Doctor Who

Season 2 Episode 13

Doomsday (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 08, 2006 on BBC America
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Location: London, Torchwood Tower
Date: 2007
Enemies: Cybermen, Daleks

The Cybermen have taken over the world, but four Daleks that hid themselves in the void want to awaken something they brought in a capsule called the Genesis Ark. Can the Doctor stop the Cybermen and Daleks from turning this world into hell?moreless

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  • "What? What?! WHAT?!?!"

    That was not at all what I was expecting, so different from the happy ending from the 1st season. This one literally broke my heart, mainly because I had hope to the very end. I just... I just can't.

    Well I guess this is what makes a phenomenal tv show. Emotions are good! Very good!
  • It broke my heart

    I cried my heart out until there were no more tears. Why is it so cruel?
  • Doomsday

    Doomsday was a very awesome and entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the Daleks and Cybermen went to war with each other with Earth caught in the middle. It was awesome to see each side demonstrate their power. It was intriguing to see how The Doctor and Rose saved the Universe. I was sad to see what happened to Rose but I'm thankful that there was such a great send off.This is definitely one of my favorite episodes. There were a few touching scenes near the end which was spectacular. The adventure continues and I look forward to watching the next season!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • " Liters of tears... "

    I like the story but I cried in the ending, sometimes I open YouTube, search for doctor who and see Rose and the doctor, I feel like crying again, I download all the movies with Rose, I search all information until I found an episode called " Turn left " and " the stolen earth " and I see there's Rose Tyler, I'm really happy ! for many weeks I dreamed about Doctor who, but so sad she's only playing for 2 episodes, and I had see all of the episodes but I think the best is the 10th doctor and Rose Tyler, I also like Donna Noble but not the others, I feel so sorry for Rose Tyler, now I'm a fan of David Tennant and Billie piper.moreless
  • My favorite episode even though newer series have emerged.

    With the ghosts from Part one finally exposed to being a huge army of Cybermen and with the void ship opened to reveal the ever dreaded Daleks this episode has a lot going for it and it delivers. The cybermen have two immediate objectives (to upgrade humanity and to secure the 'void ship') while the Daleks seek to find out what these ghosts are and more importantly to activate the 'Genesis Ark'. The Doctor and Jackie are stuck with the robotic and numerous Cybermen while Rose and Mickey are stuck with the ingenious Daleks. What more or less happens is that the Cybermen and Daleks go to war because the Daleks class themselves superior and Humanity is stuck right in the center of it.

    The acting in this episode as always is spot on and the story line moves fast and at a fitting pace. Surprisingly there is also enough space for humor in this episode as the discussions between the Cybermen and Daleks reveals. The Genesis Ark is also spectacular when its purpose is revealed and I really did get a chill down the back to witness the return of the black colored Dalek.

    This episode simply blew me away on every level and ends much more emotional than you may imagine with a inter-robot war engaging and a very touching ending. Even today after Martha, Donna and Amy this episode stands out as a great achievement and its simply superb when so many elements come together so perfectly especially in Doctor Who and so well deserves a full 10.moreless
Tracy-Ann Oberman

Tracy-Ann Oberman

Yvonne Hartman

Guest Star

Raji James

Raji James

Doctor Singh

Guest Star

Shaun Dingwall

Shaun Dingwall

Pete Tyler

Guest Star

Camille Coduri

Camille Coduri

Jackie Tyler

Recurring Role

Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke


Recurring Role

Nicholas Briggs

Nicholas Briggs

Voice of the Cybermen

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Rose says that the Norwegian name for Bad Wolf Bay is "Derlig Ulv Stranden". The correct Norwegian translation of the word "bad" in the phrase "bad wolf" is "stygg" or "slem". "Derlig" means "bad" in the sense "not adept" or "ill". In addition, the correct translation for "(the) bay" would be "bukten". "Stranden" actually means "(the) beach".

    • When the Daleks are powering up the Genesis Ark, a pulsing tone can be heard in the background. This is identical to the pulsing tone that was always heard in Dalek facilities in the original series.

    • When the Doctor hands Rose a magna-clamp Rose holds it with the bottom of it held to her chest and the handles held by both of her hands. The camera angle changes and suddenly Rose is holding the clamp sideways with her right hand on the bottom of the magna-clamp.

    • When the Doctor speaks to Rose on the beach in Norway it is windy. While Rose's hair is being blown around the Doctor's hair should be still as he isn't really there. His appearance is a projection originating in the TARDIS, so the wind shouldn't be blowing his hair.

    • The Doctor during the episode says that the void is sometimes referred to as Hell. Later when Rose decides to stay behind the Doctor instructs her to set all the coordinates to six.

    • When Rose was about to be sucked into the void, how did Pete know exactly when and where to appear in order to save her?

