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    [1]Sep 17, 2013
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    Since has created and is maintaining the Heart of the TARDIS Doctor Who community board, pretty much all episode discussion has moved there.

    I'd encourage folks to check it out, post reviews, quotes, video, polls, images, and so on there.

    Beyond what is already prohibited here, feel to use the forum for whatever discussion you like. But the majority of traffic these days on current shows is going to the communities.

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    [2]Sep 30, 2013
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    The thing is we had a vibrant community right here on the forums until they ripped the episode discussions out of it. It was the episode discussions that generated most of the topic of communication, but you could see all discussions going off in one place, and see what had changed since you last visited. Once the episode discussions moved, to find most of the conversation you had to visit each episode and made it too much work to try and follow all the active conversations, and consequently most cleared off to other sites that DID allow a quick view of where all the discussion was taking place.

    The new community seems like doing the same to non-episode discussions that the episode guide did to episode specific conversations. From a quick titles view on the forum, you now have a lot more scrolling to do to see all the conversations taking place, but you can't now see (or at least I haven't found out how) what has changed since your last visit. So unless you can remember the number of posts for each topic you have to click on each one to see if there is any new contribution to comment on.

    By all means keep the Community view and Episode discussions on the episode, but if you want regular return visits and a vibrant discussion you need a page view to help find all the changed content. All this stuff presumably lives in databases behind the pages, so it should not be difficult to create a "Hot Topics" index for each show, that listed just the topic titles, in recently updated order, and let you know if it has changed since your last visited, but from one view you could see all the Episode Discussions, Review, Posts etc all in one place. Then you might truly get a community back on the site.

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    [3]Sep 30, 2013
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    The Community pageswill kill Just this past week we lost another long time member, see Doctor Who 1963. I'm not sure how much longer I will bereturning. Itisnolonger fun and I have lost contact with some good friends that I made here. This site continue to get wrost and make all of the wrong moves and care less what its members say.

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