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So what are some of your predictions or hopes for the upcoming season. Will the Doctor become the Valeyard? Something uniquely dark?
Is he just confused considering the odd way her regenerated?

Will Clara love this Doctor or be more like a hostage to his dark ways?

No spoilers please if you know of any.
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Jul 18, 2014
Going on the ever-so-small preview teasers, I am hoping that Davros will return with the Daleks as a whole. But not in the traditional way of "exterminate" everything. I want to see them have a new motive with this Doctor. The Doctor is probably the oldest individual mortal they know....he could have the greatest beauty (hatred) within himself and they might try to bring it out of him. Imagine a no win situation where whatever the Doctor does, it will require him to make a monsterous choice.
Think back to Tennant's Doctor when he saved the Mars explorers...he scoffed at what he could or could not do and crossed a line. I see Capaldi's Doctor being put in a similar situation and making the wrong choice and being fine with it.

On the Clara front, and what a front it is....the backside ain't bad either (these are the jokes ppl..sorry). Anyway, I see poor Clara literally coming to odds with the Doctor in a way no companion really had to. Many times they had to be the Doctor's Jiminy Cricket but I see something different for Clara. She's going to have to stand up to him and in some way betray him. At least in a way he will see as betrayal. I can also see her making the error in comparing this new Doctor with Matt Smith's version. That will not go down well.
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