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    It was great to see the Ice Warriors back. I read on the episode page that at least one person think they are new to Doctor Who. They go back to the Troughton (2nd) Doctor. When I saw that the Daleks and then the Cyberman was coming back to the 2005 Who I kept waiting for the Ice Warriors. I felt that it was a good story and hope they return.

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    I agree, it's always nice to see a classic villain with an updated design that comes from having a bigger budget. It's like seeing the Enterprise in classic Star Trek episodes and comparing it to the Enterprise in the classic Star Trek movies.

    Admittedly, some classics can't really be improved on that much except for a few minor details here and there. The original Daleks didn't look too different from the Daleks of 2005. Just a different coloring scheme, and a few minor details like how smoothly the new props move in comparison. (Yes, the newest Dalek added a hunchback design for some godforsaken reason. All the more reason not to fix what isn't broken).
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