Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 9

Cold Blood (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 29, 2010 on BBC America

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  • The plot thickens...

    I confess there is still a weird emotional disconnect between me and this take on Doctor Who. Eccleston and Tennant drew me in perfectly, even back in the day Baker did the same, and it was the effects and the camp on the stories that sometimes kicked me out.

    Here the effects aren't as much of an issue. I believed the Silurians and, man, that scarfaced one did look cool and mean. The emotional side, though, the angst caused by the terrible, terrible things that routinely happen in Doctor Who... well, it's a bit off.

    That being said, I can't really object to the plot. While still a little short on actual action and developments, the pieces all align very well and when things do happen they have significance. Also, the ongoing season-wide plot is starting to go to places that I like. While in previous Whos we only got foreshadowing about a story that developed entirely in the season finale, things are happening throughout the season now in a more TV-like way. It has pros and cons. On the one hand, the mystery is actually engaging, unlike the whole Saxon or Bad Wold business, and after this episode's revelation I'm really interested to find out what it's all building up to. On the other hand, it detracts from the self-conclusive adventure feel of the show. For instance, Rory's apparent death and consumption by the crack in this episode felt less relevant, mostly because it was framed and presented in a way that clearly conveys that it will play a part towards the end of the season and we may very well see Rory again.

    Which is also a problem with the increased focus on time travel. If you let timey-wimey (man, I hate quoting that meme) stuff get too integral to the show you risk the emotional engagement. Consequences are needed, and watching Rory die just to come back at a later date severely diminished the punch that danger has always packed in Doctor Who.

    Overall, not terrible, actually quite entertaining but showing red flags that might become a problem later on. Much in line with what I've been saying of the entire season so far.
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