Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 5

Evolution of the Daleks (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2007 on BBC America

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  • Evolution of the Daleks

    Evolution of the Daleks was another perfect and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome and played out superbly. The writing, characters and over all production were fantastic. It was intriguing to see how the other Dalek's reacted to Dalek Sec. I love any episode with the Daleks and this one definitely satisfied. There was a lot of character and plot development, many layers of interpretation and a phenomenal ending. It was awesome that one Dalek escaped and that The Doctor saved Laszlo. Tallulah was a great character and I loved her voice! I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Shades of Dr. Frankenstein!

    Not since the classic "Genesis of the Daleks" (Tom Baker era) have I seen the Doctor's arch-enemies turn on their leader. But, I had a hunch things were headed that way when Skaro Cultist Number 3 told Cutlist Number 2 that he had doubts about Zekk. And, from a strategy standpoint, their mutiny was done beautifully! It was also beautiful the way the Central Park Hooverville residents stuck together, during the first wave of the attack by the pig-slaves. Even after Solomon was murdered by the flying Dalek! I was a little disappointed by the sub-plot involving Lazlo and Tallulah. I know it was supposed to echo the timeless moral of "Beauty and the Beast" (external looks don't count). But, the effort was kind of cancelled out by Miranda Raison trying a little too hard to sound like Marilyn Monroe from "Some Like It Hot." Although, I must admit; she does a great job of looking like her (form-fitting silver leotard and all)! Another thing I disliked was the use of humanoid pigs, again. What is this fetish the writers have with humanoid pigs? First, that alienized porker used by the Slitheen, way back in Season 1. Now, these! Did the Daleks use pig-DNA, for creating their newest batch of slaves, in to give them an instinct for traipsing around in the mud and muck of the sewers? For those two (admittedly petty) reasons, I deducted half a point. But, only half a point, because of what might be a hint dropped by the writers regarding the fate of the very last Dalek. Specifically; is this the one that winds up in that late-21st century museum that used to be Area 51? I guess only "time" will tell.
  • ok I'm kinda sick of all these plot holes already. I mean I was willing to overlook them in season 1 and even season 2 but season 3 is really pushing it

    The doctor got zapped directly by lightning.he got zapped by lightning and he did not die!(last i checked the only thing that made him different from us was having two hearts and being physic and I don't see how thats going to help him survive a lightning strike) those pigmen died didn't they?wwwaaaaattt.

    plus those Daleks.Your greatest enemy and you just stand there shouting "ex-ter-mi-nate!"or "he must die!" but never get round to exterminating him until something comes by to save him.*facepalm*If i were a Dalek I would zap him the moment I saw him no questions asked.

    Other than that there were the usual minor plot holes here and there

    and Doctor!I love you and all but..who are you to tell people not to commit genocide?How many races of people have you wiped out already?and mind you leaving one sole survivor of the species still counts as genocide.Ok i know you do it because you have no choice and its for the greater good but THE WAY you tell the Daleks not to..I mean its not like you haven't done it

    Moving on, I found this two-parter quite predictable.Both story wise and dialog wise.Perhaps the writers made the twists too obvious.(example:its called "Daleks in Manhattan"Who would have guessed the Daleks were masterminding everything?) And at some points I would think of someone's response and the next moment, that person would say something along those lines.

    mmph I really want to like the show..but episodes like this make me embarrassed to do so.
  • The worst Dalek episode in the show's long history, and by far the worst two episodes of the new series.

    What a waste. I was hoping that maybe (somehow) ‘Evolution’ would pull together some of the half-assed ideas presented in ‘Daleks in Manhattan.’ Nope. Everyone, including the Daleks, seem like they’re just going through the motions. The pig men are a just plain silly idea done poorly. They aren’t scary or pathetic, just laughable. We already had a pig-man in the 1st season too, remember???? The guy turned into a half pig man is even more ludicrous and embarrassing. The New York accents are pathetic. The human-Dalek was a horrible idea with horrible execution and horrible acting. The science is bad even by Doctor Who standards. I’m really sick of the psychic paper as a plot crutch.. And oh wow, a Dalek escapes in the same way a Dalek escaped at the end of the last Dalek two-parter… didn’t see that coming! Really lazy writing. No sense of menace whatsoever. It wasn’t even funny, or thought provoking, or something- just bad. Why would a burst of Gamma radiation from the sun materialize as lightning? How (other than a plot device) is the doctor’s DNA transmitted through lightning into the Dalek-men? Why would the Daleks let a half formed pig man run around? Why do the Daleks keep the human-Dalek alive? Why do they keep him chained and pull him around like a puppy on a leash? If the Daleks can destroy their converted Dalek-men why do they wait until AFTER the two Daleks are blown up to do so? Etcetera, etcetera… I love Doctor Who, even such unpopular episodes such as 'The Happiness Patrol', but I can't understand this mess of a story. A few more like this and I might just stop watching.
  • What the hell was that???

