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Dec 31, 2016
Release date
What is the deal with the release dates today? There was a time was the new season would start in September and end in the spring. This in turn delay the DVD release dates.
There does not seem to be a system in today's TV world. It seem to be later and later between seasons for many shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock. Is this a cost thing or are their just too many shows to put on?
Nov 23, 2016
This season
Any word when this season will be release on DVD?
Nov 19, 2016
Time War
I just finished the Big Finish’s “Agents of Chaos” box set. It is the third set of the “Doctor Who: The War Doctor” dealing with the Time War. It’s not only a great storyline but who has answered many questions that fans have had about the Time War and the War Doctor. Big Finish also have done a great job linking their stories with past and future stories as they did this set with volume one “Doctor Who: Classic Doctors New Monsters: The Sontaran Ordeal”. They also do a great job going back and answering questions from the Classic stories. If you have any questions about who, what, when, how from the Classic stories I bet you can find a Big Finish story that address it. Big Finish also does a good job trying to stay within the canon where it is possible understanding that the show itself ...Read more
Aug 27, 2016
Big Finish the old with the new? Not so much.
Big Finish’s new “Doctor Who” stories “Classic Doctors New Monsters” volume 1. The stores are short one CD each but very good. The one out of place is that #4 has the Sontarans. The Sontarans come from the classic show not the new one.
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Jun 04, 2016
Companions who die
On the old forums we had a discussion on companions who had been killed during the show. Would Clara be on this list or on a list of companions who are dying? She did die but she is not dead but between heart beats.
May 21, 2016
What does Moffat need to tie-up before he goes?
Generally speaking, when the lead Producer departs from Doctor Who they normally tie-up all the story lines they started, but perhaps leave a few dangling to see if the new producer will pick them up e.g. RTD leaving the potential "Doctor's Mum" in the air from End of Time,

So are there any Moffat generated threads that could do with rounding off before he departs at the end of season 10.

For me the only mystery I'd like to see expanded is why the Omega symbol kept cropping up, originally I'd suspected he would have Omega in the 50th, but then we just got a weapon out of the Omega Arsenal. And then we got one again in last season's Zygon story.
May 08, 2015
Starting Dr. Who
Is it possible to start watching Dr. Who from the 2005 date with out being confused or should I go back to very beginning in 1963
Apr 01, 2014
Kate O'Mara - RIP
Kate O'Mara - RIP
Feb 02, 2014
Doctor Who "The Enemy of the World" Review (Spoilers)
The Twin Dilemma - Enemy of the World Review
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