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Christmas is a time to be spent with loved ones. For many people, it's a time for celebration. And the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special has historically been something the whole family can enjoy together on a cold winter's night. Taking the form of a one-off episode, it usually leaves its viewers feeling warm inside, full of festive cheer and holiday spirit. That makes sense, because who wants to watch something terribly sad or scary on Christmas, you know? Not me. No thanks. (Downtown Abbey, take note.)

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this year's special is going to be filled with the usual sunshine and rainbows and happy sentiments. Oh, there'll be plenty of fake snow, festive holiday decorations, and even an appearance by Clara's family, but "The Time of the Doctor" is Matt Smith's swan song, and it has all the makings of one. Many of the Doctor's enemies will return, including a Weeping Angel (*shudder*), and there will be plenty of action. Check out this new extended trailer that BBC America just released today and you'll see what I mean.

Do you like the idea of a more action-packed Christmas special? Would you rather watch the Doctor and Clara drinking eggnog and attending ugly sweater parties? Or are you ready for Peter Capaldi's Doctor to finally arrive?

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