    My fingers are hovering above my keyboard unsure how to find the words I need to use to describe my dissapointment at the worst peices of Doctor Who writing I have ever seen.
    The human/Dalek (which even sounds stupid and unimaginative) had a terrible mask, the acting was possibly the worst I had ever seen. The 'Dalek/Humans' accent was grating and seemed so something from a bad vampire movie in the 1940s.
    The psychic paper popped up once again?? But it served no real was frustrating to see precious Doctor Who TV minutes be wasted on non vital plot points that held no plot and made no point!
    Heres a spolier, but it won't spoil much...after creating a new hybrid Dalek/Human that could have unleashed the BBC from Terry Nations DALEK licencing grip....they promptly kill off the character, and then let the only surviving DALEK in the universe (oh, haven't they done that already?) escape via an emergency temporal shift (oh...yeah, they did that already too).
    I think I know why Russell T. Davies has been talking about leaving the show.
  • Really really painful to watch

    The story wasnt all that bad. What did it in for me was the acting, especailly the 1930s "New Yorkers", mainly the guy playing the human/Dalek hybrid Dalek Sect guy. Was it just me or did it seem like David Tennet wasnt really that into the episode, it seem like he didnt want to be there. Without his energy there is no Dr Who.
  • The show writers leave the breadcrumbs there for future episodes. While not the best show they have done, it was nicely done in period and felt like it.

    I am still at a loss to decide who I like better Rose or Martha, but she is growing on me. This two parter let Martha grow and that is good. One thing that seemed to go unnoticed is Martha was wearing jeans and of course her color. In the 1930's women seldom if ever worse pants, and no woman of color would have been accepted as an equal, including by members of her own race.
    But those two minor plot glitches it was an entertaining journey into the past, with Frankenstein overtones and I was waiting for King Kong to show up. Was it a bit campy, you bet, but like all the others this episode will live on in history.
  • The conclusion of Part I. Dalek Zekk has a change of heart and wants to hybridize all Daleks, believing that their creator was wrong in isolating them in their metal shells and removing emotions.

    First off the creation of pig people, come on! Be creative and create something original. Also with Lazlo the Doctor says I can't reverse what the Daleks have done and at the end he more or less heals him.

    This could have been a bold episode with the creation of a new species, however the writers chose to quiver and killed off all the new hybridized creations, including Dalek Zekk. Very disappointing finish to what had a lot of potential.

    On the good side there is Martha who is questioning the Doctor's feelings for her. Wondering how much he feels for her as opposed to his previous companion(Rose). Martha is solid and I hope to see much more of her in the future.
  • A step up from your average Doctor Who episode.

    One of the most massive problems Doctor Who faces is that its astoundingly difficult to generate intrigue, raise a mystery, leave clues, get chased, solve the mystery and include at least 10 minutes of unresolved sexual tension between the Doctor and Martha (shudder) over the course of just 44 minutes. The end result more often than not ends up in the episodes seeming just a little to rushed and unbelievable, because there's no period of gradual build-up and instead just the Doctor jumping out of the TARDIS like an idiot and into an alien conspiricy, literally saying "oh, what do I need? Well I need a...". At any rate, the upshot of all this is that the true genius of RTD's production of the show is the mandatory 3 two-part episodes in every season. These double episodes allow for a more complex, subtle, and interesting story and are often the best episodes in their respective season.

    Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks are, in my opinion the best episodes this season for that very reason (granted that isn't saying much, because this season has largely had the entertainment factor of a large mallet to the side of the head). The concept was genuinely intriguing, especially with the Doctor rallying the forces of Hooverville to fight against his mortal nemisis. But more than that, this episode lacked the outright predictability that most of the recent episodes do. The best part of this episode was Dalek Sec's transformation, his deal with the Doctor to reach a truce, and finally the mutiny of his leadership by his own goons, and I hope I speak for most of the viewers out there when I say it was a pretty interesting ride.

