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The Doctor rescues Lt Journey Blue from certain death at the hands of the Daleks - I know, I know...Daleks don't have hands!. Its a turn of phrase, let it go. - this leads to him being asked to "treat" a Dalek who has developed a conscience.

Oh, and he does this by getting miniaturized and going inside the Dalek.

If you've seen the episode, you know how this plays out.

To me, this episode was more about the question, "Am I a good man?"

The Dalek provided an interesting foil for the Doctor - and actually gave us an insight to the Doctors psyche.

What the Dalek took away from that insight wasn't surprising though - this is in its DNA/programming - the insight itself seemed to be more for the viewer.

The Doctor trying to convince the Dalek to see something else means he WANTS to be a good man - which is what he has always wanted in my eyes.

I liked the way Clara seems to be evolving - a bit of a moral compass to the Doctor, best summed up with the line "She cares so I don't have to" - hopefully giving her a meatier role this season, moving away from "The Impossible Girl" arc from last season.

The introduction of Danny Pink could also be a part of this meatier role - right now I'm not sold on Danny though.
He may be another Rory - a good foil for his partner, who adds a different dynamic to the 2 leads relationship - or just another plot device ( Journeys reaction to his name put this thought into my mind )....only time will tell at this point.

We also got a better idea of what the new Doctor may be like going forward - logical, snarky, brutal at times (this might be a strong choice of wording), but all with a bit of swagger, .
Capaldi seemed very comfortable in the role - I like the new grumpy Doctor.


* I wonder when exactly this episode takes place?

* Is Danny connected to the humans in the future?

* What did you think of Danny Pink?

* Is this the same equation from 'Deep Breath'?:

* If the rumors are true, should we be looking at guest stars as future companions? Would Journey Blue make a good companion?

*Did anyone else get reminded of the Dalek episode?

Lines of the night:

Journey Blue: Its smaller on the outside

Doctor: fantastic idea for a movie, terrible idea for a proctologist

Clara: I was being funny
Danny: Why?

Doctor: This is gun girl, she's got a gun and she's a girl

*I've used this image in the community feed:

Its from a collection of posters by Radio Times artist Stuart Manning - you can view more of them HERE
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