Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 5

Evolution of the Daleks (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2007 on BBC America



  • Trivia

    • When Tallulah looks out over the New York skyline from the top of the Empire State Building, the brightly lit crown of Chrysler Building is visible. The building was completed in May 1930, just weeks before the episode takes place. However, the lights on the spire were not added until 1981.

    • Toward the end, as the Doctor holds his sonic screwdriver aloft in the theatre, his body position, hand position and held light source all mirror the Statue of Liberty.

    • In the final scene in the episode the Statue of Liberty is shown with the all gold-leaf surface torch that was put in place in 1984. In 1930, the torch was made of glass panes mounted on a copper frame.

    • As Lazlo rescues the Doctor from the Daleks and their pig slaves, he yells to the Doctor informing him of the elevator arriving at their location. Lazlo uses the word "lift", the British English term for elevator. Since Lazlo is supposed to be an American living in 1930s New York he should have used the word elevator.

    • The Dalek-Humans' weapons look like Thompson Sub-Machine Guns (Tommy-Guns) a famous weapon used a lot during the Great Depression in gang wars. However, the barrels have been redesigned to mimic those on a Dalek.

    • The Daleks once again show a weakness to their own weapons, as previously seen in The Evil of the Daleks - civil war with the "Human Factor" Daleks, Planet of the Daleks - the Supreme Dalek exterminates the Dalek Section Leader and The Five Doctors - assisted suicide via a ricochet from the Hall of Mirrors.

    • Daleks measure time in Rels, which appear to last a little over a second. The term was first heard in the Peter Cushing Doctor Who and the Daleks movie. It was not until Doomsday that Daleks used Rels in the TV series.

    • This is the first story using the familiar "_____ of the Daleks" titling scheme, which began with The Power of the Daleks in 1966, since 1988's Remembrance of the Daleks.

    • The Daleks plan to turn Earth into New Skaro; this is similar to the plans of the Cybermen in Silver Nemesis, where they planned to turn the planet into New Mondas.

    • The Daleks turn against their leader (Dalek Sec) and establish their own control before exterminating them. This also happens in the Tom Baker story Genesis Of The Daleks when the Daleks turn against Davros, their creator, seemingly killing him at the end.

    • This is the first time in the third series that someone other than the Doctor- in this case, Martha- uses the psychic paper. (Rose previously used it in Army Of Ghosts)

    • The Daleks previously used the 'emergency temporal shift' to flee from trouble in Doomsday, where the Cult of Skaro used it to prevent themselves being thrown into the void along with the Cybermen.

    • The song that plays briefly at the beginning of the episode is called Happy Days Are Here Again.

  • Quotes

    • Martha: Meant to say, I'm sorry.
      The Doctor: What for?
      Martha: Just… cos that Dalek got away. I know what that means to you. Do you think you'll ever see it again?
      The Doctor: Oh, yes. One day.

    • The Doctor: (enraged at the Daleks' murder of Solomon) Daleks... ALRIGHT SO IT'S MY TURN!! THEN KILL ME!! KILL ME!! If it'll stop you attacking these people!
      Dalek: I will be the destroyer of our greatest enemy!
      The Doctor: Then do it! DO IT!! JUST DO IT!! DO IT!!

    • Frank: They'll give you a home, Laszlo. I mean, uh… don't imagine people ain't gonna stare. And I can't promise you'll be at peace. But, in the end, that is what Hooverville is for: people who ain't got nowhere else.

    • The Doctor: Now what?
      Dalek Caan: You will be exterminated!
      The Doctor: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, just think about it, Dalek- what was your name?
      Dalek Caan: Dalek Caan
      The Doctor: Dalek Caan. Your entire species has been wiped out, and now the Cult of Skaro has been eradicated, leaving only you. Right now, you're facing the only man in the universe who might show you some compassion because I've just seen one genocide, I won't cause another. Caan, let me help you. What do you say?
      Dalek Caan: Emergency temporal shift!
      (Dalek Caan vanishes)

    • The Doctor: If I'm gonna die, let's give the new boys a shot. What do you think, eh? The Dalek humans, their first blood. Go on, baptise them!
      Dalek Jast: Dalek humans, take aim.
      (The Dalek humans train their weapons on the Doctor)
      The Doctor: What are you waiting for? Give the command!
      Dalek Jast: Exterminate!
      (Everyone winces as they expect the Doctor to be exterminated; the Dalek humans do not shoot)
      Dalek Jast: Exterminate! Obey! Dalek humans will obey!
      Martha: They're not firing. What have you done?
      Dalek Jast: You will obey! Exterminate!
      Dalek Human: Why?
      Dalek Jast: Daleks do not question orders!
      Dalek Human: But why?
      Dalek Jast: You will stop this!
      Dalek Human: But, why?
      Dalek Jast: You must not question!
      Dalek Human: But you are not our master. And we… we are not Daleks.
      The Doctor: No, you're not, and you never will be. Sorry, I got in the way of the lightning strike. Timelord DNA got all mixed up. Just that little bit of freedom.