    • The Rift in our Universe was created by the Daleks Sphere passing back in. Why did the Sphere open a hole in Pete's world?

    • When the Void is opened, the Daleks and the Cybermen were pulled in while the Doctor and Rose felt the force of it. If Mickey, Pete and Jackie were there they would have been sucked in too. So why is it that the TARDIS wasn't affected at all, even though it has been to the parallel Earth and was in Torchwood Tower at the time?

    • When the Doctor calls Rose, her mobile clearly shows the calls been going on for 57 seconds, yet she just answered the phone.

    • In Tooth and Claw it is established that Queen Victoria ordered the creation of Torchwood after a run in with Tthe Doctor and Rose. How then, do you explain the Torchwood on the parallel Earth? By what the Doctor says in Rise of the Cybermen one can gather that the Time Lords only exist in our Universe and no other so there is no way that Queen Victoria met the Doctor (or Rose, for that matter seeing as she never existed in the parallel Universe) and thus would have never ordered Torchwood's creation. Granted someone else could have ordered its creation, but Tooth and Claw establishes that the very name 'Torchwood' came from Queen Victoria being at Torchwood Manor when the idea struck her.

    • There is a flashback to Series 1 episode Dalek, when Rose explains about bringing the Dalek back to life and the background radiation.

    • Jackie's full name is Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler which we first learnt in Father's Day at Jackie and Pete's wedding. Her name was referenced to in this episode as well.

    • Harriet Jones is mentioned in the episode as being the new president of the parallel Earth's Britain.

    • The Doctor mentions that the casing of a Dalek is made of polycarbide.

    • When the Daleks and Cybermen were sucked into the void, you can only see the Daleks being sucked into it. You cannot see any Cybermen being sucked into the void. Even in the scene where Rose was desperately trying to push up the lever.

    • Earlier in the series, the Doctor states that the TARDIS translates all languages, yet he does not appear to know the Norwegian for Bad Wolf Bay.

      However, Rose does not pronounce the Norwegian word for Bad Wolf Bay correctly, so it might be that the TARDIS did not recognise the language.

    • This is the first episode in the new series where Daleks have names.

    • Why wasn't Pete Tyler pulled into the Void when he appeared? He had loads of voidstuff on him, and he was hit by the full force of Rose Tyler, and yet he managed to stand totally still. A possible explanation is that Pete had only gone through the void twice in a quick flash, while the Doctor and Rose went through in the TARDIS, accumulating far more void stuff.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Rose: (to the Doctor) I made my choice a long time ago and I'm never gonna leave you.

    • Dalek Thay: (after dispaching two Cybermen effortlessly) Cyber-threat irrelevant, focus on the Genesis Ark.

    • Doctor: How are you?
      Rose: Oh, same old, you know.
      Doctor: And Mickedy-mick-Mickey! Nice to see ya.
      Mickey: And you, boss.
      Dalek Jast: Social interaction will cease!

    • Dalek Sec: Dalek Thay, investigate outside.
      Dalek Thay: I obey.

    • Dalek Sek: Identify him!
      Rose: All right. If you really want to know. That's the Doctor. (Daleks startle) Five million Cybermen. Easy. One Doctor? Now you're scared.

    • Cyberleader 1: (looking out over a war-torn London) I ordered surrender...
      The Doctor: They're not taking instructions! Don't you understand? You're in every street, you're in their homes, you've got their children - of course they're gonna fight!

    • Cyberman: But consider, our technologies are compatible; Cybermen plus Daleks; together we could upgrade the universe
      Dalek Thay: You propose an alliance?
      Cyberman: This is correct.
      Dalek Thay: Request denied!!

    • (Both Cybermen and Daleks stubbornly demand they identify themselves)
      Dalek They: Identify yourself!
      Cyberman: You will identify first...
      Dalek They: State your identity!
      Cyberman: You will identify first.
      Dalek They: Identify!
      Mickey: It's like Steven Hawking meets a speaking clock.
      Cyberman: Demands are illogical. You will modify!
      Dalek They: Daleks do not take orders!
      Cyberman: You have identified as Daleks.

    • (The Doctor walks around the TARDIS, pushes some buttons, then looks up - shocked.)
      The Doctor: What?
      The Bride: Ah!
      The Doctor: What?!
      The Bride: Who are you?
      The Doctor: Buh...
      The Bride: Where am I?
      The Doctor: What?!
      The Doctor: WHAT?!

    • The Doctor: Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler!
      Alternate Pete Tyler: She's not my wife...
      The Doctor: I was at the wedding. You got her name wrong.

    • Cyberman: You are proof.
      The Doctor: Of what?
      Cyberman: That emotions destroy you.
      The Doctor: Yeah, I am. (He looks off-screen, behind the Cyberman.) Mind you, I quite like hope. Hope's a good emotion. And here it comes...

