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Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 2007 on BBC America

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  • Gridlock

    Gridlock was a perfect and fantastical episode of Doctor Who. This is one of my favorite episodes and I really enjoyed watching. The story was well written with great characters and amazing special effects. It was intriguing to see The Doctor take Martha into the future, to a planet he took Rose to once, and it was great to see Martha trying to figure out more about him and to get him to open up about his past. The motorway was a great concept and I loved seeing the various cars and their passengers. The Macra were cool. It was awesome to see The Face of Bo again and what he did for New New York was amazing. The ending was sad and The Doctor hears The Face of Bo's last ominous words. It was also nice to see The Doctor talk to Martha in the end. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Marvelously absurdist satire, with dark, cautionary undertones

    Marvelously absurdist satire, with dark, cautionary undertones.

    One of the key functions of SF is to warn mankind against creating its own man-made hell.

    "Gridlock" on "New Earth," i.e., a possible future earth, provides just such a warning.

    The brief "Old Rugged Cross" scene was truly moving.
  • The Doctor takes Martha to New Earth/New New York, where she's kidnapped by a couple thinking she's from there to gain access to the fast lane, with the Doctor following after. Meanwhile the Face of Boe & Novice Ham have been waiting years for the Doctor.

    Trully a terrible episode. there's not enough running or a true enemy for the doctor to face; all there is is a trapped undercity and macra living in the exhaust fumes. Geeze. Alright i'll admit that the Doctor talking once again about the lose of his home planet of gallefry is a bit interesting along wiht a bit of discription, but come on this was a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very dry episode
  • Although a good and watch able episode, it wasn't the greatest instalment of this series. In fact it was the weakest episode ever of Doctor Who.

    An important revelation is made by the Face of Boe during this episode and starts playing out with a bang in the last few episodes of this season.
    The released Virus that everybody dies of has several weak points to the story.
    First why are the shopkeepers still there, after all these years. Didn't they die? If they survived, they must be pretty stupid not to call for help, instead of going into the traffic jammed tunnels. What have all the left over humans done? Didn't anybody think of fixing the problems that where arising, due to everybody being in the tunnels?
    The Face of Boe and the nurse could have easily called for help. If they wouldn't have had enough energy, how did the leftover humans on the outside survived. In my view, this was a filler episode with potential, but not very well thought through.
  • Terrible. There wasn't 5 minutes of that plot that made sense, the Macra, the face of Boe, the nurse, the idel threat that the doctor makes about shutting down the drugs. RTD's writing goes from bad to worse.

    Terrible. There wasn't 5 minutes of that plot that made any coherent sense, the 'different' Macra to the originals (why bother), the face of Boe, the nurse, the idle threat that the doctor makes about shutting down the 'drug' peddlers.

    Not to mention the ludicrous concept of sane people sitting in a traffic jam for 12 years, a woman who births cats and a bunch of English stereotypes in cars. It was highly weird but not in a good way.

    There have been some classic episodes in the revitalised Who, this just wasn't one of them. I cringed throughout.

    After last weeks okay Shakespeare ep, this was an unpleasant poorly plotted shock. If Dr Who keeps relying on poorly conceived Deus ex Machina plot devices and daleks, I can't see it lasting another 26 years. Or even 26 episodes.
  • a place where talking on your mobile phone at the wheel isn't considored dangerous

    Call me crazy but I loved this episode, sure there were a couple of events involving dodgey scripting but I thouroughly enjoyed this.
    Though that may have been down to the fact that I was over the moon about it being shown at all. That was the first football match I've watched since I was twelve, mainly because I find football such a dull game, here though I sat through the whole match hoping against hope that one side would score way ahead of the other. It was a stupid descision for the beeb to put the match on one then anyway, and doctor who gets just as much of the ratings as football and more so than the shows proceeding it.
    Anyway, I'm not gonna slander the beeb or football any longer.
    I thouroughly enjoyed this episode, traffic jams annoy the piss out of you, great to see some satire in there, last time I was on the M6 it felt like I was there for twenty seven years. You just get this sense of isolationism and claustrophobia when you're stuck in a car, granted this episode wasn't that scary but I liked the mood we had set for us, builds up for a great hover car chase sequence.
    Being a classic who fan I was obviously gonna get on to this, the macra. It seems weird to me that RTD would bring them back despite the fact that the beeb holds no copies of the four episodes they appeared in, at least have a copy of the original before giving us a sequal. Nevertheless, the macra are great creatures and despite the fact they were kind of a pointless returning here I liked having them around. Sorta reminded the viewer that the doctor had a life before ol' big ears came along. Glad that even though RTD wrote this episode we didn't have any rose angst from the doctor (because that was just getting boring) but we did have some angst aboot the time war and the face of boe (too bad, I liked him, a big weird freaky face thing, what's not to like?). I guessed the message would be something like that since we all know that this year is the master's big comeback, looking forward to it.
    Next weeks episode, like the idea, don't like the return of the pig people
  • An ominous warning of things to come?

