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I haven't played Risk in ages. This could possibly change that!

The Doctor Who version of Risk!

You play as a Dalek army, and there's a great hook:
As you fight for supremacy, the Doctor will do his best to stop you, bringing peace to a different territory each turn, and if your army is not victorious by his eleventh regeneration, then the battle is over and all Daleks must retreat as the Oncoming Storm saves the Earth.
The story-specific rules make this sound like a fresh version of the classic board game, not just a generic slap-a-name-on-it variation of the same old thing (i.e. every pop-culture version of "Monopoly" ever made.)

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Sep 11, 2013
yeah I saw the Dr Who Monopoly game and sadly it was like any other pop-culture/tv themed monopoly game. I checked it out mainly cuz I wanted to know what the playing pieces were (5th's celery stick, sonic screwdriver, 7th's umbrella, I think 4th's scarf) and the properties were just different episodes which kind of disappointed me I think it would have been at least more fun if the playing pieces or properties were the different doctors. Anyways, this version of Risk looks interesting
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