Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 2

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2012 on BBC America

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  • Dino Crisis

    This is another really good entry, it's no masterpiece by any means but it was fun because despite being a fun straightforward adventure, there was a bit of heart. It's true the premise sounds ridiculous, cmon

    dinosaurs in space, but same was said for dinosaurs and cowboys in the film "The Valley of Gwuai" but when put to practice it supprising works and actually turns out to be cool.

    The only bad thing about the episode were the two robots, I really hated their voices there were just lame and not funny. They should've sounded and acted like the Decepticons from "Transformers Prime" that way they'd come off as more menicing and threatening which they should of been.

    The two new entries Nefertidi (who on a side note is hot with persona to boot) and the hunter guy (forgot his name) both were decent entries they had a little to do, had some charisma and their moments, even liked the chemistry between the two. I liked there were dynamics going on, like Amy being the leader for both those characters. But the best dynamic to me was with the Doctor, Rory, and Brian Williams; Brian to me was the best new entry, I was afraid he was going to be another passable but he wasn't, in fact he was almost a show stealer. I really like how his character is a bit childlike, he's got charisma but also has a blue colar sensablity about him, the fact he keeps a hand shovel in his pocket. But I also like that both Rory and Brian have a good father and son relationship even some commonalities, from the fact even Rory keeps things in his pocket, a mini med kit. The only shame of his character was that he wasn't on this season for very long only two episodes, which is too bad would of liked seeing what more he could of done, if only the plan was to have Rory and Amy for the full season, I don't see why they couldn't of Sarah Jane had a long haul so why couldnt' they?

    There were some fun and funny moments, seeing the Doctor, Rory, and Brian riding a triceratops in probably one of my favorate chase scenes because it's pretty much like a car getaway scene only it's a dinosaur their driving and the perps are robots, so I thought that was cool. Both Brian and Rory piloting a space ship together which I find a little touching because it's once again father and son working together.

    Or even that little moment when the Doctor kisses Rory, I thought was hillarous.

    And of course there was a moment or two when it stopped being fun. The Solomon villain I thought was decent, he's just an unlikeable greedy scumsucker that sees living things as nothing but property. I really liked this one intense negotiation scene when Solomon asks for Nefertedi but the Doctor, Rory, and Brian they stand there ground and say no, I thought that was great because friends never give up friends no matter what. Even though it did result in a scene that I thought was sad, when we see Solomon kill a dino for no reason, I'll admit it made my blood boil a little and I could tell from the look on the Doctor so was his. But of course there was a genuine moment when Nefertedi does give herself up willing, so that they all could live and another little moment when the hunter guy then points the gun at Solomon would shoot him if he took her, I thought that was a little touching showing he has feelings for her.

    And of course the final minutes were really good, seeing Amy and the hunter guy blast away at Veloseraptors, the shootout I thought was decent it was choigraphed well. But I really like how the Doctor comes though in the end, takes the two robots down as if they were nothing, even liked that little "2001 A Space Odyssey" reference joke which was the last song the robots sang. Saves Nefertedi or should I say she saves herself and lets just say the Doctor makes Solomon pay the price.

    Overall, this was a really good episode like any dino footprints it's leaves an impression.
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Review

    I didn't have high hopes for this episode, and it wasn't any more than i thought it was going to be. There is way too much going on in this episode and some of it is pointless. Queen Nefertiti, what is she doing there! And the archeologist, i can't remember his name, what's he doing there also! I don't understand why the Doctor has these people with him in this episode. They are not needed at all. Brian i love though. Brian reminds me of the original Rory i saw, the only wimpy one. He's kind of like a little kid. The dinosaurs are very good in the episode. The effects are amazing for the dinosaurs and the robots. I don't like the robots though. They are a major downer. Another one of my favorite guest stars in Tricey the Triceratops. Tricey is so sweet and the riding scene was really cool. This episode was really fun but had too much going on.
  • Dinosaurs!

    Okay, I admit that I'm easily pleased. Dinosaurs on a spaceship! Salurians being referenced! Rupert Graves guest-starring. Dad Pond (really Williams)! Rory getting smooched by the Doctor! And a despicable, skeevy bad guy.

    Yup, I'm was darned happy with this episode. It's certainly made my list of episodes I'd rewatch without hesitation.
  • Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

    This episode was really good and was surprisingly a lot better than I thought. Great characters, lots of different locations and brilliant villian. The whole story to this episode was very good and I think the doctor showed a little of his dark side when he killed Solomon. To be honest, despite what people have been saying, I think it was a good desicion to kill Solomon after everything he'd done. Dinosaurs on a spaceship was also very funny especially when the doctor, rory and brian first arrive on the beach.

    Overall, a very strong episode with a lot more depth and awesomeness than I initially thought
  • A non biased reason of why I love this ep, but you might not

    As a doctor who fan, there is little wrong this show can do. Seriously, there are some episodes that people hate and I still find enjoyment in them because as a tv show its entertaining and I find it too tiring to nitpick at the little elements i might not like and focus on the ones that I do. But I know I may be in the minority here and I know that there are many who don't like some episodes that have that tendency.

    This episode, actually the whole of series 7, is looking to fall on that line a lot. Through many interviews, Steven Moffat has said that each of these episodes is going to play like a mini movie and stand on their own for the most part. After the heavy arch ridden story line of series 6, this may be jarring for some viewers who long for the push of cliffhangers to get them through, but for me its kind of a welcome relief. True, there are some open questions that still exist from series 5 and it would be nice to get some of those answers but at the same time its fun to watch Doctor Who with a little levity and thats where episodes like Dinosaurs on a space ship comes in. It was silly, it was huge and at the same time intimate and small and relational, I think the division of the large group into two mini-groups really worked. There are some classic one liners that i wont forget, there are characters that i long to meet and while there where some dark moments all in all it reminded me of what Doctor who was meant to be, fun ridiculously wonderful sci-fi drama.