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Alright folks! So I found this little tidbit off of DoctorWhoTV!

“It’s utterly bonkers! He still thinks he’s Matt Smith, but he looks like he’s Peter Capaldi. He’s adjusting to who he is. It’s a transitional phase.” - Steven Moffat.

Now this ought to be hilarious! I could definitely see Twelve, who still thinks he's 11, attempting to run around and be all spry and crazy only to like strain a muscle and fall down because I love seeing older people fall and get hurt! Ok, maybe not to that extent, but still! Capaldi thinking he's Smith is something that is definitely different, and I can't wait to see how it's done!

What other Regenerations could be in the future? Not because he dies and it takes longer (like the seven to eight regeneration), but just something happens that effects him and maybe the doctor regenerates over a span of a few episodes or something?? Could a regeneration just randomly go wrong to begin with? Well, ask Cinderella when she tried to regenerate...

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