Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 10

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2013 on BBC America
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The TARDIS is on a countdown to disaster when it crashes, and the Doctor has 30 minutes to find Clara and stop an explosion that will destroy his ship.

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  • Hell yes

    I LOVED this episode. the story line was decent and the execution was all very up to par ... What i loved most about this was all the things it showed inside the TARDIS, the Eye of Harmony and the library and the Biological metal self build circuits. I am a huge fan of the Lore of any show, book, or movie. this episode was unquestioningly a 10 for me.
  • Secrets of the Tardis

    This was another soild entry, it's one of those concepts I've been waiting for which is the exploration of the Tadis and it didn't disappoint. The Tardis is literally a world of it's own, every room can just have anything. Two of the rooms I really liked was one was a small one which had mementos from Seasons 5 and 6, one was Riversong's crib but the other was a toy Tardis from Amy. I'll admit seeing that toy Tardis made me miss Amy and Rory, though I wonder if this is hinting that both will return at some point after all there was that other book Amy written, where did she get the idea to write it. I don't know we'll have to just wait and see.

    Another was a library, and we see Clara look at a book of the time lord history and she discovers the name of Doctor Who. It made me wonder if we've already heard his name, I'm thinking it could be John Smith; after all he does use that name as an alias a lot and it was on a key he turned. But it mainly brings up this question, why would the doctor not reveal or even say his real name. My theory is that he could of been one of the major historical figures in Earth's history. I don't know like I said we'll just have to wait but I get the feeling his name will be a key into something big somehow.

    The suspense sequences were decent, I liked the designs of the heat creatures they looked like they could be creatures for the "Silent Hill" video games due to how distorted, dark, and creepy they are. And the back and forth between both the Doctor and Clara is good as usual. I liked this one scene which was slightly intense and with some emotion where the Doctor is puzzling over who Clara is and asks in a slight aggressive manner toward her. I felt it showed an example how the darkside of the Doctor is starting to show signs of surficing but also once again brings up the revolving mystery. The thing is what do we really know about Clara, so far I feel I'm only seeing the surface of a sports car but I have no idea what engine it's powered by, and that's Clara. After all the Tardis isn't getting along with her, is it because Clara is discovering too many secrets she shouldn't know about, Clara is getting mysteriously familiar with the Tardis's functions. I don't have the answer at this time.

    But a few things really hold this episode back for me. I don't feel they went far enough with the concept, it's just I would of loved to of seen more rooms which would of given more depth on both the Tardis and the Doctor. Like a video arcade in space or a museum which is full of the Doctor's past adventures thouout the years, heck a portrait of his mom and dad (if he ever had any) I don't know but my point is so much more could of been done. I didn't care about the space junk yard brothers they were filler characters by their nature and useless. Plus the resolution was a bit of a cheat.

    Overall a soild episode depite not blowing me away as a I wanted it too, it had more questions than answers. Yes, secrets do keep us safe for a while but they always find a way out and there's no hiding from the truth.moreless
  • Epic Who

    Yeh brilliant episode, best of the Clara season so far.. But did any1 notice in the very final shot, there was what looked like a duster fall down from above onto the Tardis console!?
  • another fantastic episode to series 7 part 2

    every episode in this 2nd half has been awesome. I don't care what anyone says. the rings of akheten was brilliant. but this is even better. there was humour. there was danger, there was suspense and some brilliant looking rooms in the tardis. as long as next week is a good episode, then we're guaranteed that every episode this year is awesome. gaiman and moffat won't let us down, I'm sure. so overall I loved this episodemoreless
  • Brilliant!

    Best episode of this season so far.
Ashley Walters

Ashley Walters

Gregor Van Baalen

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Mark Oliver (I)

Mark Oliver (I)

Bram Van Baalen

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Jahvel Hall

Jahvel Hall

Tricky Van Baalen

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Clara: You're not getting me to talk to your ship. It's probably bonkers.
      The Doctor: It's okay, it's okay...
      Clara: Arrgh, you're like one of those guys who can't go out with a girl unless his mother approves.
      The Doctor: It's important to me you get along. I could leave you two alone together.
      Clara: Now you're creeping me out.

    • Bram: How big is this baby?
      The Doctor: Picture the biggest ship you've ever seen. Are you picturing it?
      Bram: Yeah.
      The Doctor: Good. Now forget it. Because this ship is infinite.

    • The Doctor: Don't get into a spaceship with a madman. Didn't anybody ever teach you that?

    • Clara: Why do you have zombie creatures? Good guys do not have zombie creatures! Rule one of storytelling.

    • Gregor: All right, all right, look. A deal's a deal, you got the girl back. Now cancel the self-destruct.
      The Doctor: Ah. Ah. Ha. You know, I've got to tell you, I won't be needing you in my quiz team.
      Gregor: What?
      The Doctor: There is no self-destruct! Hey? Hey? Hey? Had you going there, boys, didn't I? I just wiggled a few buttons, yeah. The old "wiggly button" trick. And the face, you've got to do the face. "Save her or we all die." I thought I rushed it a bit, but...
      Tricky: So you're telling us we're safe?
      The Doctor: Ish. Apart from the monsters and the TARDIS reinventing the architecture every five minutes.

    • The Doctor: Right. You lot wait here. I'll check and see if it's safe. We can only survive for a minute or two in there.
      Clara: Umm, what happens if we stay longer?
      The Doctor: Our cells would liquify and our skin will start to burn.
      Clara: I always feel so good after we've spoken.
      The Doctor: Marvelous. Keep this door shut.
      Clara: That will not be a problem.

    • The Doctor: I need to know if you feel safe. I need to know you're not afraid.
      Clara: Of?
      The Doctor: The future. Running away with a spaceman in a box. Anything could happen to you.
      Clara: That's what I'm counting on. Push the button.

  • NOTES (2)

    • When Bram opens the TARDIS console, the sound crew uses clips from a variety of episodes:
      - Susan Foreman saying she made up the name TARDIS, from "An Unearthly Child"
      - The Third Doctor telling Jo that the TARDIS is dimensionally transcendental, from "The Colony in Space"
      - The Fourth Doctor saying transdimensional engineering is a key Time Lord discovery, from "The Robots of Death."
      - The Eleventh Doctor calling the TARDIS "You sexy thing," and Idis asking if that's her name, from "The Doctor's Wife"
      - Amy saying "We're in space!" from "The Beast Below"
      - The Ninth Doctor saying that Genghis Khan's hordes couldn't break into the TARDIS, from "Rose"
      - The Fifth Doctor complaining to the Tenth Doctor about his changing the desktop theme, from "Time Crash"
      - Martha Jones commenting on how the TARDIS appears to be made from wood, from "Smith and Jones"
      - Ian Chesterton commenting on a police box in a junkyard, from "An Unearthly Child"

    • International Airdates:
      UK: April 27, 2013 on BBC1
      Australia: April 28, 2013 on ABC1


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