    Another highlight was the acting which, again uncharacteristic of a Doctor Who episode, was not just passable, but even watchable without forcing you to bite down hard on a piece of wood. Hugh Quarshie as Solomon (despite the infuriatingly unsubtle bread breaking thing last episode) deserves the most applause for a performance so good it gave this whole episode much more class than the script did. Miranda Raison as Tallulah with three l's and an h was also strangely personable.

    Downsides to the episode again include Tennant, but he admittedly was a lot less annoying in this episode and managed to keep on top of his own over-acting for the large portion of the episodes. Also, the whole pseudo-science aspect of Doctor Who is starting to rub me the wrong way, and the idea that lightning passing through the Doctor could completely change the DNA conversion module was enough to send my eyes North. I'm looking forward to the next couple of double-episodes having seen the quality of this one. And if Dalek Caan (CAAAAAAAN!!) does show his face...uh...chasi again, my first piece of advice would be to aim the sonic screwdriver at that damn emergency temporal shift module.
  • *Fizzle*...*fizzle*...*phat*

    This cluttered story resembles a jumble sale, with unsorted, second-hand plot elements piled-up everywhere. The ‘Dalek Sec’ thread pretends to be profound, but isn't; and wastes space. (A kind of ‘cliff hang-over’ from ‘the Daleks in Manhattan’.) Much more fun is the army of human ‘Daleks’ – if Helen Raynor had alighted upon these earlier, and got on with the action, then it would have been a great episode.

    Still, `Evolution of the Daleks’ snatches at victory, when, close to the end, the Doctor's exuberantly tells Tallulah to "Just you watch me!" save the dieing Lazlo. It's a moment that recaptures Christopher Eccleston's incredible "Everybody wins!" speech in ‘The Doctor Dances’. But instead of delivering a giant emotional high, the episode cuts to the epilogues and the whole thing peters out. Pah!

    So, on balance, if this episode were a firework, then it didn't catch light - just sat at the bottom of the garden, going: *fizzle*...*fizzle*...*phat*.
  • *SPOILERS* The Doctor and Martha travel back in time to 1930s New York. But they find The Doctor's oldest enemies up to no good in the Empire State Building. And the Doctor declares war...

    This episode is not what I expected, good, but not excellent. I would have liked to have seen what would have happened to Dalek Sec: Dalek/Human mutant. Why the hell did the Doctor help the Daleks? I mean, he's been trying to destroy them for years, what if the plan had succeeded and the Doctor moved the Dalek/Humans to another planet? They would try and kill him again! And why did the Daleks kill Dalek Sec?! Dalek Sec is the best Dalek I've seen so far! That why the episode is quite appalling.
  • Had me guessing for just a few minutes *maybe spoilers*

    Really enjoyed this episode alot i didnt think it was going to improve from the last episode as i thought the idea of a dalek human hybrid wasnt the most fantastic of ideas,
    and my first impressions from the end of he last episode of it werent of high hopes.
    i still dont like the idea of the pig men they just seemed to be a dalek morality filler so the doctor had a bit extra to hate them for and for something to pose danger for the rest of the crew, where a single dalek could have done the same job possibly more effectively.
    When it came to Sec talking to the doctor this is where the episode shined for me, becuase just for a few minutes i really thought something wonderful was going to happen, but this being doctor who and the inevitable dalek ignorance it wasnt to be. Tallulah and laszlo to me felt like a bit of another filler that wasnt really needed either a bit more fleshing out of hooverville or a number of other plots could have suficed to cover them.
  • This episode was abysmal.Dr Who is becoming an embarrassment.

    OK to begin...
    The writer trotted out every cliche in the book, and managed to come up with not even a single original sci--fi concept or plot idea. This could have been written by an unimaginative 10 year old. So we have sonic screwdriver and psychic paper being used to escape any predicament, an idea which is not just lazy but unforgivable in any kind of show, kids or not. We had sickeningly cliched New Yawk characters with awful accents. A dull script that didn't raise a single issue that hadn't already been hammered home ad nauseum in the first two seasons. The recycling of numerous ideas from the previous series was particularly horrible. For example the Dalek and human DNA creating a creature with feelings and even mercy. The prevailing theme that humans are the best and most important creatures in the whole universe. Hello!? both the Dr and The Daleks have travelled the eons and the galaxies, do you really expect the audience to believe that we are the only worthy people. It's quite scary really. This pro human propaganda espoused in every episode. I truly expect one of these days to see the Dr humping someone's leg in a fit of over appreciation when someone when he witnesses a human getting up in morning and going to work. Brilliant! you humans are brilliant. Come on. What happened to showing people wonder and difference and questioning ourselves and our place in the universe. And space, where's the other planets, this is the 3rd episode so far of this season featuring a variant of New York!

