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Apr 01, 2014
Kate O'Mara - RIP
Kate O'Mara - RIP
Feb 02, 2014
Doctor Who "The Enemy of the World" Review (Spoilers)
The Twin Dilemma - Enemy of the World Review
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Nov 26, 2013
A Big Bundle Of Doctor Who Goodies: Post 50th Anniversary

So....that 50th thingy was good, wasn't it?

After a few days of quiet reflection, a few things popped up - some involving the 50th and some involving future stuff.

Here's Matt Smith and David Tennant doing famous movie quotes -

* Hypable has a list of 14 things you may ...Read more
Nov 26, 2013
What do you think of Steven Moffat's recent comments regarding the rules of science fiction?
He seems to have no problem breaking the rules, so why start caring now?
Nov 21, 2013
Which Doctor Who Showrunner Did it Better?
Read this A.V. Club article and let me know what you think. Which showrunner do you think did it best?

Aug 22, 2013
Led Zeppelin Inspired by Doctor Who?
"Kashmir" popped up on Pandora the other day, and the lyrics hit me:
Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been
The song was released in 1975, but the lyrics date to 1973. What are the odds Robert Plant is a Jon Pertwee fan?

What do you think?
Aug 15, 2013
What is your Doctor Who experience?
Talking about favorite Doctors made me wonder, what is your Doctor Who story? Who was your first Doctor? Did you grow up watching Doctor Who? Were you introduced to DW by a friend, or stumble upon it on your own? Let's hear your story.

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Jul 26, 2013
Community name discussion

I think the Doctor Who community should be named "Children of the TARDIS"

What do you think? Any suggestions?

Jul 17, 2013
Who is appearing in the 50th anniversary episode?

Out of the Doctors I know that 1 (? or is that just a documentary thingie), 10 and 11 are going to show up but are any of the classic Whos going to be there somewhere? Idk, if they aren't (not counting clips of past episodes) it just kind of feels like a rip off. And im saying this even though Im not that big of a Classic Who fan.

But I think what im a bit more interested in is which companions will make an appearance? Any word out on that? (well minus Clara and Rose)

And if you could pick which Classic Doctors / Companions would you like to see? For me I wouldn't mind seeing 8 (Paul McGann) mainly cuz I don't think its fair that his one thing was that horrible movie. I wouldn't mind delving a bit more into his character. And yes ...

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