    As a long-time viewer of the "Dr Who" series (having seen nearly every televised episode on PBS (a great reason to support your local PBS!!!)), this is, arguably, the fastest-paced episode I have ever seen!

    With the exception of the first and last five minutes (the former as an excuse to show the nun being sent to find the Doctor, and the latter for an unnecessary, IMHO, "bonding" between the Dr and current companion, Martha, both of which were the only reason I didn't give this episode a 9 or 9.5), the episode raced along at a pace totally opposite that of its title! From a kidnapping, to being stuck in a traffic jam that could cost drivers their lives (hence my "Summary" question), to the Dr literally leaping into action, with little need for exposition or character development (most of the characters were caricatures, so it was obvious who or what they were), and then a nearly welcome relief to be able to take a breath at the expense of the demise of the Dr's friend, who, with his last breath cryptically tells the Dr that he is not alone, this episode would have given NASCAR a run for its money!

    I'm not saying that I'd want every episode to go this way, but it certainly was a nice change of pace (no pun intended!).
  • "But that means that the only hope right now is a complete stranger. Well that's no use!"

    Martha and the Doctor visit New Earth. Martha is (benevolently) kidnapped and is subsequently trapped in the "Fast Lane" of a giant, enclosed, maze of a motorway. A lot of really interesting moments. The Doctor fights to save Martha. A planet addicted to "moods." Martha realizes she doesn't know the Doctor at all. The Face of Boe dies. Kittens. I really liked this episode. I think Martha's great, I don't even miss Rose. So good I think I might watch it again..
  • I use revealing because a few things happen tonight; the doctor realized that he did not know Martha but he cared for her, Martha realized that she put her trust in some one that she herself does not know, but she knew he would save her in the end.

    The Doctor lost a friend and I must say so did I Professor Boe/The Face of Boe, I cried when he said his last words and his last breath. Another revealing point tonight that the Doctor found out is that he is not alone, and he probably figured out what Boe meant but did not want to worry himself or Martha about it. Overall it was a very good episode I will say that this Doctor is a little more exciting than all of the other Doctor Who's I have watched. I love this show.
  • Nice continuity!

    I adore the way they keep building the relationship between Martha and the Doc. It's slow and most of all, different from him and Rose. No, am not a shipper, but I like the way they acknowledge the fact that people have huge expectations for the new situation, and that the PTB are making it easy to adjust to the new companion. Well, I think she's still new...

    The plot was decent sci-fi. I like the New Earth concept, and the idea of saving your people by putting them through hell was great. Once again, the characters in this episode are memorable. Branigan and the missus having kittens! The married grannies! Even the people they showed just for a moment were well thought; from the Howard Hughes type man to the resident Jeeves. The only people that were rather bland were the ones who kidnapped Martha. The drug aspect in the episode was well played, without the usual Big Message being nauseatingly obvious. I like the continuity in this show. It was good to see Hame again, and even though it was quite obvious that we would see the Face of Boe die, it was still heartwrenching. My only moment of horror as in 'OMG they're so totally going to ruin this!' was when the Face of Boe actually died, the music went absolutely cheesy for about two seconds. Then they did a very good version of the Face of Boe theme, and had to reach for a handkerchief. *sniff*

    So, a good story, good characters, but the episode is totally owned by David Tennant. His acting is wonderful, the sometimes annoying mannerism at minimal, and the Doctor's sadness seeps through his acting in a very subtle way. Kudos.

    First off, an episode based on a motorway????????WHAT????????? BRILLIANT, Russell T Davies must of been stuck on the M25 to many times to come up with this concept because it truly was a road to nowhere.

    Full marks though because the first time I heard about this episode a cold spark shot to the base of my spine, but then relief when I found out who the writer was.

    This was entertaining, dramatic, funny and truly out there. All the ingredients to make a classic Doctor Who episode, it didn't make me want to cower under the covers, but so what. I loved it, season 3 is back on track.
  • Very good

    I really liked this episode. Ok, so it wasn't as action packed as some episodes but it was nice. The best bits were in the quiet moment.

    The Doctor was showing off and Martha ends up kidnapped by some really nice people who want to use the fastlane in order to better their lives and that of their child. That was nice.

    And the doctor goes off to rescue her.

    The Face of Boe imparts his dying words to the doctor.

    Ok my favourite bits:
    *Ardal O'Hanlon as Brannigan. He was great. It was weird seeing him in cat makeup though. I liked the character though.
    *the singing of the hymns. I usually hate all things religious but the old rugged cross is really good.
    *the special effects. The gridlocked cars and the macra were really well done.
    *the end where the doctor is telling Martha about Gallifrey and the Time War. That was the best bit in the entire epsiode. It was so sad.

