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The Doctor's Companions: Opinions and Comparisons (both past and present)

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    starfire2_2 wrote:
    Hay I never forget about 10.5. I mantan that if and when they bring BP in for an episode they also have to bring DT back to. But I love the idea of haveing River there when they bring them back. After all they have to exsplane away why she knew ten. Because I don't bye that she has pitchers of the diffrent Doctors. She might have pitchers but she was a little to fimler with Ten.

    I wouldn't doubt that she has pictures of all The Doctors, but I still think River had at least one off-screen adventure with Ten, if not more, and I timeline wise, Ibelieveit happened post-Donna, between the 2009 Specials.

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    I liked Rose the best, was fascinated with the whole Bad Wolf thing. I don't see how observing the whole time vortex did nothing to alter her and yet Jack became immortal? I hated Martha, all she did was whine about Rose, falling for the Doctor, and being pretty much useless, then all of a sudden she comes back and becomes a big shot for UNIT? Please. I liked Donna second, she was the one who didn't fall for the Doctor and could put him in his place if he got out of hand. Amy was alright, when she wasn't throwing herself over the Doctor. I thought she made a good companion for eleven.

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