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Filming has started on season 8, but before that they had to decide on exactly what The Doctor would wear:

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Whether its due to Capaldi's age, or more likely because of the colors used for his costume, there are comparisons being drawn between him and Jon Pertwee's Doctor:

(The 3rd and 12th Doctor side-by-side, as pointed out by Doctor Who Magazine‘s Tom Spilsbury)
I really hope not, the 3rd Doctor always reminds me of Austin Powers (Judo chop!!).

However speaking in an interview with Doctor Who Magazine, Steven Moffat said Capaldi will harken back to the alien weirdness and unpredictability of Tom Baker’s Fourth in Doctor Who Series 8.

“Our vague idea is… the last two Doctors have been brilliant,” explained Moffat, “and have been your ‘good boyfriend’ Doctors. But the Doctor isn’t always like that.
“There is the sort of Tom Baker, Christopher Eccelston end of the spectrum, where he is mad and dangerous and difficult.”
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SciFiNow also has a review of a DVD release of one of the lost episodes, Doctor Who: The Moonbase, an animated version of a lost episode, here's a clip:

One of the next issues to come up with regard to Capaldi is his accent, which according to BBC he will keep:

Anyway, filming began about a month ago and judging by the first set photo that was released, we will be picking up where we left off (as Peter Capaldi is wearing Matt Smiths costume)

I know nearly everyone realizes they will pick up right after the regeneration, but it gives me an excuse to post a small video clip from set:

And another clip with a stunt double:

has an exclusive interview with one of the Doctor Who directors , Ben Wheatley. He hints that the new series will be a bit darker, giving comparisons to Tom Bakers era in tone at least:

"It seems to me the episodes that we're doing now seem more like classic Who. We're going back to that style. But you'll have to wait and see."

You can read the whole article HERE

Assignment X has an interview with Steven Moffat where he talks about his future as showrunner:

"If we weren't enjoying it, or we didn't think there was anything good left to do, we’d stop, but we haven’t reached that point yet, is all we can say.
“I can envision just doing [Sherlock] for a while – for quite a while, possibly. The fact that we only do it occasionally means it’s not swamping anyone’s schedule.

He adds: “Eventually, I’ll stop doing Doctor Who, because it stops me doing anything else. But Sherlock doesn't swamp my schedule, doesn't swamp anyone. So I could imagine we’ll come back and do Sherlock fairly often for many years, rather than very often for a few years.”.

I may as well start off with some art from Peter Capaldi himself (although it is from 1976):

Here are all the Doctors and their catchphrases:

All The Doctors first and last words:

Some concept art from Matthew Savage, who has worked on Doctor Who:

There's a lot more artwork at Savage's website and his blog.

This first one would make a great screensaver in my opinion:

Here are a couple of really cool intros:

And a vid with a special guest appearance:

Rather than list a lot of spoilers, I'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not you really need to know certain things. DoctorWhoTv has a few articles with spoilers (I have linked to the 3 most recent ones), HERE, HERE and HERE. All of them concern the first episode of season 8.
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