    I have tried to be forgiving I really have. I know some people say that viewers shouldn't expect original or interesting ideas from a prime time family show like Dr Who but really the production team are not even trying with this. They are shovelling people (and especially the children who need to be challenged perhaps more) this lowest common denomitator rubbish in the chase for audiences without gracing people with even a modicum of intelligence or imagination to appreciate something more. Dr Who has so much potential but with the exception of a few stand outs (mostly by Steven Moffat)this series hasn't really expanded beyond the slapstick CBBC silliness of the pilot. sadly after 2 series I don't think it ever will.
  • Great

    Continuing from the last episode, Dalek Sec (I think) has merged with a human and has become a weird hybrid of the two. Now he is attempting to create his own race of human/daleks by infusing the dalek DNA with humans. Sounds simple enough, unfortunately the rest of the cult of Skaro aren't impressed and mutiny. Whereas Dalek Sec realises the Dalek race needs to evolve in order to survive, the rest just want a pure dalek race and alter the DNA structure so these humans become pure dalek.

    So the Doctor tries to stop them and ends up being hit by lightning and mixes his DNA witht he Daleks' DNA and gives the people just enough free will to resist the Daleks.

    I liked this episode. It had some good themes and the Frankenstein parallels were great. And one Dalek escaped; which means he will reappear at a later date. Cool.
  • A great conclusion to the latest Dalek two-parter. It did not lead to a huge battle against human daleks that I was rather hoping for but the plot brought interesting and satisfying twists and turns.

    The pig men and the human dalek (Sec) work well for me and I was able to look past some silly plot faults (e.g. why didn't the dalek destroy all the dalek men before they destroyed two daleks?) because the action and intriguing stortyline kept me hooked until the last moment. Another great episode.
  • Another Darlek episode

    As a child the Darleks used to make me run and cower behind my parents sofa. Their infallible single minded belief in annihilation and conquest coupled with their almost indestructibility made them worthy foes of the Doctor.

    Considering this powerful race is supposed to be extinct (sorry almost), then how come they keep on popping up like a bad rash niggling away at the Doctors thigh. Don't get me wrong I throughly enjoyed this episode, in entertainment value it ranks fairly high. However why the Darlek's? I mean why use the Darlek's? for, what is simply a filler episode, why not create a new enemy for the Doctor to pit his wits against.

    Sometimes too much exposer of an effective bad guy can ruin their mystic and their ability to shock. The Darlek's need a long and well deserved rest and when ready, hopefully once more they will prove themselves a real force to be reckoned with. Then maybe you'll find me cowering behind the couch once more.
  • 'I know that one man can change the course of history. Right idea at the right place at the right time, it’s all it takes' (Spoilers)

    Capping off the first two-part story of this series, ‘Evolution Of The Daleks’ is a stylish and stylized finale to the Dalek story, albeit a little too predictable. The newly-evolved human-Dalek Sec hybrid orders the experiments to continue but is thwarted by the Doctor. The remaining members of the Cult of Skaro attack Hooverville, killing Solomon and taking the Doctor prisoner. As Martha, Tallulah, Laszlo and Frank face the Pig Slaves at the Empire State Building, the Doctor is forced into a once unthinkable alliance to remove the Daleks from Manhattan… Some interesting ideas about the nature of evolution and adaptability come through in a visually luscious production that nicely echoes Mary Shelley’s classic ‘Frankenstein’ in more ways than one.

    David Tennant is amazing in this episode. The Doctor has faced the Daleks pretty much from day one, has lost so much because of them, and that hatred and dislike comes out in every syllable. He really impresses at Hooverville when he is ready to be exterminated to save the residents and also at the end in the showdown at the theatre. Similarly, Freema Agyeman is also great; tough, defiant and strong, she won’t back down at the end and is instrumental in working out how to get rid of the Pig Slave threat. Her quieter scene with Tallulah where she discusses her feelings for the Doctor, whilst a little overwrought, is nicely played. Good strong performances from Miranda Raison, Ryan Carnes, Hugh Quarshie and Andrew Garfield as well. Again, Nicholas Briggs also impresses as the voice of the Daleks. Visually, it’s another great show. The effect of the lightning strike on the Empire State Building looks sublime and the Dalek attack on Hooverville looks fantastic. The final showdown at the theatre was great as well. The music for the episode was also particularly fine, reminiscent in some ways of the soundtracks for old movies as well as monster films.

