Doctor Who

Season 3 Episode 8

Human Nature (1)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 26, 2007 on BBC America

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  • 1913 England. The Doctor is human. Martha is a maid. And they're in hiding.

    To escape the Family, The Doctor becomes human as they can smell him as a Time Lord. He goes into hiding as John Smith, the headmaster. And Martha is a maid at the school, raising eyebrows as she is sometimes overly attentive to this normal Mr. Smith. But when the family comes, things change. The Doctor has left specific instructions for Martha regarding his time as a human (however, he has not told her the things she most wants and needs to know, specifically what to do when John Smith falls in love with a human that isn't her). The last instruction (#23) in the even that she absolutely has no other option she must open his pocket watch which contains The Doctor. And then the Family arrives and begins to take over human bodies in their search for the doctor. However, before Martha realizes that the Doctor is in danger, a young pupil at the school, who is overly receptive, opens the pocket watch and then steals it. Next ensues the Family's sniffing out of the Doctor and the young student experiences the Doctor's long life. When Martha realizes that the Family has come she tries to inform the Doctor, but Mr. Smith is none too receptive about her stories of aliens coming ('cultural differences"). And when she realizes that the watch is missing she returns to the TARDIS to retrieve the Doctor's screwdriver to help him remember who he is. At the local dance, Martha tries desperately to jog the Doctor's memory. But before she can succeed the family is on to them and crashes the party. They now know that Mr. Smith is the Doctor in human form, however they can not make him believe so. They then capture and threaten the lives of Martha and the Matron Redfern (played by the fabulous Jessica Hynes) to force the Doctor's hand. This was by far the best episode of this season and the entire series for me. However, since I love Martha and am not bothered by her puppy dog crush on the Doctor (oh if only he could feel the same) I found it hard to watch his virtual disinterest in her. However, I love his instruction # 4 ("You. Don't let me abandon you."). Anyway, great episode, written and acted superbly (except for the son of the Family, he was just strange). Can't wait for this episodes continuation "The Family of Blood" in 2 WEEKS (whaaaat)!

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