    • Rose: If you... escaped the Time War, don't you want to know what happened? What happened to the Emperor?
      Dalek Sec: The Emperor survived!?!
      Rose: 'Til he met me. 'Cause if these are going to be my last words, then you're gonna listen. I met the Emperor. And I took the Time Vortex, and poured it into his head, and turned him into dust. D'you get that? The God of all Daleks. And I destroyed him. (laughs)
      The Doctor: Oh now, hold on a minute.
      Dalek Thay: Alert! Alert!
      Dalek Sec: You are The Doctor!

    • (Jackie and Yvonne wait outside the upgrade chamber)
      Jackie: What happens in there? What's upgrading mean? What do they do?
      Yvonne Hartman: I think they… they remove the brain… sorry, um… I think they remove the brain and they put it in a suit of armour. That's what these things are. They're us.
      Cyberman: Next.
      (The Cyberman grabs Yvonne's arm and leads her forward)
      Jackie: This is your fault! You and your Torchwood! You've killed us all!
      Yvonne Hartman: I did my duty, for Queen and country. (She shrugs off the Cyberman's hand and walks toward the upgrade chamber, standing tall) I did my duty. I did my duty. Oh God, I did my duty…
      (Yvonne enters the upgrade chamber and screams as sparks fly)

    • The Doctor: Jackie! You're alive! (Jackie interrupts in a panic, the doctor hushes her) Listen tell me, where are you?
      Jackie: I don't know... Staircase!
      The Doctor: Yes, which one? Is there any sort of sign?! Anything to identify it?
      Jackie:: Yes! A fire extinguisher!
      The Doctor:: Yeah, that helps...

    • Pete: Doctor... Help us!
      The Doctor: What?! Close the breach; stop the Cybermen; defeat the Daleks?! Do you believe I can do that?
      Pete: (pauses, then smiles) Yes.
      The Doctor: Maybe that's all I need. (grins widely) Off we go then!

    • The Doctor: Here you are, living a life day after day. The one adventure I can never have.
      Rose: Am I ever going to see you again?
      The Doctor: You can't.
      Rose: What are you going to do?
      The Doctor: I've got the TARDIS. Same old life. Last of the Time Lords.
      Rose: On your own? (The Doctor nods) I… I love you.
      The Doctor: Quite right too. And I suppose… if it's my last chance to say it… Rose Tyler…
      (The Doctor's image vanishes - cut to shot of Doctor by the TARDIS console, mouth open, about to say something. Realises he's 'left' Rose, he closes it - there is a tear on his cheek)

    • Rose: (about the Genesis Ark) They said one touch from a time-traveller will wake it up.
      The Doctor: Technology using the one thing Daleks can't do. Touch. See, you're inside your casing. Not feeling anything. Ever. From birth to death locked inside a cold metal cage. Completely alone. That explains your voice. No wonder you scream.

    • The Doctor: At last. The Cult of Skaro. I thought you were just a legend.
      Rose: Who are they?
      The Doctor: A secret order. Above and beyond the Emperor himself. Their job was to imagine. Think as the enemy thinks. Even dared to have names. All to find new ways of killing.

    • Cyber-Leader: This broadcast is for humankind. Cybermen now occupy every land-mass on this planet. But you need not fear. Cybermen will remove fear. Cybermen will remove sex and class and colour and creed. You will become identical. You will become like us.

    • Cyberman: Our species are similar though your design is inelegant.
      Dalek Thay: Daleks have no concept of elegance.
      Cyberman: This is obvious.

    • Rose: Last night I had a dream. I heard a voice and it was calling my name. I told Mum and Dad. And Mickey. Anyone else would think I was mad. Not those three. They believed it. Because they've met The Doctor. So they listened to the dream. And that night, we packed up. Got into Dad's old jeep and off we went. Just like the dream said. Followed the voice. Across the water. Kept on driving hundreds and hundreds of miles. 'Cause he's calling. Here I am, at last. And this is the story of how I died.

    • Mickey: Sorry, is it... what's the void?
      The Doctor: The Dead Space. Some people call it hell.
      Mickey: So, we're sending the Daleks and Cybermen to hell. (smiles and turns towards Jake) Man, I told you he was good.

    • (Just after millions of Daleks start swarming out of the Genesis Ark)
      The Doctor: Time Lord science. It's bigger on the inside.
      Mickey: The Time Lords put those Daleks in there? What for?
      The Doctor: It's a prison ship.
      Rose: How many Daleks?
      The Doctor: Millions.

    • Dalek Sek: Cybermen have been exterminated. Daleks are supreme! The Genesis Ark is primed.

    • Cyber-Leader 1: Daleks be warned. You have declared war upon the Cybermen.
      Dalek Sek: This is not war. This is pest control.
      Cyber-Leader 1: We have five million Cybermen, how many are you?
      Dalek Sek: Four.
      Cyber-Leader 1: You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?
      Dalek Sek: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek. You are superior in only one respect.
      Cyber-Leader 1: What is that?
      Dalek Sek: You are better at dying!

