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Saturday 8:00 PM on BBC America

Did Star Trek director JJ Abrams join the staff of Doctor Who for Season 8? The first full trailer for the new season not only makes the show look sleeker and more stylish than it has in years past, but there are plenty of explosions and at least one space battle. Plus, Clara (Jenna Coleman) asks Peter Capaldi's Doctor where they're going, and he tells her "into darkness." 

All right, Abrams isn't involved, but as soon as there's a lens flare in the TARDIS, I'm calling shenanigans. Hit play on the video below and then hit the comments to name your favorite upcoming storylines. Personally, I'm kind of digging the dinosaur!

It's still too early to tell what kind of man Capaldi's Doctor is going to be, but he's certainly more grounded than Matt Smith's spastic, fez-wearing iteration. Perhaps it's his age, perhaps it's his epic eyebrows, but Capaldi's doctor definitely feels darker than his predecessors, and he brings a certain gravitas to the character that we haven't seen before.

Doctor Who Season 8 premieres Saturday, August 23 at 8pm. Are you ready for the show to return?

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