Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 09, 2007 on BBC America

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  • Very Incredibly Well Written Episode. Period.

    This is was a really good episode; compared to the majority of series 3; this has to be one of the better ones; if not the best episode so far; and rightly so.

    The Acting Was Great; Everything Fitted togeather perfectly; how the doctor knows what is going on; what is going to happen; how the people who get taken, sending messages to the present, the first we see in a very "Back to the Future" Style way "i was told to come to this place at this moment in time to deliver this" in one word; id have to say this episode was AMAZING. it completly builds on the momentum from the last 2 great episodes(Human Nature/Family of Blood) and accelerates the series towards a (hopefully) Exciting Conclusion!
  • Time is a wibbly wobbly round thing

    After the last episode, I was thinking the worst. The last episode was a very special one indeed and one of the best, tradition states that a classic episode is usually followed by an episode that brings the series straight back to ground level.

    Well this one just elevates the series even higher in my estimation. First off dealing with time is always a tricky thing. The series usually takes the straight line route, in that their is a beginning and end.

    This episode breaks the line and by the end you will realize that time is truly a wibbly wobbly round thing, in that the ending caused the beginning?????????.

    To summarize: the angels where well creepy, Its a shame this is probably the last time we see Miss Sparrow (boy is it hot in this room). I now just want the series to get stronger and stronger, bring on the next episode and welcome back Captain Jack, HMMMMMMM Captain Jack - Miss Sparrow !!!!!?????!!!!!, WOW, I hope that was a coincidence
  • sally sparrow sees a mysterious person called the doctor on TV and is being hunted by the weeping angels

    This is season 3's equivalent of season 2's "Love and monsters", because this is the episode where the Doctor only plays a minor role. The hero of this story, is instead, is ally sparrow and ordinary woman who lives in London. when she checks out and abandoned house she sees some strange statues, soon afterwards she starts seeing the Doctor on a DVD extra. The story is quite well done, and it has quite an original monster, able to send people back in time, they're one of the scarier monsters, although they don't compare to the daleks. the main problem was that the storyline was a bit slow in places. overall it was a decent episode but not groundbreaking.
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