    • Dalek Jast: You will die, Doctor, at the beginning of a new age.
      Dalek Thay: Planet Earth will become New Skaro.
      The Doctor: Oh, and what a world, with anything just the slightest bit different ground into the dirt. That's Dalek Sec (Signalling to his body). Don't you remember? The cleverest Dalek ever and look what you've done to him. Is that your new empire? Hm? Is that the foundation for a whole new civilization?

    • The Doctor: I'm telling you to go. Frank, taker her back to Hooverville.
      Martha: And I'm telling you I'm not going.
      The Doctor: Martha, that's an order.
      Martha: Who are you then? Some sort of Dalek?

    • Tallulah: There ain't nothing more creepy than a theatre in the dark. Listen, Doctor, I know you got a thing for showtunes but there's a time and a place.

    • Dalek Sec Hybrid: You have betrayed me!
      Dalek Caan: You told us to imagine, and we imagined your irrelevance!

    • Tallulah: So, tell me, where did you and him first hook up?
      Martha: It was in hospital. Sort of.
      Tallulah: Of course, him being a doctor.
      Martha: Actually, I'm the doctor. Well, kind of.
      Tallulah:You're a physician? Really?
      Martha: I was training. Still am, if I ever get back home.
      Tallulah: You could be doctors together. What a partnership. Such a shame. If only he wasn't so… different, you know what I mean?
      Martha: Oh, you have no idea how different he really is.
      Tallulah: Yeah, he's a man, sweetheart. Them's different enough.
      Martha: He had this… companion a while back, this friend. Since then, he's been on his own but, you know, sometimes I say something or do something and he looks at me and I just sort of think… he's not seeing me; he's just remembering.

    • Laszlo: Do you trust him?
      The Doctor: I know that one man can change the course of history. Right idea at the right place at the right time, it's all it takes. I've got to believe it's possible.

    • Dalek Sec Hybrid: If you don't help me, nothing will change.
      The Doctor: There's no room on Earth for another race of people.
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: You have your TARDIS. Take us across the stars, find us a new home, and allow the new Daleks to start again.
      The Doctor: When's that solar flare?
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: Eleven minutes.
      The Doctor: Right then, better get to work!

    • The Doctor: I still don't know what you need me for?
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: Your genius. Consider a pure Dalek. Intelligent but emotionless.
      The Doctor: Removing the emotions makes you stronger. That's what your creator thought, all those years ago.
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: He was wrong.
      The Doctor: He was what?
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: It makes us lesser than our enemies. We must return to the flesh and also the heart.
      The Doctor: Then you wouldn't be the supreme beings anymore.
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: That is good.
      Dalek Caan: That is incorrect!
      Dalek Thay: Daleks are supreme!
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: No! Not any more!
      Dalek Caan: But that is our purpose!
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: Then our purpose is wrong! Where has our quest for supremacy led us? To this: hiding in the sewers on a primitive world. Just four of us left. If we do not change now, then we deserve extinction.
      The Doctor: So you want to change everything that makes a Dalek a Dalek.

    • Dalek Sec Hybrid: We tried everything to survive, but we found ourselves stranded in this ignorant age. First, we tried growing new Dalek embryos, but their flesh was too weak.
      The Doctor: Yeah, I found one of your experiments. Just left to die out there in the dark.
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: It forced us to conclude, what is the greatest resource of this planet? Its people.

    • Dalek Thay: You saved the Doctor? Why?
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: He's a genius, and we can use him. The future of the Daleks may well depend upon the Doctor.

    • Solomon: Daleks. Ain't we the same? Underneath, ain't we all kin? (puts the gun down) See, I just discovered this past day that God's universe is a thousand times the size I thought it was. And that scares me, oh yeah, terrifies me right down to the bone. But surely it's got to give me hope. Hope that maybe, together, we can make a better tomorrow. So I beg you now, if you have any compassion in your hearts, then you'll meet with us and stop this fight. Well, what do you say?
      Dalek Caan: EXTERMINATE!
      (Dalek Caan shoots and kills Solomon)

    • Solomon: These Daleks. They sound like the stuff of nightmares and they want to breed?
      The Doctor: They're splicing themselves onto human bodies. And if I'm right, they've got a farm of breeding stock right here in Hooverville. You've got to get everyone out.
      Solomon: Hooverville's the lowest place a man can fall. There's nowhere else to go.

    • Dalek Jast: Request information. What is your opinion of Dalek Sec?
      Dalek Caan: We were created to follow him.
      Dalek Jast: But you have doubts?
      Dalek Caan: (after looking around him) Affirmative.

