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1 (Best). Ninth: It's true, you never forget your first Doctor. I truly think he is the finest one. He has a temper, sure. He doesn't always see everything from Rose's POV, true. But everything he does, he does for a good reason. He really believes that he is making the right choice for every situation. It's a shame he only lasted one season. He was My Doctor right from the very first "Run!" (image credit)

2. Fourth: Big eyes, curly hair, goofy smile. What more could a girl ask for? He had such a spirit for adventure & everything was exciting for him. Plus, he always gave away free Jelly Babies! He was just so fun, & I can't imagine someone more deserving of 7 seasons. He breathed new life into the TARDIS. (image credit)

3. Fifth: He's so DREAMY! He may have had to suffer some annoying companions, but he really took it all in stride. He was more of a team player than some of his other regenerations. Also, did I mention how dreamy he is? (image credit)

4. Seventh: I just love his relationship with Ace. It's one of the most engaging Doctor/companion relationships of the whole series. You really see the Doctor as a mentor, a Father, and a person. He also breathed new life into the series after everyone's (least) favorite regeneration. (image credit)

5. Tenth: What can I say? I know he's a fan favorite, but I took it very hard after Ninth's regeneration. It took me a while to adjust to the Tenth Doctor. Once I did, I could appreciate his zaniness and his love for those around him. He showed the most love for the human race, and I really think that made this Doctor something special. He understood us and accepted us for all our flaws. Also, his regeneration still brings tears to my eyes. I wasn't ready for you to go, either. (image credit)

6. First: There was something magical about the start of the Doctor. He was cranky at times, and yet sometimes he would let out this contagious giggle that I just couldn't resist. I could see a twinkle in his eyes, and I liked it. (image credit)

7. Eleventh: I probably have to apologize for having him so low on my list, but I just can't bring myself to rate him any higher. He is a good Doctor - his zaniness is over the top, but (mostly) in a good way. He's had interesting relationships with his companions. He has done a lot for the series. However, sometimes I just think he's TOO much. He's become a caricature of himself & I miss the PERSON, the SOUL, that was inside the Doctor previously. I think we need less mystery and lies & more, well, humanity (for lack of a better term). (image credit)

8. Third: I think he was a fine Doctor, & I hate to rate him so poorly. But exiled on Earth? BORING! Not his fault, & he did the best he could. (image credit)

9. Eighth: He gets a lot of shit for being in such a bad TV movie, but honestly, he was a fine Doctor! He spends a good portion of the movie not remembering who he is, but he does man up & kiss his companion! Oh la la! I only rate him so poorly because I feel like I didn't really get to know him. It's a shame there wasn't more. (image credit)

10. Second: This one REALLY isn't his fault. Most of his episodes are missing (DESTROYED) so I don't feel like I had the proper exposure and time to get to know him well enough. He often stood back & let other people take charge. I just didn't feel a connection to him as I did with the others. (image credit)

11 (Worst). Sixth: Really, is this a surprise? (image credit)

So there you have it! I know you don't agree, so tell me why in the comments! Who are your favorites?

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