink could fail to fall in love with Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan). She's honest, open-minded, intelligent and comely in a way that's so natural the Soil Association could certify her 100% organic - great work by Carey.

    But all that is as nothing compared to the jaw-dropping, technical sophistication of the plot, which, by playing and replaying a DVD of the Doctor, ensures that his ‘security blanket’ presence is on hand even when David Tennant isn't.

    That's not to say the episode is flawless. Sally's behaviour sometimes defies common sense, despite Blink poking fun at TV shows whose heroes are commonsensically deficient. And the Lonely Assassins themselves crack and crumble under the pressure of sustained analysis. But anybody who sits back with the intent of enjoying the episode will swoon.
  • A brilliant episode! Watch it now!

    This episode is great because it's original, unique and totally gripping - everything that I want from a Doctor Who episode. 'Blink' is a Doctor-lite episode with him and Martha mostly seen on easter eggs on DVD's 9but it's supremely better than the last episode that tried this, Love and Monsters).

    'Blink' focuses mainly on Sally Sparrow, a new character who I could see becoming the Doctor's next assistant. Anyway, Sally is up against the 'weeping angels' - stone statues who can move whenever you aren't looking at them, but turn to stone forever when they look at each other. I thought that they were really creepy and they certainly made me jump.

    This is a must see episode guaranteed to keep you watching (unless the weeping angels have you hiding behind your cushion)!
  • Fantastic Episode

    This was a great episode. Very scary! I thought it was fantastic!

    Wonderful acting! Great Story! Fantastic aliens! And awesome special effects! What more could you ask for!

    This was definately one of the best episodes so far!
    You cant miss it!

    I loved the bit with "The angels have the phone box" lol
    I want a T-Short! lol

    The angels were fantastic! Great costuming. This was a well written and directed episode. I really ejoyed it.

    I cant get over how great it is.
    Its pretty frightening so beware lol

    Even though there wasnt much of The Doctor the actor for Sally Sparrow was great. I think she has some great talent and is sure to go far in the future.
    A must see episode!

  • What a fantastic episode!!!!

    This weeks episode of Doctor Who was absolutley fantastic!! Brilliant storyline and even creepier villains. I hated statues before i saw this and i now hate them even more, particularly thanks to the ending montage.

    It follows Sally Sparrow as she enters a creepy house late at night. She peels off the wallpaper to reveal a message to her from "The Doctor". All it says is "Beware the weeping angels". This leads to all sorts of revelations, from her best friend and a potential date who both get sent back in time from the evil villains. All i can say is what a fantastic episode this was, and beware of statues!!
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