    And the Face of Boe's final words: "you are not alone." Sounds ominous. Suppose all will be revealed as the series progresses.
  • 'They say people go missing on the motorway...' (Spoilers)

    Thankfully, the football didn’t overrun and Doctor Who went on as scheduled on Saturday. Good job, too. Continuing the strong run of the series to date (OK, I know there’s only 3 episodes, but still) ‘Gridlock’ was thoroughly enjoyable. Stretching the definition of ‘one trip’, the Doctor takes Martha to New Earth and to New New York- but it’s a different place to the one he took Rose (a fact of which Martha is not impressed). Pharmacists are selling ‘moods’, there’s a traffic jam to beat them all and, to top it all, Martha gets kidnapped by a couple so they can get access to the ‘fast lane’. Unfortunately, what’s lurking in the ‘fast lane’ fumes is deadly and whilst the Doctor frantically tries to find her, a presence from the Doctor’s past is about to make themselves felt and impart a final message… An amusing, tense and oddly touching story with some fabulous graphics and strong performances.

    The relationship between Martha and the Doctor picks up a notch here, as Martha’s enthusiasm to perhaps go to Gallifrey (not yet named) is met with a coolness by the Doctor. We know that he can’t but Martha doesn’t. The descriptions of Gallifrey as given sound lovely and there is a real sense of longing put into them by David, who shows the Doctor’s rare yet devastating anguish at what has been lost here. The final scene between them- accompanied by the hymn ‘Abide With Me’- is beautiful. Of course, they are separated for the most part of the episode which is also good as we get to see the two of them working independently. Freema’s good characterisation continues here, being strong and forthright with her (slightly incompetent) kidnappers, Milo and Cheen, and coming up with a plan to save themselves from the deadly Macra. Yep, the Macra are back- not exactly a well-known villain from the old series but forty years on from their last appearance (and looking a lot better and scarier in CGI than they would have in what I can only imagine would have been papier-mâché), they still provide an air of menace as they lurk in the New New York motorway fast lane ready to attack any foolish travellers.

    As the Doctor tries frantically to save Martha, he falls in with a traveller called Brannigan (a physically unrecognizable Ardal O’Hanlon in a great bit of casting), a cat-person who travels with his human wife Valerie and their newborns-, which are kittens. Boy, I bet there were some awkward questions being asked in some households when that was shown! Best not to think of it, I reckon. Even the smaller roles- the Cassini sisters, the businessman- were cast excellently and all added their own little piece of the puzzle. Why would they be sealed off, going round and round and round? Why hasn’t the mighty city-state of New New York come to aid them? One particularly poignant bit- and I’m tearing up a bit even now as I think of it- was the Daily Contemplation where the entire motorway began to sing ‘The Old Rugged Cross’. A literally beautiful moment.

    Of course there’s more to it than that as we find out when Novice Hame, one of the Sisters of Plenitude that the Doctor encountered on his last visit (again nicely played by Anna Hope), eventually tracks him down- as the Doctor has decided to leap from car to car down the levels to find Martha (in another wonderful sequence). She has been sent by her charge to find him. The city has died due to a mood that engulfed them all and those on the motorway were saved from annihilation. Her charge is, of course, the Face of Boe. The Doctor manages to open up the motorway and get all those enclosed in the undercity out, thus saving Martha and her captors from the Macra. But it is done at great personal cost to the Face of Boe, who dies and thus passes on his secret.

    There has been speculation about what that secret would be, with most people coming up with the correct answer: ‘you are not alone’. The most obvious suggestion would be that there is another Time Lord or Time Lords in the galaxy. Could this be true? And if so, is it one that has already appeared in the series? Rumours abound at the true nature of a certain piece of casting for the final few episodes, which could be strengthened by this… but could that not be a little too obvious? We shall have to wait and see.

    Another strong episode- and next week, the Daleks return!
  • The Doctor lies.

    The third episode set in the year 5 billion: the storyline was great, the atmosphere was great, but there was something missing..
    I'm not sure. However, focusing on the positives. I liked the storyline possibly better than the previous two: it had the imagination and was carried out well. Despite being set in the same year as two previous episodes, and using some of their characters, there was no real pressure to have seen the other two, which I felt was good.
    It had just the right touch of sentimentalism and was right-on with the fear: being stuck going round and round in a dark enclosed space; never being able to get out; with alien creatures waiting for you in the dark; no-one to rescue you..
    Until the Doctor appears. On to him. I liked the darker side to him in this episode. Lying to Martha was a bad thing, although done for all the right reasons, and he realised that, and told her the truth. However there's still the fact that he lied to her in the first place. At last, he's taking her as a different person to Rose and appreciating her for who she is, a human, but an equal.
    Coming back to my first point. I don't hate Martha 'cos she's not Rose, I just felt there was something missing, and the lack of Rose was kind of poignant.
  • Good and Disappointing

