Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2013 on BBC America

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  • Awesome but Not the Ghost Story I Was Expecting

    Okay, for coolness, acting, and directing, this episode gets a nine, but for actual writing, i'd give it a six. I finally decided to give it a nine because that's how much I liked it, but the writers of Doctor Who just have to face the fact that Neil Cross is just not that great a writer. I'm sure the story sounded like a great idea, which it was acting wise and directing wise, but similar to The Rings of Akhaten, there are so many unanswered questions. For example, why exactly did the hole appear to be a wormhole? Actually, everything that is related to that circle appearing all over the place doesn't make any sense, and I still don't understand why the ghost is called the witch of the well. Neil Cross always has enough room to explain these, but he doesn't because he's constantly creating pointless subplots that are unneeded in the story. For The Rings of Akhaten, it was the Vigil, but for this episode it was the Crooked Man. The only reason Neil Cross created the Crooked Man was because he wanted something to chase the Doctor and Hila through the woods. Also, all of us were expecting a scary ghost story, but it wasn't. It turns out there was no ghost and Hila was just trapped in a parallel universe. That could have been an episode for another time, but I was really looking forward to a ghost story that never happened. As for everything else, it was fantastic. All the actors were great, along with Matt and Jenna, and the directing was great, but the writing could have been much better.
  • Toggle

    That was genuinely terrifying for a few blinks, and then it fell a bit apart. Leaves us with a lot of things to think about, though. Why was Clara channeling the monster? How will the shard of ice in the Doctor's heart manifest next? How did Clara persuade the TARDIS to let her in when she did absolutely nothing but rattle the doors? This was a decent episode, and in that fright vein we don't get to see too often. It was fun and connected to the plot in that the Doctor was looking for answers regarding his companion, but it was very disconnected.
  • Spooky

    Love Dougray Scott. Love ghost stories and parallel realities. Excellent story!

    So glad to see a return to form after the disappointing start to the season.
  • That's better...

    This episode is definitely a marked improvement over the previous three. It had a good monster and some great moments, particularly the wonderfully tetchy exchange between Clara and our favorite blue box. But something has been missing so far in this season. I cannot really fault the new companion Clara at all, as the actress who plays her has brought zest and freshness to the role. And Smith remains as good as ever with some great wit on display in this episode. So characterization and dialogue are not the problem. Instead I feel that the flatness I am experiencing (and my wife feels the same) is down to the relentless 'done in one' approach that Steven Moffat has adopted this season. It gives everything a rushed feel and I am finding that the 'resolution in 45 minutes' has become somewhat repetitious and not conducive to dramatic tension. We need two-part stories to mix up the pace, stave off the air of predictability, and also give us some exciting cliffhangers which have been a staple and hallmark of Doctor Who since 1963. Season 8 needs to get back to basics.
  • hide was simply amazing and put the doctor in some proper danger

    brilliant! this was amazing
  • A haunted house and a Doctor!

    This was a reasonable episode of Doctor Who integrating a ghost story. The haunted house background was nice as I've always liked haunted house stories. It was interesting seeing the equipment being used to detect the ghost. The story line with the Emma who could empathize with things and therefor the "ghost' was nice as well along with her love for her Alec. The Doctor and Clara of course end up discovering that it is not actually a ghost but a woman from another dimension who is trying to escape a creature. The Doctor thinks of a way to rescue her and in the process also finds out the creature is not really a monster at all. Finally we have the Doctor helping a bit to further the relationship between Emma and Alec. I liked this episode but for some reason found it a bit disjointed. I'm not sure yet how I'm feeling about Clara as the new companion. She just doesn't seem to fit in as well as Amy but it may simply be we need some more time to let her find her proper place. And I haven't yet found what I would call an outstanding episode since the second half of the season started. I'm not disappointed but hoping for better future episodes.
  • Haunted men

    A return to form! Hurrah!! Great story with some patches of brilliance. Yes, patches- much longer than moments! I say this having been distinctly underwhelmed with the second half of season 7 thus far. I felt the stories weren't executed with their usual panache, energy or style. And also I didn't feel as emotionally invested in the Doctor and Clara as I thought I would be- having loved "her" introduction at the start of season 7 and in the Xmas episode. But back to this episode: a ghost story with my favorite elements of the DW: cool monster, random time travelling, some timey wimey mumbo jumbo science stuff, a poignant moment with the Doctor, plot twists and a dollop of humour. Lovely jubbly!
  • The Hidden Enemy

    To begin with, I love horror stories, especially those that take place within the walls of a haunted house where thunder strikes and spooky apparitions lurk. It can be something eerie and poignant and Hide certainly gives that feeling, however the humour and love destroys that tense feeling of awareness. But in many aspects, especially in terms of directive work, this was a masterpiece that deserved credit.

    For instance, special effects were impressive, camera work was controlled an utterly terrifying and sounds and light work did not fail to please. All inall, this story accomplished its main goals, but also it failed to reach others. Similarly, with Neil Cross' other episode, it was a little to "have this" and then "oh never mind". You are given something to think about, but then it the tenseness and feeling of anxiety is chucked away by one comment by either the Doctor or another character.

    The story didn't flow either. While sometimes earning itself an exciting moment, it didn't quite summon an aura of sprit and the Doctor was left out because there was concentration on Alec and Emma's relationship. Also, Neil Cross can be repetitive, Clara locked out of the TARDIS, the difference between being grounded on Earth and quickly whisking away to a far-off planet, or in this case, the far past. The main plot was cobbled together, almost as if Cross has thought of one main plot and then brought others as extra bits of meat to stick to the edges, it was very bumpy and wasn't very smooth in tempo.

    However, I must commend the monster (the Hex, the Crooked Man), because it was truly terrifying and the switching from Caliburn House to the forest was most impressive and gratifying. All in all, not bad, but it definitely needed a bit more work by the script editor to ensure that it wasn't to sharp on the edges.

    . Matt Smith can't say Metebilis III correctly.