    My main complaint about the story is just how signposted everything is. With the first glimmers of humanity and soul coming through in the Dalek Sec hybrid, who dares to suggest that Davros was wrong in removing emotion and stopping the death of the Doctor in Hooverville, it is obvious that the remaining Cult of Skaro members will turn on him. It was pretty clear that Solomon’s peace sermon was going to be met by a loud ‘exterminate’ too- even though I did feel a tad shocked. Similarly, it is also apparent that one Dalek will survive and escape in order to return one day (or most probably next series). Whilst the showdown between the Doctor and Dalek Caan at the end is good, you can see that its going to escape.

    That said, it’s still an impressive episode, albeit perhaps the least effective of the five so far for me. I’d love to see Helen Raynor write for the series again as she handled these two scripts very well. Plus all the Dalek fans can rest safe knowing there’s still one more left out there…
  • The Doctor and Martha battle the Daleks

    Hmmm, after a good first part, the second part of this double episode was decidely average.

    The good points were the acting and osme of the special effects. I liked the shots of New York in particular. I also like the acting of 'Martha' and I like her character. Unfortunately, one of the bad points is the script. It doesn't give Martha much room to play. I like that she's more independent than Rose at this early stage, but I don't like the way this relationship is developing. Has she fallen in love with the Doctor or not? Would she like him to or not? The writers seem to be unable to make up their minds.

    While I appreciate that the writers didn't simply want to forget about Rose, I feel she still plays too prominent a part. They should move on...
  • Refusal Written by Helen Raynor Directed by James Strong

    Dalek Sec: I am Dalek in human form”
    The Doctor: “Tell me what it feels like”.

    With a hook as pretty unconventional as the one for “Daleks In Manhattan” the follow up on things was going to have to be something pretty spectacular and in a lot of ways, the second part of our Dalek story is. We have had better episodes in this series revolving around our Pepperpot Nazis but this one doesn’t lose points for ambition.

    Not wanting to wait any longer for Human/Dalek Sec to keep going on about his desire to make more of his kind, The Doctor made his presence known by basically doing all the shouty in your face antics that Number Ten so fondly loves to do and does so well.

    Naturally enough when faced with the great enemy Daleks Thay, Jast and Caan have the first instinct to exterminate him but it’s somewhat in touch with it’s humanity Sec who wants to hear The Doctor out. While The Doctor is curious to challenge Sec on his newfound humanity, the annoyance of sound waves provides enough of a distraction for everyone else to get the hell out of Daleks sight and back to Hooverville.

    The funny dynamic between the Daleks kicks in as the Pig Slaves give chase is that quite predictably with Sec now using logic and thinking about his action, his fellow Cult Of Skaro members want to ostracise him. To them Daleks are supreme and humanity well and truly sucks and no form of new age thinking is going to sway their long rooted opinion.

    In fairness with not many places to go, Hooverville was never gonna be a safe location for The Doctor and Martha to try and rest before thinking of a new plan, so while Soloman may have not wanted to leave the only place he thought everyone would be safe, even I felt bad for him when the Pig Slaves came to wreck more havoc.

    Although an improvement on the Pig alien creature from Season One, these slaves didn’t look entirely threatening and it turns out that they are only surplus when two of the Daleks showed up and started their usual bout of destruction but once again, there was that nagging feeling of something not being entirely right with this picture.

    That feeling certainly wasn’t there when poor Soloman was getting exterminated when his attempts of reasoning in a moving speech saw one of the Cult Of Skaro happily wiping out the reluctant leader. I liked Soloman but it made sense that least one other main guest star in this two parter died as three others ended up surviving this bloodbath. No the feeling was with Dalek Sec who began the episode still going on about the human desire to destroy and cause pain but also then turned around during the invasion on Hooverville and insisted on The Doctor living. Call me cynical but even as a hybrid, I was still surprised that Sec would really want to learn anything from The Doctor.

    When he promised to let everyone else live as long as The Doctor surrendered himself, I was assuming that Sec would try to convert The Doctor to a Human/Dalek hybrid or force his hand in creating more of them for destructive reasons. I was right with the latter assumption but not for the reasons I had expected.

    Nope, in a surprising twist instead of wanting to create Human/Dalek hybrid for destructive purposes, Sec wanted more of his kind for not only survival but also to improve on the original way Daleks were created. He wanted his kind to feel and embrace emotions due to the fact that emotion not only weaken species but also gives them strength.