    While there are some fantastic ideas here - such as the "being left alone under the city with no one above" stuff, and there is a nice guest appearance from Ardal O Hanlon, this still feels a bit disappointing. The effects are impressive, and the Macra are cool - however, they could've been any old monsters, so bringing back specifically them was a bit pointless. Having the Doctor and Martha separated for the entire story smacks of the classic series as well, the final scene kind of making up for it though. And the Face of Boe reveals his not-very-surprising secret. This is good, but this episode, and the previous two, as well as the xmas special feel poorer than a lot of what has come before in the previous two seasons.
  • Absolutelyfantastic well written and well acted episode, really revealing about the characters allowing them to bond and interact. Also nice because the Doctor SAVED people, no blowing things up.

    So the doctor goes to New New York 5 billion and 43, Martha is a bit unhappy to be taken somewhere he went with Rose. The Doctor tells us about the skies of Gallifrey. Whoopsi Martha gets kidnapped so that a car with 3 people can go in the fast lane at the bottom of all the smog. 6 years to travel 10miles. Except something lives in all those fumes, and wants to eat them!!
    The Doctor meets some cute kittens and a few lovely couples. Jumps about on some cars and gets teleported to the Face of Boe by Novice Haine.
    Yey Novice Haine, she's so sweet. Turns out the Gridlock people are the only ones left alive as 7 years previously everyone else died. So the Doctor saves the people in the downbelow.
    Martha too, and Martha makes him tell her the truth about the timewar and Gallifrey.
    I think the Doctor liked being with Martha and was looking for an excuse to not let her go. Now what reason shall he give for keeping her with him? A really fabulous episode, i enjoyed it throughly. Reccomend it as one to watch.
  • Missing On The Motorway Written by Russell T Davies Directed by Richard Clarke

    One thing we had have in this series so far is the first three episodes covering past, present and future and going back to the first season Rose Tyler got Autons in her present, Earth’s destruction in her future and the Gelth in her past while the second season had cat nun nurses in the future, a werewolf in the past and Sarah Jane in the present.

    With Martha Jones her present saw her place of work on the moon and the past gave her Carrionites along with Shakespeare. Suffice to say, not only is her one trip extended but The Doctor’s attitude towards Martha is forced to take a shift as well. As for her destination, a reverse in Rose’s pattern in Season One means it’s future time for our would be medic.

    That is the other thing about this revival – in the course of the first two seasons we’ve had trips to the year five billion and once again we’re in this time period as our opener sees a 1930’s couple simply credited as Pa and Ma stuck in intergalactic traffic, mostly fretting but quickly getting killed in the most disposable of opening scenes we’ve had. The disappointing opening scene does mean a somewhat slow pacing in the usually fast paced series, so if you’re the impatient kind, which I am prone to being, then watching this episode might be frustrating.

    The third episode into the season we’ve now gotten to the stage where Martha’s awe for The Doctor has extended to curiosity and when he isn’t blabbing on about red suns, he’s doing his best to actually avoid telling Martha that Gallifrey has been destroyed for quite some time, which only heightens Martha’s overall curiosity on her travelling partner.

    You can’t exactly blame Martha for asking the right question nor can you chastise her too hard when one of her reactions upon discovering that The Doctor took Rose to the year five billion is disdain and the obvious throwaway line about Martha being a rebound. It’s a perceptive comment as The Doctor’s treatment of Martha is more or less like she’s an afterthought at times.

    One of the oddest things about revisiting New New York is not the fact that Russell lived up his promise and finally gave us a real view of a derelict city but it’s the fact that they are shops that literally supply emotions which more or less range from happiness, anger or vengeance as far as I could make out.

    Although I’m aware of the moral implications, if I had been stuck in this place and wasn’t feeling although great about myself, a part of me might be tempted to top up on happiness even if The Doctor is quick to realise the dysfunction of this kind of merchandise, especially when Ma and Pa’s daughter suddenly forgets her despair of losing her family.

    However before The Doctor has time to do something about the emotion stock, a couple literally pop out of nowhere and grab Martha so despite a slow pacing we’ve already had a murder, mood enhancements and an abduction and suffice to say, not even The Doctor is quick enough to get Martha back so he grills a stall holder for information and then heads for the motorway.

    If there is nothing more tedious in the world, then it’s certainly being stuck in the motorway and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a driver or a passenger, being stuck behind excess traffic is a nightmare but in this place, it’s ten times even worse.