  • NOTES (14)

    • International Airdates:
      Turkey: October 3, 2010 on CNBC-e

    • In the online commentary accompanying this episode Russell T Davies announces that The Bride (played by Catherine Tate) seen at the end of the episode, is called Donna. We will learn why and how she appeared in the TARDIS in the 2006 Christmas Special, The Runaway Bride.

    • This episode, and its first part Army of Ghosts, were nominated for a 2007 Hugo Award in the "Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form" Category, but lost out to another Doctor Who episode: The Girl in the Fireplace.

    • Peter Hawkins, one of the original Dalek and Cyberman voice actors, died on the same day that this episode was first broadcast.

    • The final scene, where the Doctor discovers the Bride in the TARDIS, was filmed separately after the rest of the season wrapped (in fact, the rest of the cast was at the wrap party at the time). This was done to keep Catherine Tate's involvement in The Runaway Bride a secret until this episode actually aired.

    • While filming the last scene, four windsurfers interrupted the shot--they were asked to leave.

    • The final viewing figure for the BBC One airing of this episode was 8.22 million.

    • In the first draft The Doctor and co. used the Jathar Sunglider (which was seen in Army of Ghosts) to get to the top of Canary Wharf. In the episode they use the lift. Although this was a budget friendly change in an already expensive episode, the change was actually made because writer Russell T. Davies felt that having a craft crashing into the top floor of a known building was too reminiscent of 9/11.

    • The initial cut of this episode over-ran by six minutes.

    • During initial development of the episode there was discussion as to whether Rose should be saved by Mickey or Pete.

    • The last scenes were kept a close secret. They were missing from scripts, and only a few people from the programme team had seen them before they went out.

    • The Black Dalek was supposed to be kept tightly under wraps. It was a big surprise, therefore, when it made an appearance at the BAFTA ceremony!

    • Although in the episode it is not explained why the sphere chose to arrive on Earth, on the official website's Doomsday podcast, writer Russell T Davies offers an answer. He says it makes sense for the Daleks to come to this point in time and space looking for a time traveler because, thanks to the Doctor's lifestyle, it is the one place in the universe you are most likely to find one.

    • This is first time the Daleks and Cybermen have met in the history of Doctor Who, although both made appearances in The Five Doctors 20th Anniversary Special.


    • The Doctor: I was there at the fall of Arcadia.

      Arcadia was a planet visited by the Doctor's seventh incarnation in the 1993 New Adventures novel "Deceit". It would seem it was one of many planets that were devastated dring the Last Great Time War.

    • There are a number of similarities between this plot and the plot of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. These include an alternative universe where airships are commonplace, the existence of rips between the universes having a negative effect and having to be closed, and the climate on Earth being affected by the rips between the universes.

    • The Doctor: Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler!
      Alternate Pete Tyler: She's not my wife...
      The Doctor: I was at the wedding. You got her name wrong.

      This is a reference to the 2005 episode, Father's Day, in which The Doctor and Rose travel back in time to watch the wedding of Jackie and the now-dead Pete Tyler. When taking the vows, Pete gets Jackie's name wrong and Jackie simply replies with "it's good enough for Lady Di".

    • Dalek Sek: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek.

      It has been said that this line was also an allusion to the Daleks Masterplan episode when, after The Doctor demands that only one Dalek is there at his turning over of the time destructor core, the Dalek assailant Mavic Chen enquires why they agreed so readily to his conditions when in reply the lead Dalek confidently says, "One capable of exterminating all!"

    • Cyber-Leader: We have five million Cybermen, how many are you?
      Dalek Sek: Four.
      Cyber-Leader: You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?
      Dalek Sek: We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek.

      As well as being an obvious reference to the number of Daleks in the episode at this point, is a nice allusion from the writer to a long standing production technique.

      Traditionally you rarely (if ever) see more than four full size Dalek props on screen at any one time in an episode. This is to keep down costs and ease logistics, as Dalek props are expensive to build and transport as well as being time consuming on set. Yet despite the low numbers Daleks always manage to conquer and destroy.

      Dalek numbers are usually swelled by clever (or sometimes not) filming. The most notorious instance of this being in Power of the Daleks episode 5 (available on Lost In Time DVD) where 4 full size Daleks enter a room with 10 cardboard ones that can clearly be seen swaying in the wake of the real ones. Then to a chorus of "Daleks conquer and Destroy" a continuous stream of Daleks leaves the control room, but after every fourth Dalek there is clearly a gap while the 4 Daleks spin round the set to come out again.

      Conversely, for Cybermen episodes, there are usually many more physical cybermen on set.

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