Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 2

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 2012 on BBC America



  • Trivia

    • After Solomon teleports away with Nefertiti, a voice over plays saying "Hostile targeting in progress". A computer monitor is then shown which misspells it as "Hostile targeting in process."

  • Quotes

    • The Doctor: I'm riffing. People usually stop me when I'm riffing or carry on without me. That's also an option.

    • Rory: Doctor... that's my dad.
      The Doctor: Well, frankly, that's outrageous.
      Rory: What?
      The Doctor: You think you can just bring your dad along without asking? I'm not a taxi service, you know.
      Rory: You materialized around us.
      The Doctor: Oh. Well, that's fine then. My mistake, then.

    • Brian: I'm not entirely sure what's going on.
      Rory: You know when Amy and I first got married and we went traveling.
      Brian: To Thailand.
      Rory: More the entirety of space and time. In that police box.

    • Riddell: Not possible.
      The Doctor: Run.
      Amy: Doctor!
      The Doctor: I know. Dinosaurs. On a spaceship!

    • Riddell: I could take one of them. Short blow up into the throat.
      The Doctor: Or not. We just found dinosaurs. In space. We need to preserve them.
      Riddell: Who's going to preserve us?

    • Rory: Dig with what?
      Brian: Ah. Well.
      Rory: Did you just have that on you?
      Brian: Of course. What sort of man doesn't carry a trowel? Put it on your Christmas list.
      Rory: Dad, I'm 31, I don't have a Christmas list anymore.
      The Doctor: I do!

    • Brian: Are those pterodactyls?
      The Doctor: Yes. On any other occasion, I'd be thrilled. Exposed on a beach, less thrilled. We should be going.
      Brian: Where?
      The Doctor: Definitely away from them.

    • Rory: What do we do now? There's no way back out there.
      The Doctor: Through the cave, come on. (something large moves ahead) That suggestion was a work in progress.
      Brian: We're trapped.
      The Doctor: Yes, thanks for spelling it out.
      Rory: Doctor, whatever's down there is coming this way.
      The Doctor: Spelling it out is hereditary, wonderful.

    • Nefertiti: Only an idiot denies the evidence of their own eyes.
      Riddell: An Egyptian queen or not, I shall put you across my knee and spank you.
      Amy: Oh lord.
      Nefertiti: Try and I'll snap your neck in a heartbeat.
      Riddell: Umm. Well, they certainly bred firecrackers in your time.
      Amy: Oh, no no no. Please don't start flirting. I will not have flirting companions.

    • Rory: I will take you apart cog by cog and melt you down when all this is over.
      Robot 1: Oh, I'm so scared! Actually, I might be. A little bit of oil just came out.

    • The Doctor: Piracy and then genocide.
      Solomon: Very emotive words, Doctor.
      The Doctor: Oh, I'm a very emotive man.

    • Nefertiti: You and the Doctor, are you his queen?
      Amy: No, no, I'm Rory's queen. Wife. Wife. I am his wife. Please don't tell him I said I was his queen. I'll never hear the end of it.
      Nefertiti: And the Doctor, does he have a queen?
      Amy: I thought you had a husband.
      Nefertiti: The male equivalent of a sleeping potion.
      Riddell: You clearly need a man of action and excitement. One with a very large weapon.
      Amy: So, human sleeping potion or walking innuendo. Take your pick.

    • The Doctor: You won't get your precious cargo onboard. There'll just be you and your metal tantrum machines.
      Robot 1: We do not have tantrums!
      Solomon: Shut up.

    • The Doctor: Parallel pilot compartments, bio-configured. Needs two operators of the same gene chain. That's why Solomon couldn't change the ship's course and neither have we. What?
      Brian: We can. Me and Rory. We must be the same gene thingy you just said.
      The Doctor: Brian Pond, you are delicious.
      Brian: I'm not a Pond.
      The Doctor: Of course you are. Sit down, both of you, lickety-split. Ship does all the engineering. The controls are straightforward, even a monkey could use them. Oh, look, they're going to. Guys, come on, comedy gold. Where's a Silurian audience when you need one?

    • The Doctor: Right. Phase Two sorted. Now for Phase One.
      Amy: Oh no no. Phase Two comes after Phase One.
      The Doctor: Humans, you are so linear.

    • Riddell: Doctor. This is a two-man job. (Amy grabs a gun) What are you doing?
      Amy: I'm easily worth two men. You can help too if you like.

    • Riddell: You know what I want more than anything?
      Amy: Lessons in gender politics?
      Riddell: A dinosaur tooth to take home. Dinosaurs ahead, a lady at my side, about to be blown up. Not sure I've ever been happier.
      Amy: Shut up and shoot.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Amy: Whoa, Chuckle Brothers, lighten up, will you?

      Referencing Barry and Paul Elliott, British comedians and the stars of Chucklehounds (1985) and ChuckleVision (1986). They have appeared in numerous shows and appeared on stage, performing their trademark slapstick routine.

    • Robots Daisy, Daisy...
      Referencing the first line of Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two). This song is used at the climax of the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, where the computer HAL 9000 sings the same thing as he is being shut down.

    • Title
      Refers to the 2006 film Snakes on a Plane. The film garnered a lot of hype through the Internet and social media before its release as a result of its title, which told viewers exactly what the film was about, much like this episode.

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