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Smile Please! Dr Who 'Smile' Review
Smile please!

In true Doctor Who tradition, Smile was the episode that allows both the Doctor and a new partner to bond, each showing the other what they can do, and maybe testing each other a little. It’s also the one that begins with the Doctor giving his new companion a choice of where their first trip should be. This is, as always, the Doctor showing off a little to impress.

Billie chose the future, because she wants to see if it’s happy and so they arrive on another world with a city that is to be colonised by humans but is currently populated by tiny ‘microbots’ that use larger robots as interfaces to the humans they work for.

The interesting thing is the robots and humans communicate through the language of emoji and use an emoji ‘badge’ which adheres to the wearer’s back and is only ...
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Apr 16, 2017
Hello Billie - Dr Who 'The Pilot' Review
The Doctor is back and a with new travelling companion!

At long last Dr Who made it back onto UK screens on Saturday night, for a new series, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m hoping, as this is to be Capaldi’s final series as the Doctor, that it’s going to be a good one. The last series had some great episodes which basically centred the story arc around the fact that Jenna Coleman’s character, Clara, was leaving. If they follow this formula then we could be in for a great series.

This episode was, fittingly, called the Pilot. This, as well as referring to the story itself, could be alluding to a fresh start for the show and there are a few reasons, mentioned later, that point to this.

The story was good. With only 50 minutes to tell the story, the show employed some of ...
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Apr 11, 2017
There's probably not any duds
So on Sunday I had the great fortune to be invited to the BFI Doctor Who panel at the London Southbank iMax, by Sylvester McCoy’s “minder” (oh the stories I've heard). Essentially my invite was a cunning ploy to make me donate to Sylvester’s upcoming play “A Joke”, but I didn’t mind.

We settled down to excellent central seats, the lights went down, and the treats began.

What follows contains descriptions of some scenes from the opening episode, and some vague hints as to what to expect. Not spoilers as such, so unless you want to know nothing at all, read on…
Mar 18, 2017
Sylvester McCoy - Beyond the Blue Box
For those of you that read the last Beyond the Blue Box, you’ll already know some of this, but here’s a few highlights of what Sylvester McCoy has been up to since wandering off in search of a cup of tea at the end of Survival in 1989. And importantly what he’s doing next… Everybody loves a good joke.

So to find out all about it, and his exciting new project, read on...
Feb 25, 2017
The War Doctor - Vol 4 - Casualties of War
Big Finish have released their final War Doctor box set. I always knew this would be a hard box set to listen to, coming as it is, so soon after the death of Sir John Hurt, the first Doctor to die before all his episodes have aired, but boy does the War Doctor know how to go out in style…

Whilst the review will reveal the basic synopsis, it will not give away any real details, other than the special guest – who is on the cover anyway. Read on…
The actor will depart after the 2017 Christmas special
Jan 30, 2017
Peter Capaldi Is Leaving Doctor Who
Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Announces Departure
Jan 28, 2017
The War Doctor loses his final battle
Sad to say that Sir John Hurt has sadly passed away at the age of 77. After battling with Pancreatic Cancer he was given the all clear in October 2015, but it seems all to short a reprieve.

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Jan 22, 2017
Class – Series 1 Review
Class – Series 1 Review (spoilers)
Jan 20, 2017
Dan Freeman - Beyond the Blue Box
Another in the series looking at what Doctor Who alumni are doing after their adventures with the Blue Box.

This time we look at the work of audio drama Writer/Director/Producer Dan Freeman, who brought us the first BBC outing of Sylvester McCoy in the Wilderness years. Read on...
Dec 26, 2016
"The Return of Dr. Mysterio" – Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special
"The Return of Dr. Mysterio" – Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special (spoilers)
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