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Amy and Rory's time line

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    I don't know if anyone's been working a theory on this but... do you think there is a reason that the adventures we are shown don't necessarily coincide with what has happened in their lives?

    A town called mercy aired before the power of three but we see them get caught up in a mishap involving henry the 8th in the latter episode but rory leaving his phone charger in henry the 8th's ensuite is mentioned in the former? Also... if you include a pond life, there is that one episode that shows clips of dinosaurs on a spaceship... Add all that with the slight inconsitency with angels in manhattan taking place in 2012 because if you think about it

    1996 is when the doctor first meets amelia

    he comes back 12 years later and then 2 more so she first starts traveling with him on 6/24/10 and then they get married and lets say after "a christmas carol" he drops them off and its been 2 months to coincide with "impossible astronaut" (4/2011) and then after all they go through, he drops them off again for "God complex", what year is it then? and then what year is it in "closing time"? because lets say that all happens within 2011, in the christmas special, she says its been two years placing them in 2013, and then by the time "asylum of the daleks starts its been ten months 2014. and then it gets squiffy

    so.... im a little lost... does anyone have it figured out? because she does say in "power of three" that they've done the math and that they've aged "ten years" with the doctor so im just a little confused and wondering if that has anything to do with the blinking lights or why the producers aired stories seemingly out of order.

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    The Ponds are like River the writers either forgot what they had done in the past or just lost control of their storylines.

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    I am also confused. I just finished watching season 6. In the last episode, Amy, Rory and River watch the Doctor die, then it shows them mourning. Then cut to Amy and Rory's house where River pops in and finally says it was just a life model decoy and that he is still alive.

    My question is how did they get to that point. Shouldn't those three, immediately after seeing the doctor die, go to that cafe place and see the 900 yr old doctor with his invitation. They then continue with all the events in 1969, etc. Amy and the rest decide not to tell the younger doctor about him getting killed at Lake Silencio.

    Maybe I missed something, but shouldn't it be one endless loop. Like a Paradox or something. So was the Doctor really over 1100 years at that point? Time travel is very confusing!
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    The scene with them in the backyard takes place after the events of The God Complex, while the scene of them watching the fake Doctor die happened during The Impossible Astronaut.

    Hope that helps.
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