Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 5

Evolution of the Daleks (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2007 on BBC America

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  • What the hell was that???

    My fingers are hovering above my keyboard unsure how to find the words I need to use to describe my dissapointment at the worst peices of Doctor Who writing I have ever seen.
    The human/Dalek (which even sounds stupid and unimaginative) had a terrible mask, the acting was possibly the worst I had ever seen. The 'Dalek/Humans' accent was grating and seemed so something from a bad vampire movie in the 1940s.
    The psychic paper popped up once again?? But it served no real was frustrating to see precious Doctor Who TV minutes be wasted on non vital plot points that held no plot and made no point!
    Heres a spolier, but it won't spoil much...after creating a new hybrid Dalek/Human that could have unleashed the BBC from Terry Nations DALEK licencing grip....they promptly kill off the character, and then let the only surviving DALEK in the universe (oh, haven't they done that already?) escape via an emergency temporal shift (oh...yeah, they did that already too).
    I think I know why Russell T. Davies has been talking about leaving the show.