Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 09, 2007 on BBC America

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  • The companion that never was, Sally Sparrow, travels into an old 'Scooby Doo-esque' home where the Weeping Angels await her. A superb episode by the legendary Stephen Moffat and probably the best episode of the new series!

    I won't deny that when I first found out that Stephen Moffat, the creator of such legendary episodes as the 'Empty Child' and 'The Girl in the Fireplace', was writing this episode I was excited.

    In the episode 'Blink', Moffat has surpassed himself.

    The idea of the Weeping Angels was a stroke of genious. The idea that they are 'kind killers' who feed off of a person's potential energy, despite being slightly complex to explain outside of the episode, is beautifully executed within the episode.

    These creatures certainly scared me more than enough times during that 3/4 of an hour period and it almost felt like a mini movie that I was watching, not another episode of Doctor Who (although that could be simply because of the Doctor's cameo appearances through the easter eggs, another nice little touch by Moffat).

    Sally Sparrow herself was indeed the greatest companion that never was. Carey Mulligan plays this character perfectly and the little interaction between the Doctor and her at the end was quite heart warming, however Moffat is quick to beat back the sense of a 'happy ending' here with the Doctor's voiceover and shots of various famous statues reminding us never ever to 'Blink', a little much for the younger, and maybe even the olde, audience perhaps but it was quite a fitting little reminder.

    With spectacularly imagined creatures such as the 'Weeping Angels', a thrilling storyline and the superb acting by Carey Mulligan and Finlay Robertson in this 'Doctor-lite' episode, it remains as one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever and definitely deserves 10/10.
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