Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 2

Day Of The Moon (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2011 on BBC America
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Locked in the perfect prison, the Doctor must mount a revolution to drive out the enemy and rescue the missing little girl. Meanwhile, Amy, Rory and River Song are being hunted down across America by the FBI. With the help of new friend and FBI-insider, Canton Everett Delaware the Third, our heroes are reunited to share their discoveries, if not their memories. For the world is occupied by an alien force who controls humanity through post-hypnotic suggestion and no one can be trusted.moreless

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  • Yay!!

    Very reassuring after the unredeemed confusingness of the Series 5 finale.
  • Day Of The Moon

    Day Of The Moon was a fantastic and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story picks up abruptly 3 months after the end of the prior episode and viewers are thrown into a dramatic plot with lots of action and intrigue. I liked learning more about the Aliens and who they are. It was awesome how Canton Delaware built an impenetrable prison for The Doctor though it was for their use. I liked how the President bailed The Doctor out after being caught by government officials. The Silence were pretty scary and the idea of them makes you think what if something like that really existed?! There was a lot more development on River and The Doctor and some revelation about Amy. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • One of the best episodes ever

    Omg is the only thing you can say after this episode! It was very confusing, but soooo good confusing at times! You are left with a lot of questions, but what mind blowing questions. Especially the end scene, which i loved! Glad we're back in the sadle with Doctor Who after a mediocre season 4 and 5. Can't wait to see the next episodes!
  • a good conclusion to the two-parter though it's still very confusing and many questions are left unanswered.

    This episode like the previous one is very confusing perhaps even more so. It dosen't help the the episodes starts 3 months after the end of the previous one, the doctor's companions are getting captured by the govenemnt, though it turns out they were only pretending to capture them. Also turns out the silence had been here a long time, dunno exactly how long and why the even came here in the first place, anyway the it's pretty cool the way the doctor gets rid of them. Also it turns out amy isn't pregnant, or is she? The best and most shocking part of the episode is the last scene in my opinion, I won't give away what happens, but I didn't quite know what to make of it, i'm sure we'll find out about that in a future episode. Also the matter of the doctor dying in the previous episode is still left unresolved, all in all a good episode hope the season keeps up this good quality.moreless
  • Absolutely bonkers!

    Well what can you say? Well for a start I've never watched anything quite like that! And thats always a plus side! Day of the Moon felt like an experimental ground for what Doctor Who can do that it hasn't done before or in recent memory, and somehow, despite so many deliberatly unanswered questions weaved together into story that kind of made sense.

    To some it may not be satisfactory, it may seem loose and weak; that the story made little sense and things didn't weave together. However, Moffat is clearly taking the show into the world of time travel...Unlike all other sci-fis (which do great time travelling stories) He is really eliminating the linear feel, which for a time travelling show is certainly good. And it's bloody brave too! It's almost brand new story telling, so many things are being throw out the window structurally speaking, rules that almost all shows obey by default. And again if any show should get rid of them, its a time travelling show. There's seemingly a challenge made to the viewer, Keep up if you can! And it makes for a more analytical viewing, as daft and as accessible as Doctor Who is, this is lazy viewing, blink and you might miss something!

    This opening two parter has really cemented the new cast and crew and if the last season did help you move on from Tennant, then this opening 2 parter most certainly will.moreless
Marnix Van Den Broeke

Marnix Van Den Broeke

The Silent

Guest Star

Stuart Milligan

Stuart Milligan

President Richard Nixon

Guest Star

Kerry Shale

Kerry Shale

Doctor Renfrew

Guest Star

Alex Kingston

Alex Kingston

River Song

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The Doctor said he wanted somewhere new. He wanted to go into space in 1969. But that's not new. In "Blink" the 10th Doctor and Martha were trapped in 1969 and Martha said they saw the moon landing three times.

    • It is never explained what happened in the previous episode with River and Rory in the Silence's lair.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Amy: Where am I? Where is this?
      Silent: You are Amelia Pond.
      Amy: You're ugly, has anyone mentioned that to you?
      Silent: We do you honour. You will bring the Silence! But your part will soon be over.
      Amy: Whatever that means, you've made a big mistake bringing me here 'cos wait 'til you see what's coming for you now.
      Silent: You have been here many days.
      Amy: No, I just got here; you just put me in here.
      Silent: Your memory is weak. You have been here many days.
      Amy: No, I can't have been.
      Silent: You will sleep now. Sleep.
      Amy: No.
      Silent: Sleep! Sleep!
      Amy: Get off me! No, no!

    • Silent: You tend to my wounds. You are foolish.
      Canton: Why? What would you do in my place?
      Silent: We have ruled your lives since your lives began. You should kill us all on sight! But you will never remember we were even here. Your will is ours.
      Canton: Well, sorry to disappoint you... but thanks, that's exactly what I needed to hear. This is a video phone... whatever a video phone is.