    At worst you could have to wait to a couple of minutes or even an hour but on the motorways in the year five billion, it could be up to years, which I’m sure many people have cursed about when stuck in traffic. Here, however that fear has taken literal form as three sets of cars have had era of their lives on the motorway.

    For Martha’s would be and not remotely evil captors, Milo and Cheen, they’re on the verge of becoming parents and once Martha get over her annoyance of being snatched in broad daylight, she’s quick to berate Cheen for wearing an honesty patch and she looked amazed that Cheen knew so far in advance the sex of her unborn baby.

    Cheen and Milo’s motives for snatching Martha are simple – they want to move to Brooklyn but can’t get anywhere in traffic without another person and seeing as Martha just happened to be standing there, they chose her.

    The casting for these particular characters is once again great. I didn’t think I would actually like Travis Oliver seeing as I hated Footballers Wives: Extra Time but his performance in this episode, while it may not be BAFTA winning is great no less and of course, I was seriously delighted with the casting of Sugar Rush’s Lenora Crichlow as Cheen. Her performance in this episode is exceptional in some moments and she has a great rapport with both Travis Oliver and Freema Agyeman. It helps that both Milo and Cheen are sympathetic characters but it’s even better than we have two actors who bring more to the characters than expected really.

    The Doctor meanwhile continues his search for Martha and by doing that we encounter two other significant couples, one of them being an old lesbian couple called Alice and May, whose ingenuity with other cars proves useful and helps forwards The Doctor’s search for Martha. However it’s the fact that Russell finally writes for lesbians in a truer and not with the nonsense titillation angles we got in Torchwood that is the bigger achievement.

    Another couple who are important in this is a benevolent cat man named Thomas Kincade Brannigan and his lovely human wife Valerie, who come to the early conclusion that The Doctor is both enigmatic and a tad loopy and in fairness, even I agreed with them.

    Then again you would think that too when you have random stranger in your car wanting to violate all kinds of road safety rules in order to rescue a girl that he’s spent most of his time keeping at arm’s length. Again the casting of Brannigan is excellent with Irish actor/comic Ardal O’Hanlon delivering his best TV performance since to be honest his role as hapless priest Fr Dougal in Father Ted.

    Proving that not all cats are evil, Brannigan and Valerie (when they aren’t telling The Doctor to shut it) have some cute little kitten kids but if I have to think about those two consummating, I will definitely throw up but overall it’s nice to see that every cat in this era is evil as Brannigan remains a goodie right up until the end of the episode.

    Losing patience and speeding up wonderfully, the first moment this season where the need to cry and deeply think occurred when in traffic that annoying TV presenter Sally Calypso broke out a haunting hymn and if ever there was a TV moment in which you as a viewer was made to feel that time had stopped it would be this. It’s a moment so beautiful and haunting that when Martha, Cheen and Milo all silently break into tears you are past being sucked in. It’s moments like this that are unforgettable in TV landscape and it’s a credit to Russell to even come up with it.

    Of course there are two other nagging problems – one of them being the fact that Ma and Pa met their maker on the very same motorway which only goads Cheen into mentioning the dangers of being down a certain layer and when things start to snap and Milo’s dismissive attitude is seen like a sign of danger, the only that does surprise me is the fact that no-one says “from beneath you it devours”. The thing could be anything but when The Doctor goes down enough layers he soon learns it’s his old enemies the Macra. Yes, those crab like beasties last seen in the Patrick Troughton era of the series make their 2007 debut and just like the Autons, Daleks and Cybermen, not only do they look great and threatening but it’s a little moment like that that purists and newbies can revel in together.

    Sadly though the most disappointing thing about the Macra is the lack of emphasis on them because while they are snatching people and even manage to get a hold of Martha, Cheen and Milo they get upstaged by another beastie – The Face Of Boe.

    Our favourite pickled big face in a jar managed to get reformed Novice Hame from “New Earth” to nab The Doctor against his will and soon enough the three of them are working together and managing to stop the Macra by exposing the survivors of the unsafe New Earth and those stuck in traffic by using the computer and even sacrificing Boe’s life to expose the city to the sun.

    It’s a beautiful moment further heightened by Murray Gold’s first standout score of the season but again while the defeat of sorts of the Macra and the revelations of what has happened since The Doctor’s last visit to New Earth, it’s really the fact that The Face Of Boe has finally and that means a certain secret needs revealing and seeing as the poor thing hasn’t got long to live, it’s time for that secret to come out now.

    With Novice Hame doing her best to restore New Earth and Martha somewhat catching up, The Face Of Boe imparted his secret to The Doctor and the four words we have waited to hear for nearly a year – “you are not alone”.

    I really wish I had set up a bet because like every other viewer out there I knew that The Face Of Boe was going to say and if it hadn’t been those exact words, then it would’ve alluded to the same thing. The Face Of Boe might have been the last of his kind before dying and making them extinct but The Doctor is not and I have a feeling he might know this too.