    So then it poses absolutely no surprises whatsoever that the rest of Skaro weren’t especially thrilled that particular idea and while we may have had two of them doubt Sec’s intention before the Hooverville raid, the remaining three Daleks were not only happy in collaborating with The Doctor but were also pretty pissed off at the idea of emotions.

    With The Doctor weirdly helping Sec in his plan to use Gamma radiation along with parts of Sec’s designs himself, I’m glad the still smart Laszlo openly questions Sec’s motives. New found humanity or not, I still wouldn’t trust Sec either. It was his order to invade Hooverville and while he may have felt guilt over Soloman getting killed, what was there to say that his new creation of species would turn around and just kill humanity for power purposes? You don’t exactly have to have the makings of a Dalek to pose a threat to humanity.

    While the jury may have still been out on Sec, the other three just went ahead and showed their hatred for change by sabotaging their leader’s plan by messing with the formula being pumped into humans. Might be predictable to say “I saw that coming” but I doubt there was anyone watching this episode who didn’t think that at one point. Even Sec should’ve realised that Jast, Caan and Thay wouldn’t adhere to any form of change. If they can’t hate, then Daleks aren’t Daleks.

    Elsewhere with The Doctor at the hands of Daleks, Martha has been shoved in the role of second in command in Hooverville and in fairness, I’m glad she hadn’t been taken with The Doctor even though I knew she would’ve found a way to him anyway. The psychic paper came in handy while she and Tallulah were brainstorming with the help of Frank.

    All the builders and people who were unfortunate enough to work for Mr Diagoras not only disappeared in sewers but all of them were working on the Empire State Building and with the work not yet completed it was the only other place Martha could go to get her answers and The Doctor back.

    The teaming of these three characters is a pretty effective tool as Tallulah provides some much needed humour while Frank has more than proven in this episode he’s a dab hand at thinking in dire situations. As for Martha, she wanted to be more useful than bandaging people and now here’s her chance to do so.

    In between the franticness of trying to figure the differences in all the sketches for the Empire State Building, there’s a great moment between Tallulah and Martha where once again, the former is quick to wonder about how Martha and The Doctor operate on a relationship basis and while we have may gotten this last two episodes, you have to admit that Martha’s feelings are better expressed here. By what The Doctor hasn’t told her of his and Rose’s relationship and Rose’s departure from his life, in some ways Martha is confused by The Doctor. One minute he does want her there while the next he doesn’t really notice her. It’s a nice moment with a subtle performance between Freema Agyeman and Miranda Raison and even when Tallulah downplays Martha’s dilemma by talking of Laszlo’s misfortune the scene still stands up well.

    Speaking of Laszlo, not only he beginning to start feelings effects from his transformation but he’s also quick to help The Doctor escape for the second time while the remaining Daleks dethrone Sec and use the humans to create their own army of terrorists. Once again, Sec should’ve seen this particular event coming and even his Dalek righteousness isn’t enough for his comrades to put Dalek Caan in position of leader and reduce him to chains.

    While Martha and company figured out some form of a Dalekanium within the Empire State Building and The Doctor decides to go up to the very top to stop the Gamma radiation while the Pig Slaves try to stop them all. This is one of the quickest scenes in the episode but not one of the strongest.

    Again the Pig Slaves are easily dispatched when lightening and the use of lining metal objects in their direction more or less puts them out of business, so the only real moment of interest in this part is The Doctor getting electrocuted severely and Martha wondering whether or not she’s lost him yet again. Remember dear he’s got two hearts and the exchange between them when she realises his survival is sweet. Tallulah, Laszlo and Frank didn’t look as worried.

    However the best material of this entire Dalek tale came in the last ten minutes of the episode when The Doctor, Martha, Laszlo, Tallulah and Frank all went back to the theatre with the intent purpose of drawing the Daleks into a trap of their own. You wouldn’t think it if it hadn’t been for the smug way The Doctor used the sonic screwdriver as a means of drawing attention but hey seeing Daleks getting duped is nothing short of great.

    With the human Daleks lined up as soldiers ready to kill and Sec dragged around like a slave as Thay and Jast ordered The Doctor to finally get killed, the great pro of it all was for The Doctor’s ability to stop the human soldiers from killing as the Daleks themselves were not only determined to kill The Doctor but even killed their former leader Sec without a flicker of emotion.

