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I thought it might be a nice idea to do another bundle of Doctor Who goodies just before the new season starts.

Youtuber Dave Clipson made an interesting video showing what the average face of the Doctor might be like:

(via Dave Clipson)

*Part of Peter Capaldi's costume is this ring:

Kate Dumbleton and Petra Aydin Barberini, who worked on the ring, have an 11-year-old son, Idris, who wrote a special note for Capaldi explaining the ring's origins.

This timeless gold ring contains green amber collected by the Doctor on the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius. It reminds him of all the wars he has won but also all the lives he has taken. This thought lurks on his conscience to this day. To Peter, Best wishes being the New Doctor Who from Idris

Apparently, Capaldi was touched and wrote a grateful response.

(via Wales Online)

*Alice X. Zhang has some wonderful 50th anniversary art licensed by the BBC:

(via Alicexz)

*James Hance did a lovely Doctor Who/Laurel and Hardy mash up drawing:

(via James Hance)

*The trailers for season 8 haven't given much away, so here's an interesting fan made trailer for season 8:

(via Auton710)

*Another fan made trailer now, but this one is more of a teaser than anything substantive:

(via John Smith)

*After the success of Pond Life and various tie ins to the 50th anniversary, Steven Moffat seems to be interested in more original online content (via SFX)

*Puffin are releasing a new short story featuring Peter Capaldi's Doctor, which will be available on October 23rd (Via BlogtorWho)

* There will be a 10 minute behind the scenes show available on BBC iPlayer after every show (via Radio Times)

*Stephen Byrne imagined Doctor Who as a Disney animated film:

(via The Artwork of Stephen Byrne)

*He also took it upon himself to create The Animated Adventures Of Doctor Who intro:

(via Stephen Byrne)

*Question - What Doctor Who was made in Japan?
Answer - IT WOULD BE WEIRD!!! :
(via lepoissonriuge)


* Steven Moffat will be staying on as Doctor Who showrunner for at least one more season (via Digital Spy)

* Doctor Who executive producer Brian Minchin was did a press tour during filming back in June, which contains mild spoilers (via Den)

*A former co star of Peter Capaldi will appear in the finale (Radio Times)

*There is a RUMOR being spread by The Mirror and unnamed "sources" about the Christmas special (via The Mirror)

*There is already snippets of information floating around about season 9 (via Cultbox)

*Matt Smith would be interested in another multi Doctor Who story (via Doctorwhotv)

*Paul McGann reveals production is under way on sequel to Five(ish) Doctors, and the need for a female Doctor Who (via Radio Times)

*According to some people who have attended the premiere's, this fan made title sequence is fairly similar to the actual, new title sequence:

(via billydakiduk)

*Steven Moffat has given a rather in depth preview to the Radio Time magazine of all of season 8's episodes. If you don't mid spoilers, you can read the episode outlines HERE (via Doctor Who TV)


In case you missed it, (because it didn't get promoted), here's a link to Another Big Bundle Of Doctor Who Goodies (3)

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