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Episode Discussion Threads: Please Read!

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    Thanks to the site update and the staff review columns, from now on all general and specific episode discussion will go to the episode pages, where the Episode Discussion Stream now exists. Or to the review comment pages. Those should be considered the official & unofficial general episode discussion threads, and the same rules apply. All general discussion of an episode should go there. You can also reply to specific posts within the thread, generating sub-messages.

    If/when posting spoilers, please be courteous of other users. Only the most recent five posts will appear on the page, and all messages will drop lower on the page after the episode airs. Spoiler-news prior to the episode airing ("OMG - just officially announced that Jimmy falls down a flight of stairs and dies two minutes into this episode!") should go here under the news thread.

    There are apparently some limitations as far as putting separate paragraphs in the same post. But for now, that's what we've got.

    Discussion of specific topics about an episode (i.e., "What do people think of the new opening credits?") can still go in this forum. They should be and remain specific to the initial topic. If they are too broad, or veer off into broader discussion of a specific episode, they'll be locked down, possibly deleted, and folks will be referred to the existing threads.

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