    • Doctor: (To wounded alien) Who and what are you?
      Silent: Silence, Doctor. We are... the Silence... And Silence will fall!

    • The Doctor: These bricks, what are the made of?
      Canton: She ran. Off the 50th floor.
      The Doctor: I'd say zero-balance dwarf-star alloy. The densest material in the universe. Nothing gets through that. You're building me the perfect prison. And it still won't be enough.

    • Rory: (emerging from a body bag) These things could really do with air holes!
      Canton: Never had a complaint before.

    • Canton: What about Dr. Song? She dove off a rooftop.
      The Doctor: Don't worry, she does that.

    • Canton: How long have they been here?
      Amy: That's what we've spent the last three months trying to figure out.
      Rory: Not easy if you can't remember anything you discover.
      Canton: How long do you think?
      The Doctor: As long as there's been something in the corner of your eye, or creaking in your house, or breathing under your bed, or voices through a wall.

    • Canton: Are you armed?
      Silent: This world is ours. We've ruled it through the wheel and the fire. We have no need of weapons.
      Canton: Yeah. (shoots it) Welcome to America.

    • Rory: Amy, can you hear me? We're coming for you. Wherever you are, we're coming, I swear.
      The Doctor: She can't hear you. I'm so sorry, it's one-way.
      Rory: She can always hear me, Doctor. Always. Wherever she is, she always knows that I'm coming for her, do you understand me? Always.

    • Rory: Can't you save her?
      The Doctor: I can track that signal back, take us right to her.
      Rory: Then why haven't you?
      The Doctor: Because then what? I find her and what do I do? This isn't an alien invasion, this is their empire. This is kicking the Romans out of Rome.
      Rory: Rome fell.
      The Doctor: I know. I was there.
      Rory: So was I.

    • The Doctor: Now, stay where you are. Look at me, I'm confident. You want to watch out for me when I'm confident. Oh, and this is my friend, River. Nice hair, clever. Has a new gun, and unlike me, she doesn't really mind shooting people. I shouldn't like that, kind of do a bit.
      River: Thank you, sweetie.
      The Doctor: I know you're team players and everything, but she'll definitely kill at least the first three of you.
      River: Well, the first seven, easily.
      The Doctor: Seven, really?
      River: Eight for you, honey.
      The Doctor: Stop it.
      River: Make me.
      The Doctor: Maybe I will.
      Amy: Is this really important flirting, because I feel I should be higher on the list right now.
      The Doctor: Yes, right, sorry.

    • Rory: So what kind of doctor are you?
      River: Archaeology. (shoots an alien) Love a tomb.

    • The Doctor: You can let me fly it.
      River: Or we could go where we're supposed to.

    • President Nixon: So we're safe again.
      The Doctor: Safe? No, of course you're not safe. There's about a billion other things out there, just waiting to burn your whole world. But, if you want to pretend you're safe just so you can sleep at night, okay. You're safe. But you know, really.

    • President Nixon: This person you want to marry. Black?
      Canton: Yes.
      President Nixon: I know what people think of me, but perhaps I'm a little more liberal...
      Canton: He is.
      President Nixon: I think the Moon is far enough for now, don't you, Mr. Delaware?
      Canton: I figured it might be.

    • Amy: I travelled with you in this TARDIS for so long. All that time, if I was pregnant for some of it, wouldn't it have had an effect? I don't want to tell Rory the baby might have three heads, or like a time head, or something.
      The Doctor: What's a time head?
      Amy: I don't know, but what if it had one?
      The Doctor: A time head?
      Amy: Shut up.

  • NOTES (2)


    • The Doctor: (to Nixon) You have to tape everything that happens in this office, every word.
      This is a reference to Nixon installing a voice-activated recording system in the White House. Recordings from this system later were critical in the Watergate scandal.

    • Nixon: I think the Moon is far enough for now, don't you, Mr. Delaware?
      This quote, in which Nixon allows for inter-racial but not same-sex marriage, refers to a real-life quote on the subject. According to John Ehrlichman, Nixon said "I can't go that far; that's the year 2000! Negroes [and whites], okay. But that's too far!" when the subject of same-sex marriage was raised in the aftermath of miscegenation laws being struck down in the United States.

    • Rory asks River, "So, what kind of doctor are you?" and River responds "Archeology" while shooting a bad guy sneaking up behind her. This is a reference to Indiana Jones, the most famous fictional archeologist wielding a gun.

    • The Doctor: Say 'hi' to David Frost for me, Dickey.
      Sir David Frost is a British interviewer who met with Richard Nixion for four taped interviews in 1977. The interviews served as a basis for a stage play, Frost/Nixon, which was subsequently adapted into a movie in 2006.