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BBC America has released the first teaser for Doctor Who Season 8, which will mark Peter Capaldi's big debut as the Doctor Number Twelve (yes, yes, we know it's his thirteenth face, or whatever; let's not rehash that again). It feels like we said goodbye to Matt Smith's quirky, bow-tie-wearing, fez-loving Doctor ages ago, so even though the new footage doesn't give much away—it's just Capaldi's instantly recognizable silhouette in the TARDIS, as the familiar Doctor Who theme music plays—it's definitely enough to get Whovians everywhere excited about the next chapter in the Doctor's story.

There's still no official premiere date for Season 8, and I'm fairly certain we already knew that the new season would kick off this August, but now we have official video confirmation. So, clear your Saturdays in August until further notice, and then hit play on the teaser below!

On a scale from 1 to 12, how excited are you for Doctor Who to return?

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