    Long since the show’s return viewers have not completely bought into the claims that The Doctor is the last of the time lords and even when he finally breaks down his guard and lets Martha in on his feelings and tells her about Gallifrey, I doubt anyone is still convinced.

    The Daleks were involved in the same time war and were allegedly wiped out, only to keep reappearing every now and then to create trouble, so the prospects of other time lords out there, including corrupt ones like The Master are high.

    Not only is this episode great for The Doctor finally letting Martha but it’s also great for Martha questioning how she was willing to leave everyone behind and journey with a man she hardly knew. One thing that isn’t clear is The Doctor accepting Martha as a full time companion. He’s been on two trips with her and he still hasn’t told her he wants her to stick around with him despite his change in attitude towards her presence in the TARDIS.

    Also in “Gridlock”

    This is the second episode this season where the opening scene hasn’t featured The Doctor and Martha. The Doctor: “How do you fancy that?”
    Martha: “No complaints from me”.

    Did anyone think that Ma and Pa look like that painting that features in the opening credits to Desperate Housewives?

    Martha: “Are they selling drugs?”
    The Doctor: “I think they’re selling moods”.

    Cheen: “I’m sorry but that’s not a real gun”
    Martha: “Yeah you would say that”.

    So they are patches for knocking people out and for honesty. Why was Cheen wearing an honesty patch anyway?

    Brannigan: “Feels like yesterday”
    Valerie: “Feels like twelve years to me”.

    Cheen (re Macras): “Something huge and hungry and if you get lost on the road, it’s waiting for you”.

    Brannigan has been on the road for 12 years, Alice/May 23 years. Milo/Cheen mentioned it taking six years to get ten miles.
    Brannigan: “This Martha, she must mean an awful lot to you”
    The Doctor: “I don’t know her; I was too busy showing off”.

    The Doctor: “The Face Of Boe”
    The Face Of Boe: “I knew you’d come”.

    Please tell me we’ll never have to wait until 7:40pm to see an episode again. At least it wasn’t put back a week.

    Cheen (re The Doctor): “He looked kind of nice”
    Martha: “He’s a bit more than that”.

    Martha (to Cheen/Milo): “You’ve got your faith, you’ve got your songs and your hymns and I’ve got The Doctor”.

    Cheen asked Martha if she and The Doctor were lovers, which sort of reminded me of Jabe asking The Doctor the same question in a funnier manner about Rose.

    The Doctor: “Don’t forget I want that coat back”
    Brannigan: “I reckon that’s a fair trade”.

    Random stuff: Every motorist/passenger was a different race or time period, Cheen was expecting a boy, Milo’s car was 465 Diamond 6 and The Doctor got his jacket from Janis Joplin?

    The Doctor (to Martha): “They’re all gone, my family, friends, even the sky”.

    Chronology: Over 24 years since “New Earth”.

    Man, this was a hard episode. Some slow pacing in the first half made “Gridlock” a bit of a grind and while The Face Of Boe’s revelation was thoroughly predictable, it still didn’t lessen the impact and at least we know that this season will be going somewhere exciting. Plus the quiet, emotional moments including that hymn got to me so there’s no way I could possibly hate this episode.
  • Finally things seem to be on the improve

    To be honest I have been disapointed with the woeful run of the episodes in Series 3 of the new Doctor Who series.
    The first two series were explosive. And It seems with Gridlock the tardis might be back in the vortex.
    It was a revealing episode where we find conclusions as well as new questions.
    Martha became a real character to me during this episode, and the cat people (who I have always disliked) seemed more 'human' for want of a better word.
    The face of Boe, whom I hope is not in his final apperance was a mighty heroic figure.
    Gridlock seemed like it was heavily influenced by Blade Runner. And it works well.
    The ending moments were marvellous where we got to see a rare side of the Dr. And it is a side I enjoy to see.
    All though this is by little means is the best that Doctor Who has to offer. It is a vast improvement on what we have seen in 2007.
  • Great episode!

    So far, the best of Series 3. Loved the imaginative undercity, along with the explanation of how it came to be. The story was well-written, well-acted, and believable within the overall plot of Doctor Who. A good rebound from last weeks contrived storyline.

    The effects were great -- the 'traffic-jam' looked authentic, and the individual life situations within each vehicle were extremely clever, and a great addition to the plot.

    My only criticism, and a minor one: I'm not familiar with the original Doctor Who story or series; but the big-giant-head character seems to be important to the overall plot. Minimal special effects were used to create the character. As pivotal as he is to the story, he deserved more that the rubbery-mask appearance given. All they had to do was the head ;) The cat-people however were another story, they looked great.

