Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 12

Closing Time

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2011 on BBC America

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  • Good in parts but lukewarm overall


    I was very disappointed with the approach taken to the return of the character of Craig. Comedy was very much at the forefront of this episode and I admit I laughed out loud once or twice at the Doctor's baby-talk routine. But the overused gay jokes were cringeworthy and lame. John Inman of "Are You Being Served?" was never this crass or unfunny.


    As for Craig overcoming cyber-conversion - pleeeeeeez, don't get me started. It was a phenomenal opportunity wasted. I couldn't believe the boldness of the moment and I was genuinely gobsmacked. It was chilling and heart-stopping and the implications of Craig remaining a Cyberman set my head spinning. Then it was all undone in an unconvincing second. BAH! What a cop out! Had the producers and writers held their nerve it could have made for the most astonishing moment in Doctor Who history. It would have justified the Doctor's concern about his involvement in others' lives being a curse and given him very good reason never to make a social visit ever again. The Cybermen would also have become the greatest and scariest Doctor Who villains ever if they had been allowed this moment of glory. But alas, risk-taking was not on the agenda.


    So why the score of 7? For these 3 reasons: (1) there were some fantastic monologues deleivered by Matt Smith and mostly directed toward Alfie the baby; (2) the Cybermats were a brilliant nod to Cyberman lore and were a threatening rather than comical presence as they could have been; and (3) what can I say about that last 5 minutes? That ending was just mouthwatering. Now I can't wait for the finale.

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