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    [1]Oct 11, 2012
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    Hello to all the Doctor fans , i m very confused what happened to the show because the directors lost the time line - mixed the episodes or they just don't care about it anymore. All the people are chatting who is gonna be the next companion or what is going to happen next , but i m more concerned if they care about the ACTUAL STORY of doctor who. The doctor is a fixer - time traveler - a healer - a person with kind heart ( 2 hearts ) and now they present him as a observer of time history - traveler just to see what is beyond. the last season was the best and they did a great job, but in this season i have mixed feelings. Anyway i have a question that is on my mind since i saw the episode angels in Manhatan,

    we saw that when amelia dies the doctor does go back to the little kid who is waiting the doctor. But in the last season we already know that he does not come back when she waits , he comes back when she is older. so the last sheen just canceled the previous season who is based that the doctor did not come back to see amelia as a kid waiting for him. so if he comes back amelia never travel with him - never have memories to what happened and never died. she had a normal life with rory.

    Anyway i want to think that is not just a mistke they made but was intentional and we will see in next episodes. so if i m wrong please correct me. i would like to hear other opinions on that matter.


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    We never see him land the Tardis and for all we know he just does a pass over so that youngAmykeeps hope that he will return for her one day. Also, when the Doctor appeared to her that night in the Big Bang, she was asleep. He tells her a story as she sleeps which sticks with her years and was what allowed him to be brought back after entering the crack. Perhaps the same would occur here. He puts her to bed and as she sleeps he tells her of all the adventures they will have. Though to her it would all be a dream, she would still have hope that he would return and they would go traveling.

    The whole reason behind Amy's request was so her younger self never loses hope and she never did no matter how much therapy she went through or how many times her parents told her she was just dreaming.This could mean a number of things which does not necessarily negate the seasons.

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