    • The Doctor: I can show you what you're missing with this thing. Simple little radio.
      Dalek Caan: What is the purpose of that device?
      The Doctor: Well, exactly, it plays music. What's the point of that? Oh, with music, you can dance to it, sing with it, fall in love to it. Unless you're a Dalek, of course, then it's all just noise!
      (The Doctor points the sonic screwdriver at the radio causing a piercing shriek)

    • Dalek Sec Hybrid: I am Dalek in human form.
      The Doctor: What does it feel like? You can talk to me, Dalek Sec. It is Dalek Sec, isn't it? That's your name. You've got a name and a mind of your own. Tell me what you're thinking right now.
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: I feel… humanity.
      The Doctor: Good, that's good.
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: I feel… everything we wanted for mankind. Which is, ambition. Hatred. Aggression and war. Such a genius for war.
      The Doctor: No. That's not what humanity means!
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: I think it does. At heart this species is so very… Dalek.

    • Martha: Do you reckon it's gonna work, those two (namely Tallulah and Lazlo)?
      The Doctor: I dunno. Anywhere else in the universe I might worry about but Ney York: it's what this city's good at. Give me your tired, your poor, your vulnerable masses and even the odd pig-slave-Dalek-human-hybrid too.
      Martha: (laughs) The pig and the showgirl!
      The Doctor: The pig and the showgirl.
      Martha: Just proves it I suppose; there's someone for everyone
      The Doctor: Maybe.

    • The Doctor: Hi! You survived then?
      Martha: So did you, just about.

    • The Doctor (to Solomon): Daleks are bad enough at any time but right now they're vulnerable. That makes them more dangerous than ever.

    • Martha: We're a hundred feet up, don't go wandering off.
      Tallulah: I just wanna see.

    • The Doctor: Is it me or are you sounding a bit more human?
      Dalek Sec Hybrid: You are the last of your kind and I'm the first of mine.

    • Tallulah: Doctor, can't you do something?
      The Doctor: Oh, Tallulah with 3 L's and H. Just you watch me. What do I need, oh I dunno, how about a great big genetic laboratory? (Shot of Doctor in transgenic laboratory) Oh look, I've got one. Lazlo, just you hold on! There've been too many deaths today; way too many people have died. Brand new creatures and wise old men and age old enemies, and I tell you, I tell you right now, I am NOT having one more death!

    • Solomon: You will respect my authority.

    • Dalek Sec Hybrid: Daleks understand this: if you choose death and destruction, death and destruction will choose you.

    • The Doctor: Tallulah!
      Tallulah: That's me three L's and an H.

    • Frank: One man down and we haven't even started.
      Martha: It's not looking good frank.
      Frank: Nope.
      Martha: We're gonna get slaughtered.

    • Tallulah: New York City: if aliens came to Earth no wonder they came here.

  • Notes

    • International Air Dates:

      Australia: 28 July 2007
      Canada: 15 July 2007
      New Zealand: 23 September 2007 on Prime
      United States: 3 August 2007
      Turkey: 28 November, 2010 on CNBC-e

    • Overnight viewing figures for this episode were 6.5 million, with a final viewing figure of 6.97 million.

    • This episode is in many ways a wonderful parallel to Frankenstein (1931). The episode has:

      The lightning giving life (a theme seen before in Doctor Who).

      The atmospheric lab, with bubbling chemicals and flames and an albeit more modern take on electrical arcs (the screens).

      The creator (in this case the Daleks) fall foul of their own creations.

      The music - a lot of it is reminiscent of the era, and of the old Flash Gordon style serials.

      The "townspeople" making a stand.

      The assistant being deformed (pig slaves, as opposed to a hunchback).

  • Allusions

    • Martha: The pig and the showgirl!

      This may be a reference to the 1957 film, 'The Prince and the Showgirl' staring Marilyn Munroe as a ditzy blonde singer and Lawrence Olivier as a thoughtful but lonely Prince.

    • The Doctor: Allons-y

      The French phrase means 'let's go'. The Doctor last used this saying in 'Army of Ghosts', and in that episode mused that he should say it more often, especially if he met someone called Allonzo.

    • Martha: and I am telling you I'm not going.

      This is the title of the signature song from the play, and hit 2006 movie, Dreamgirls. The lyrics are both strongly devoted and defiant, a refusal on the part of the female lead to abandon her mentor and manager.

    • Dalek Human: Why?
      Dalek: Daleks do not question orders!

      This is one of the many allusions in this episode to the second doctor serial The Evil of the Daleks when, after being ordered by one of the black Daleks to do something, one of the human factor infused Daleks asks "Why?" and why he should obey to which the Black Dalek replies furiously that Daleks do not question orders, pretty much escelating into a civil war from there on, just how the human daleks end up turning on the Daleks as the Human Factor Daleks back then did.

    • The Doctor: This planet hasn't even split the atom yet.

      Ernest Walton and John Cockroft were awarded the 1951 Nobel Prize for Physics for their work on 'the transmutation of the atomic nuclei by artificially accelerated atomic particles' (what is popularly known as 'splitting the atom') at the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University, twenty-one years after this story is set.