Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 8

Human Nature (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 26, 2007 on BBC America

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  • Before I begin and upset everyone, I want to make it clear: I am a BIG Doctor Who fan and have been since the 70’s. David Tennant is fast becoming my favourite Doctor of all time.

    This episode disappointed and frankly frustrated me. I have never taken to any episode of any series where the plot includes the use of something that has apparently always been available, but never mentioned or considered in the past. I am of course talking about the “humanizer”. It reminded me of the Charmed episode when Prue used a truth spell. A spell she had never used in the past and is never used (to me recall) again.

    However, I can forgive the use of the humanizer. Let’s turn to the reason behind his decision to become human. He and Martha were fleeing from a group of aliens who the Doctor said, “…won’t stop”. It was soon revealed that “The Family” had a remaining life span of only three months; I think they would have stopped quite soon. So did he really need to become human? I think not. I am starting to like the Martha character, although her infatuation with the Doctor is becoming annoying. I really did not like the racism, albeit brief. I know it was realistic of the era, but the episode just did not need it.

    The episode ended on an excellent cliffhanger, leaving us hoping that the next episode will deliver a suitable ending.