Doctor Who

Season 4 Episode 13

Journey's End (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2008 on BBC America

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  • Season finale with all companions in and a farewell to the best one....

    Following on from the previous episode, all companions are on board the Tardis at the end despite Dalek Khan's warning that the most important companion will die. Before they flee, the Dr powers his regeneration into the spare hand, and Donna is almost killed when the Tardis descends into the lava pits of the ship, and the Dr regenerates from the hand, and it is revealed Donna is part time lord. Defeating the Daleks, they take the Earth back to it's rightful place in the Universe. Once back, Jack and Sarah Jayne leave the Tardis one by one to commence with their lives, Mickey joins them having deciding he is needed back in the real world. Rose and Jackie and the duplicate Dr, end up back in Norway in their own world, and as Donna plans her future, it comes clear that it is not meant to be as she malfunctions, and has to go home, albeit reluctantly.