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scariest monster

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    [1]Nov 5, 2013
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    I know it's a classic question, but what do you think is the scariest Who monster ?

    - Daleks ? Please ! Granted, I've only seen New Who, but these guys are a joke ! Except "Dalek", I found them never really scary - the reanimated corpses in "Asylum" were spooky, but not these old dustbins. That's the thing that bugs about the "Stolen Earth" : when the enemy is revealed as the Daleks, captain Jack - CAPTAIN JACK ! - totally freaks out ! I thought it would have been more in character if he just said : "Daleks? Phew ! These guys get beaten all the time !!! Just sit back and wait until the Doctor comes and kicks their butt !"

    - The Midnight entity ? Now we're talking. But it's more a ( superbly crafted ) psychological scare than a "jump behind your sofa" scare.

    - The Angels ? Spooky, sure, but if they don't find new things to do with them, they'll get old fast.

    - The Silence ? Same thing.

    - The Beast ? That's a really scary one, but more when he's just a voice, or within Toby. The beast per se is ... slightly ridiculous. "He will rise" or "Don't turn around" on the other hand ...

    - The one that truly TERRIFIES me, to the point I can't even watch the episode again, is the Flood, from "Waters of Mars". People look normal, and then BAM ! in the blink of an eye, they turn around, and they're this ... thing ... that looks people with demented eyes and an evilgrin to put Jack o'Lantern to shame ! Truly nightmarish ...

    What are your picks ?

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    [2]Nov 7, 2013
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    The best time to judge "scary" is when you're a child, which was a long time ago for me. But I started watching Doctor Who at the tender age of 2 (clasped on my Mother's lap as she was a huge fan).

    The first story to have an impact on me was Invasion, I don't remember this, but I'm told I ran away screaming from manhole covers after watching that - So Cybermen were my first scary.

    A year after that, my Mother had finally managed to get me not being scared of manhole covers, and then she couldn't take me shopping once Spearhead from Space had the Auton shop dummies crashing through the windows (wonderfully recreated in Rose) - So Autons were my second.

    And not long after that, the Sea Devils aired, so guess who didn't like going to the beach after that.

    The key thing about what made all of those scary for kids was that you could encounter elements of "the scare" in real life, with manhole covers, shop dummies and beaches. Add a young child's over active imagination and you have something that can be quite traumatising, without being what us grown-ups might consider scary.

    So in the new series, watching the reaction it had on my young kids, I'd say the Angel's first outing really worked, especially ending with the shots of statues all around us, the clockwork men, playing on things under the bed, and the ticking of a clock meaning something is coming for you, and Vashta Narada I mean shadows are scary enough, but being turned into a skeleton if they touch you!!!

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    Knowingwhere the Cybermen come from and how they end up I would have to say them.

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