    From the scenes for next week, the enjoyment from this week will have to last. Hopefully, I'm wrong -- but the pig-people thing didn't look so good.
  • Faaaaaantastic! Possibly one of the best episodes of the new series so far! *spoilers*

    About 20 minutes into the episode, hearing that the motorway may be all there is I went mad - this is exactly why I watch this series! Symbolism, classical hipothetical situations being basic to many discussions about human condition, it's development in time and so on (ok, I'm calming down right now).

    The episodes where we see old friends/enemies are usually ones of the best - and here it is - The Face Of Boe, the cats, the New New York (ok, count in the locations).

    The Doctor really doing something, actually saving lots of people from some specific state, changing their lifes totally - just as he did the last time he was in the city.

    And... the secret. The Doctor not being alone. Can't wait 'til we get to know more about that!

  • At last A very good episode after two slighty annoying and under par eps (an the xmas special) Doctor who finally comes back to form

    The doctor decides to extend his trip with jones and takes her to the future.New earth to be precise.A few decades after his last visit.The tardis lands in the under city far beneath the shiney towers and quickly (if predictably)runs into trouble.
    Martha is kidnapped by agressive car poolers despearate to use the fast lane on the motorway.
    The motor way is a multi level nightmare of flying cars and smog.The people stuck in the worst traffic jam in the galaxy (23 years) are entirely self suffcient ,with recyclying air,food etc.
    The doctor must rescue martha and save the inhabitants of the under side .
    Oh and the face of Boe has a little word with the doctor.

    A good episode
    i actually felt sorry for the motorists
    They seemed liked believable 3 dimensional people
    (or cat people)
    I had to laugh when i saw Brannigans kids
    (mieow)ha ha
    The face of boe appears and his end was very sad
    the secret of the traffic jam is revealed and the sunshine returns to new new york
  • The Doctor and Martha are on the rebound to New Earth

    An interesting episode in several ways.

    Martha was mainly on her own throughout the episode but she still manages to pull through. Definitely one of the more able companions, which is good.

    The scene where the Doctor talks about his home planet was a great bif of acting by Tennant. He is usually always full of smiles, so this made a change and it showcared his quality as an actor and the depths of the Doctor's feelings. Excellent script writing too.

    I liked the little suprises in the episode too. The lesbian couple, the typical Brit (including bowler hat), the kittens and, of course, the Face of Boe's revelation...
  • A very good episode excellent conclusion although somewhat anticlimatic *Spoilers*

    I feel this was a very good episode.
    It is the first time the Doctor speaks openly about his home planet as well as the timewar. Which is nice for both newer viewers as well as those who watched the older episodes (or like me read about it on wiki :D)

    The fact that it was an episode about people literally going in circles made it an interesting episode to watch. As well as the unexspected turn in the episode when the doctor finds out the upper world is dead.

    I am also really warming up to Martha as well because she was on her own in this episode yet she was still able to handle herself well and know what to do, the Doctor appears to be warming up to her as well.

    The Face of Boe also makes a good reappearance and establishes himself as a hero and imparts his big secret which admitadly many people already guess but was still good to know as it may open up more plot lines for future episodes.

    My only problem with this episode is that it did feel somewhat anticlimatic. All of a sudden the Doctor is just ported away and then within a few minutes effectively saves everyone with apparent ease. Still only a minor issue, and on the whole still a very good episode.
  • Better than I expected... *SPOILERS*

    I wasn't looking forward to this episode, after the past new earth episode, but it was surprisingly good. The plot was good, the acting was good, and I didn't expect to see the macra return.

    The special effects were excellent,considering the amount that had to be used, what with the 'cars' and the macra. The sad ending to the episode nearly brought a tear to my eye, well, not really, but you know... There was more action than in previous 'far future' episodes, and it didn't just focus on developing and introducing new characters, like "new earth" and "the end of the world" did. On a final point, Ardal O Hanlon, AKA Father Dougal, had me chuckling away whenever he was on the screen. He just has a certain charm, and he can bring any character to life.

    Series 3 just keeps getting better.
  • The Doctor gives martha one more trip and lies about the death of his people when martha wants to go to his homeworld but he returns to new earth. There its a hellhole were martha gets kidnapped and the doctor follows her through the gridlock car by car

    For some reason I really liked this episode but i cant see why. It was good but not the best but i really enjoyed the story. Im starting to like martha , their not trying to replace rose and thats good

    The idea of the story is really good and it reminded me of the old doctor who series. David Tennant is really turing out to be one of the best doctors of all, my fav being Joh Pertwee.

    Are they trying to send out good messages for the kids in this episode, anti drugs and gay awareness

    The story was interesting but im still not beliving the relationship between martha and the doctor yet. It didnt work the same when the doctor was giddy and showing off but at the end that was the whole point i guess. It was a good move for martha to be kidnapped at the start so we could see her work on her own and she was she is like. I didnt belive the scream of marthas name by the doctor, it sounded forced. When it was all worked out it seemed to easily done. The best moments were marthas in this episode, her character is well written and she is a good actress.

