Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 5

Evolution of the Daleks (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2007 on BBC America

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  • Shades of Dr. Frankenstein!

    Not since the classic "Genesis of the Daleks" (Tom Baker era) have I seen the Doctor's arch-enemies turn on their leader. But, I had a hunch things were headed that way when Skaro Cultist Number 3 told Cutlist Number 2 that he had doubts about Zekk. And, from a strategy standpoint, their mutiny was done beautifully! It was also beautiful the way the Central Park Hooverville residents stuck together, during the first wave of the attack by the pig-slaves. Even after Solomon was murdered by the flying Dalek! I was a little disappointed by the sub-plot involving Lazlo and Tallulah. I know it was supposed to echo the timeless moral of "Beauty and the Beast" (external looks don't count). But, the effort was kind of cancelled out by Miranda Raison trying a little too hard to sound like Marilyn Monroe from "Some Like It Hot." Although, I must admit; she does a great job of looking like her (form-fitting silver leotard and all)! Another thing I disliked was the use of humanoid pigs, again. What is this fetish the writers have with humanoid pigs? First, that alienized porker used by the Slitheen, way back in Season 1. Now, these! Did the Daleks use pig-DNA, for creating their newest batch of slaves, in to give them an instinct for traipsing around in the mud and muck of the sewers? For those two (admittedly petty) reasons, I deducted half a point. But, only half a point, because of what might be a hint dropped by the writers regarding the fate of the very last Dalek. Specifically; is this the one that winds up in that late-21st century museum that used to be Area 51? I guess only "time" will tell.