Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 8

Cold War

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 2013 on BBC America

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  • Good But Unoriginal

    I was really excited when I found out that the Ice Warriors were coming back for the new series of the show, and they brought them back well enough, but the story in general wasn't very great. The story was good and simple but I felt that it was too simple that it just got boring. Also, I don't like what they did with Skaldak in the episode. Throughout most of the first half of the episode, he is tied up, and in the second half of the episode he is not in his suit and is running throughout the submarine and we don't even get to see him very much. I do however like the idea of us getting to see what the Ice Warriors look like under their suite for the first time. I also like it that when redesigning the Ice Warriors they kept all the good things about them and changed all the bad things, like the fact that they talk louder now. And I like it now that they kept the scale design but they changed it so it's metal. That makes the Ice Warriors look much more dangerous and powerful. The story is also good, but like I said before, it's kind of boring and unoriginal. It deals with the main idea of Doctor Who. An alien arrives on earth, the humans attack it, and it thinks all humans are bad. But there's nothing else to the story. Most Doctor Who stories have that main basis and make the episode more original around it, but this episode doesn't do that. The only original thing about it is that it takes place on a submarine. Overall, the episode's fine and good but it could have been much better.
  • Disappointment part deux

    After the first episode back I was so excited to see this new season, but both the story and Matt Smith seem to have used up their magic and are coasting through the last two episodes. Even Jenna-Louise Coleman who was nothing short of magnificent as a darlek in denial has failed to impress which is a shame as I expected from the build up that she would easily outshine the previous companions. The one ray of sunshine being David Warner who did an amazing job of bringing life to a character who was just as 2d and recycled as the rest of the plot.

  • Interesting but slow

    This was a decent episode but hardly great. Growing up during the '60s nuclear stand off I could relate more with this than the younger audience. But as with another review while the premise was interesting the plot plodded along and some parts really weren't too coherent. I don't think it gave either the Doctor or Clara a great vehicle for a great performance and maybe the best performance was from the Russian professor. Not being a Doctor Who expert I do believe these Martian Ice Warriors are a new creation in the Who universe? And the ending reminded me of a couple of scifi movies such as Close Encounters. I'm still hoping for a stand out episode soon rather than just fairly good.
  • How Bad Can It Be

    Very tedious back-and-forth with very little show of the warrior. Clara's been relatively level-headed, but she was very childish and didn't seem to grasp the gravity of the situation in this episode. The plot itself was interesting, but it was rather poorly executed and not exciting at all to watch. I did enjoy the professor, he's very Hartnell (especially when you can't make out his headphones and they look like a bowtie). It would be marvelous to have him along as another companion - the three of them get on rather well. The Doctor's been fairly useless so far this season as well. Perhaps they're setting him up for Smith's exit come end of the year.