    I expected more of the face of boe, I already knew about what he was going to say cos it was in the pappers weeks ago. The doctor didnt seem to belive him at all and its nice to have some continuity. The effects just keep getting better in doctor who, if only theses were around for the old series. The cheap sets worked for the older episodes which are the best but when it got to the 80's more effort should have been put in

    It was better than the last episode and had a nice feeling to it. It didnt need that much action to keep you interested which makes a good story. Saying that their was still plenty of action, the scences with the doctor climbing car by car were very good and the at the end when the doctor lets martha in and it fades out with him telling her all about his people, thats the only moment were I feel she can take over for rose , not replace. This episode leaves you wanting more and thats a sign of a good episode
  • (contains spoilers) The new series continues a good run...

    Although I felt that the Shakespeare Code was superior to this, I still don't really have any complaints! Imaginative as always, with some really amazing lines and dialogue as we have come to expect.

    I was also very pleased with the guest stars, who took on their roles fantastically. However, my only slight problems are the way that the writers seem to be pushing the relationship with Martha and The Doctor, which I feel is premature and I'm not happy with. Also, it looks as though the next two episodes are also set in New York, which I feel may get a little boring, but we'll see.

    Overall, good episode.
  • Cop Out.

    So much for the Face of Boe's big secret. All that build up and we get told something any fan of the original series already knows.

    The Doctor is not alone.

    But anyway, the rest of the episode.

    It seems odd, with access to the outside world completely cut off no-one has realized this sooner, but were content to go round and round crawling along for years on end. The moments of humor, such as the cat man, human woman and the adorable kittens, so sweet were well placed showing the evolution of life whilst the endless motorway track showed the considerable absurdity of people who live their life in a car and heck, to an extent the always on the move mentality of modern life. Nice, but still not really warming up to Martha.
  • No Complaints from Me

    Well, then, they can't be all '10's now can they? One of things I enjoy about the latest incarnation of the Doctor Who franchise is that they're not afraid to use what some might consider a fairly simple story-line. In this case, people appear to be stuck, endlessly on the motorways. Why were the trapped? Why didn't they know it? And what was making that snapping noise? A clever bit of plot resolution, supplied by our old buddy the Face of Boe, and New New York back on the road to recovery.

    "Martha" now understands this (pardon the pun) road-trip isn't a cakewalk and doesn't seem overly frightened by the prospect. (Darn it all, Freema's a good actress.)

    Is "The Doctor" ready to move on after Rose? Who was Boe talking about? And, the reason I took my rating down a peg, why was there neither resolution nor continuation with the Macra?

    All in all, though, the episode was good fun - and it was nice to hear Ardal O'Hanlon, even he was behind a cat mask!
  • We meet the face of Boe and an interesting setting where it takes 12 years to travel 5 miles.

    A pretty average episode it had potential but lacked the killer punch of excitement.

    The idea of the motorway and how it took 12 years to travel 5 miles was genius but it could of been explored more and the conclusion lacked excitement and atmosphere.

    I've no idea what those things were at the bottom but their involvment came across as unecessary.Really what was the point apart from to kill a few people and leave Marrtha in danger.

    The face of Boe was an interesting twist and the patches were somewhat of a reality implying their symbolic value of drugs and how you can buy just about anything for any mood but in the end you'll just end up dead.

    A fairly decent episode with some progressing interaction between Martha and The doctor but why is he not alone..?
  • Brimming over with good ideas that lossed something in the telling

    I really don't know what to make of this episode. it wasn't bad as such but i think that it was one of the weaker episodes.

    I think that there was too much just sitting in cars talking. The Doctor should have acted quicker.

    I did like the effects they were all top notch. Tennant gives another excellent performance with the OTT toned down 2 weeks on the trot.

    I really like the idea of people being born and lving there whole lives out in cars on a road to nowhere.

    As for the death and last words of the Face of Boe, meh: saw it coming, saw it coming last season before the national headlines about the return of the Master at the end of the season.

    However my favourite and yet least favourite part of the story wa the return of the Macra. I was truly shocked at this. i try to avoid most spoilers so i don't know if i was the only person who didn't know i was shocked.

    I'd like to see more of this idea. Bring back the lesser known monster of the past, ones that aren't bogged down in their own continuity e.g Vervoids, Zygons. Enemies that new viewers won't be confused by yet long time fans can go 'oohh wow' like i did tonight.

    However..they bring the Macra back and proceed to do...not very much with them, they snap their pincers a bit and thats about it. i got no sense of danger or peril from them. Bit of a waste really.
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