Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 9

Cold Blood (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 29, 2010 on BBC America

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  • I always thought it would be the Americans who would piss of Mother Earth, but then I read what BP is doing …and I though Thank God it wasn't us!

    Last week the Doctor and his gang come across a drilling crew in the middle of nowhere who decide to drill as deep as they can into the Earth's core for no apparent reason other then that the surface has blue grass growing on it. The smart and sane would test the soil or the grass first but hey, this is Doctor Who, and when did the British ever make any sense?

    Anyway somewhere after passing the 21 kilometers the drill disturbs the peaceful slumber of some very pissed of humanoid reptilians who want the Earth back from apes…err Humans. Humans acting like the predictable ways they always do, aggravate the situation just when there is the possibility of peace with the reptiles, who then threaten to go to war, and wipe the surface of the ape infestation (thinking about it, they were right, we are an infestation). Normally that would have been good riddance but unfortunately for the reptiles the Doctor is there to prevent that and then the real drama begins.

    Remember that stupid crack in the wall? Well its back again all the way down in the Earth's core of all places. So anyway the Doctor has about 10 seconds left to leave the Earth's core but instead telling everybody to get inside the TARDIS he decides to spew some meaningless crap and gets someone killed….and I was like wow, here was a potentially exciting episode (not as lame as the rest of the episodes so far) AND the writers decide to press the snooze button! I mean, was that really necessary?
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