Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 12

Closing Time

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2011 on BBC America

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  • Many good moments and lines but certianly one of the 5 weakest episodes since the 2005 comeback.


    Closing Time on paper must have sounded like a good idea. When watching you can't help but think there was so much wasted potential, and that pretty much sums up this episode. Although god knows what they were thinking when they wrote that'tense' scene where Craig comes back from being transformed into a cyberman. A fathers love for a kid can stop him becoming a Cyberman? Give me a break and the Doctor begging the universe for a break? That whole reccuring theme of the curse of the Doctor touching your life(which ran throughout climaxing when you thought Craig was turning into a Cyberman) is getting rather annoying. It's not a bad theme but it was at it's cheesest and most annoying in this episode.

    The intro didn't help much either, a women screaming at a Cyberman as she pulls back a curtain? It was a sign of things to come. Craig father crisis was a load of crap too. Frankly not interested. Father kid relationships have been done too much this season, I didn't need another (is it the 5th) serving.

    I'm all for a gay joke too, but the ongoing gag of that women thinking the Doctor and Craig were a couple was stupid seemed badly squeezed into the episode and it wasn't funny at all.

    And sorry to Smithy fans, his character aint interesting and it isn't acted very well. I dont want to be nasty but he's one character we didnt need to revisit. Well not if this episode is the outcome.

    But this episode did get some things right. Naturally the ending rocked it, although with so little meat on the over arching storyline one has to have faith it isn't just words strung together to make a tense cliffhanger. The Doctor scene in the babys bed room was excelently written played and spiced up woth some some passable CGI used as a very clever touch. While this was clearly a budget-lite episode it did pull off some nice CGI touches, there was definatly no dropped in quality with the rest of the season, and production values remainedvery good.

    Always nice to see some lore exploration too (Cybermats) and they were done reasonbly well too. The Cybermen came close to havingthier finest hour in thisepisode and it may have worked too if it wasn't for those pesky parental instincts. Geez.

    There was nothing wrong with the shop setting either, and whilst not the best idea having they CYberman ship below could have worked well. Buut obviously budgets restaints damaged it (I suspect). The whole concept failed to come to life for me.

    The episode strongest point was it's humour mostly via the Doctor. 'Smithy' wasn't all bad either and certainly delivered when it came to the humerous parts in the episode.

    We got a lot of Matt Smith and when the writing wasn't rubbish we got moments that could very well be part of some retrospective summary of the eleventh Doctor. Matt Smith certainly did the best with what he was given.

    Amy and Rorys cameo in the episode was a great touch as well. God knows what theperfume is about, but itwas probably the best scene in the episode.

    And Murray Gold certainly didn't let us down. This episode got a rather unique sountrack with some great tunes harking back to season 4s Donna vibe. It was a notable diversion from the music of this season which wasn't a bad either, but did feel a little too grand for the failed scale of the episode. Regardless it was still some very nice music.

    I never normally score Doctor Who this harshly but in comparison to its self this is clearly one of the weakest episodes since the shows return in 2005, and definatly the weakest episode of this Series, or second to the Pirate episode. Normally I'd go on to say, but it's Doctor Who so it's still good, but in this case I can't. It contains every bad habit Doctor Who can have had no original ideas and any promse it gaveit didn't deliver on, much like the episode 'fear her'. Everything is right except the meat and veg of the storyline. But thankfully it isn't a bad story and with so many Question right now for fans, it doesn't help doing another episode a millions miles away from what we want. But thanks for tacking a bit of continuity on the end for us!