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The most under appreciative actor(s) and/or actress(es)

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    Many times we as fans we project our feeling for a character on to the actor/actress. When we happen we do not always give these people their due. Some of these within the Doctor Who world from the reading I have done and interviews I have seen Billie Piper & Noel Clarke. (I also posted one for the 1963 actor/actress) I know part of it has to do with time. We tend to like the current or start forgetting the past. I know when it comes to Billie Piper I'm guilty. I so disliked the "love sick" Rose & Doctor that I forget how much we owe Ms. Billie. Not only was she the 1st companion of the return of a show that had been off the air since 16 or so years,other than 1 internet story, 1 movie &one parodie. Then after the 1st seasonthere is achange in Doctors. Yet the show is still on the air. Then there is Noel Clarke. Just take a look at Doctor Whopage. Check out the 'Cast & Crew" & the "Episode Guide" drop down boxes and see where, if, Noel Clarke is listed. Rory is praised for his standing up to and calling down the Doctor but Mickey had already stood upto the Doctor and put him in his place. Mickey, or possibly Alison, was the 1st Black companion yetthey do not get the credit. Mr. Clarke was the 1st person the play "the other person' in the life of a companion. I think that help make the2005 more of a show of its own.He also paved the way for charactors like Rory.

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