    Throughout this entire episode, the notion of a Dalek having emotions has given us a questionable creature like Sec but at the end of the day, Human Daleks regardless of emotions removed are still human and when they were able to challenge Jast and Thay and not want to kill The Doctor we got our best battle yet.

    As Thay and Jast were finally destroyed, Caan pulled the lowest move ever by killing all the hybrid and while The Doctor was angry, Caan still more or less won the day by escaping whatever punishment The Doctor could’ve inflicted on him. At the end of the days, Daleks are not to be reasons and should their DNA come within any proximity of anything else. With one Dalek left in existence, you can only wonder how the writers will devise more trouble for The Doctor with them. Suffice to say to we’ll find out next season.

    Meanwhile we at least got one positive from this episode as The Doctor was able to help Laszlo survive, even if that meant he had to live in Hooverville with Frank but at least he still has Tallulah and with an ominous moment between The Doctor and Martha as they head to their next destination, who knows what else to expect.

    Also in “Evolution Of The Daleks”

    This is the first episode of the season to get a Previously On but the second to jump straight into the Opening Credits.

    The Doctor (to Soloman): “Daleks are bad enough at any time but right they’re vulnerable and that makes them worse than ever”.

    Soloman: “What do you say?”
    Dalek Thay: “Exterminate”.

    With Rose getting a big mention, I’m a little disappointed that the Cult Of Skaro didn’t question or taunt The Doctor about her not being there.

    The Doctor: “Is it me or are you sounding a bit more human?”
    Sec: “You are the last of your kind and I’m the first of mine”.

    Martha: “We’re a hundred feet up, don’t go wandering off”
    Tallulah: “I just wanna see”.

    Was it me or did anyone else think Martha was unintentionally channelling Nine when she said that to Tallulah?

    The Doctor: “That’s high, blimey that’s high”
    Martha: “And we have to go even higher”.

    The Doctor also said “Allonsi” in “Army Of Ghosts”. Nice little throw in line there!

    Martha (re Pig Slaves): “It’s not looking good, Frank”
    Frank: “No” Martha: “We’re gonna get slaughtered”.

    We learned this week that the Pig Slaves only live for a few weeks and can rip people’s throats out with their teeth. How exactly did The Doctor prevent Laszlo from dying?

    Tallulah: “Oh my God that could actually work”
    Frank: “Then give us a hand”.

    The Doctor: “Hi! You survived then?”
    Martha: “You too, just about”.

    I noticed with the human Daleks there were women as well. Its just last week only men were mentioned as being missing.

    Human Dalek: “Why?”
    Dalek Jast: “Dalek humans do not question”.

    The Doctor (to Dalek Caan): “I’ve just seen one genocide, I won’t cause another”.

    Surely that has to be a bit of a lie with The Doctor witnessing nearly all of his people being killed? Nine wouldn’t have had a problem with killing Dalek Caan.

    Martha (re Tallulah/Laszlo): “Just proves it, there’s someone for everyone”
    The Doctor: “Maybe”.

    Chronology: As it was a two-parter, just a few seconds between this and “Daleks In Manhattan”.

    Well that was exhausting! “Evolution Of The Daleks” proved to be a non-stop, action filled, emotionally charged and thought provoking episode on the nature of change or in the Daleks’ case, the refusal to do so even if by not changing they risked their own doom as a species. This may be the weakest of the Dalek episodes we’ve had on the series and while Part 1 was better, there was still a lot to enjoy here.
  • The Best Doctor Who Epsiode. Ever.

    First of all, I would like to say something you will probably agree on: The Doctor was never meant to be a superhero who can do everything. However, it seems he has been this since Doctor Who (2005) began. In this episode, everything changes.

    During part one of this episode, I just thought 'ahh.. here we go again with the daleks' However, it did turn out to be better than I expected. During this second part, I was truly amazed. It was more.. real. No laughing and giggling and stupid fake kiddy emotion and 'the doctor is great and cannot be defeaten.'

