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best scenes from the Amy and Rory era

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    [1]Nov 21, 2012
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    Which scenes did you like the most in those two and a half seasons ? Here are mine :

    - "Time of angels" : the Byzantium angel slowly turns away ... and POPS OUT OF THE SCREEN ! YEEECH ! That was capital-S scary !

    - "Vincent and the Doctor" : this episode is my favorite ever, but if I had to pick a scene, I'd select Van Gogh's tears while the museum curator praises his work.

    - "The Pandorica opens" : the Doctor faces a whole army of his worst enemies ... and sends them away with one speech - or does he ?

    - "Day of the moon" : seven words and Neil Armstrong's foot defeat the Silence !

    - "A good man goes to war" : the Doctor and his friends take Demon's run in 3 minutes and 42 seconds.

    ( So yeah, the last three are very similar, but what can I say ? I like the Doctor being a badass and outsmarting everyone ).

    - "The girl who waited" : another great episode from start to finish, but that last scene ! Outstanding work from both Gillan and Darvill here.

    - "The wedding of River Song" : the completely insane opening scene.

    - "The power of three" : the Doctor and Amy's talk ( "I'm running to you, before you fade away from me" ) Probably one of the best scenes Matt Smith has ever delivered.

    - "The Angels take Manhattan" : "raggedy man ... goodbye". Do I need to say more ?

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    [2]Dec 2, 2012
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    The Eleventh Hour: The Doctor confronts the Atraxi and steps through the image of his previous incarnations in full costume.

    The Big Bang: The Doctorsees his past with Amy

    The Big Bang: Amyremembers the Doctor

    The Curse of the Black Spot: Amy revives Rory from drowning. The Doctors Wife: The Doctor and the Tardis talk in the grave yard

    The Doctors Wife: The Tardis dies in the console room

    A Good Man Goes To War: The Doctor speaks to the Colonel and Kovarian

    A Good Man Goes to War: River reveals herself to the Doctor, confronts him, and then reveals her identity to Amy and Rory

    Lets Kill Hitler: The Doctor dies and River revives him.

    The Wedding of River Song: The Doctor calls the Brigadier.

    Angels Take Manhattan: Amy's goodbye

    I have to say that some of these scenes were made all the more powerful by the scores that Murray Gold provided for them. In particular the scene with River healing the Doctor was powerful on its own but the score really made it great.

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    A Good Man Goes to War - Amy's intro speech, the revelation she's talking about Rory, culminating with Rory's confrontation of the Cyber Men (and the fleet exploding). Awesome

    The Pandorica Opens - Rory's return, specifically when the Doctor couldn't realize what he was forgetting and Rory said "Give it a minute" Then the Doctor poking Rory and him just swaying back-and-forth until the Doctor realized it was RORY

    Daleks take Manhatten - Amy's goodbye (both at the cemetery and the book)

    Bad Wolf - The Doctor repeatedly telling the Daleks "No" and how he was coming for Rose

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    Over all it for me is The Asylum of the Daleks when Rory tells Amy that their relationship is made up of him loving her more than she loving him and she tells her side. The others I would have to think on.

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