    When Dalek's were about to 'EXTERMINATE!' the doctor, Dalek Sec (who is the leader, and has now been mixed with a human to form a new type of creature) stops them. He is becoming more human. He realizes that being superiour is not what they need. The Doctor is took to Sec, and he tells him that he needs his help. He agrees to take Sec and the three other Normal Daleks to an empty planet, where they can start living normally again. You can just feel how different it is: the doctor's worst enemy, asking them to help him. It's no longer a smile and 'No, you don't!' and a click of the sonic screwdriver and everything is fine. At the end, only one dalek survives. Caan. And I'm sure we will meet again. The writer of this episode needs to keep making them. Best episode. Ever.
  • Take my Dalek, please. (Spoilers)

    Ok, they can't all be winners but they don't have to be, well, boring. Last weeks episode gathered momentum and this episode sucked the life out of it. Daleks become human, but the ones that aren't human are jealous. For an episode with a LOT of yelling, running about and general movement - not a lot happened. Kurt Vonnegut (rest his soul) once side every sentence of a story must move the plot forward. I feel every action in a script should move the plot forward. This wasn't the case tonight. Confession: there were spots where I fast-forwarded to get past slow bits.

    Are the Daleks finally dead? No. Did Laslo die from being 'pigged'? No.

    Was it a good episode? Meh.
  • pretty solid conclusion to a rather shakey storyline, despite a few problems, looking at you Dalek Sec

    Being a classic who fan, you'd think that I would've stood up and shouted blasphemy at my TV when Sec started talking about making a "nice" race of Daleks, but I didn't. I don't know why, to my mates who also are fans of classic who that would make me an outcast but i didn't have a problem with what sec said or did, there have been episodes before about introducing human factors into Daleks, evil of the daleks for example and that was one of the finest stories Doctor who ever saw (that the BBC lost all but 1 episode of, careless wankers!) and who says you can't do it the other way round as well? I liked the humans with Dalek DNA, they were kinda like the Dalek cronies of classic serials like the dalek invasion of Earth's robomen. But what I didn't like about sec was, he looked a bit too rubbery and his voice, I mean he just sounded too normal, which is creepy coming from a sort of squid like head. Anyway, I liked the plot and it was played out well with less focus on the pigmen for most of it (thumbs up) and the Daleks remained true to their nature in the end, so this episode hasn't truely changed them forever so classic who fans that aren't me can remain happy. However the overusing of the Daleks, I was in denial over it a week ago, but watching them again now, I was starting to think I'd seen it all before. But despite that they were still...Daleks so I gotta love them. Although I do wish that Dalek Kahn hadn't temporally shifted because now it gives them the oppurtunity to bring him back and delay the revival of Davros for as long as possible (when the hell are they gonna get round to it?) but still, it was an ending and not a bad one at that.
    People were unimpressed with the new york setting but I've just realised that its always the UK. That's only been pointed out once in Doctor who history that I can remember, Jamie said "It's always England" in Fury from the deep (another story that the BBC lost and that I'll never forgive tham for) at least New York is introducing some variation, despite the fact it still feels like Cardiff.
    Anywho, it was a decent concluder, the Dalek people were a nice cybermenish touch, it was well put together, well scripted, less dodgy acting than part one (well, less talk, more action so what dyou expect) I enjoyed it and am looking forward to next week.
    Lazerus experiment looks awesome
  • They always Survive

    So the end of a new tail to an old one once agaian the Doctor must face he's darknest foes in the fight for humanity,
    Marther shows us why she's good enough to fill Rose's Shoes, But the fact that Marher has shown us great planning and has yet to be once cpatured by a foe like Rose did,
    And David pulled off another great preformence as the wonderful Doctor,
    But once again the Dalek's show us why they are the Ultimate Force to be rekoned with but one more thing should be said and I remember the Doctors words,
    They always Survive, when he loses everything they survive the Dalek's are immortal
  • It was okay...kind of

    After the pretty awful Daleks in Manhattan, I was praying things wouldn't get worse. And they didn't. Thank god.
    But this still isn't that great. Dodgy accents, acting, Pig Men and occasionally atrocious dialogue all mar an admittedly simple story that does little to surprise or shock.
    However, there is the Doctor and Martha. They haven't been bad in any of the series so far. In fact they've been great. David Tennant is an amazing actor, and his delivery of dialogue is fantastic. Thank you, Mr Tennant, for being the Doctor.
  • good conclusion to an excellent two parter.

    This episode concludes the sotry started in last week's episode. The sec has just transfomed into a half-human, half-dalek hybrid. what follows is an excellent story, with a surprising plot-twist where dalek sek says he doesn't want daleks to be the suprem species because it has led to their destruction. understandebly the other daleks don't agree and turn against them. It was a pretty ad moment when that black guy got shot by the daleks after trying to make peace with them. of course the doctor manges to thwart their plans but the last dalek escapes via a temporal shift, something tells me that isn't the last we've seen of him. i'm sure he'll be back with another scheme to restore the dalek race.
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