Doctor Who

Season 4 Episode 13

Journey's End (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2008 on BBC America

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  • Deus ex Machina Rules in Epic Doctor Who Finale

    At the risk of garnering thumbs down from obsessive Who fans here who can't accept the reality of good stories and bad ones where Doctor Who is concerned, I will say this episode had lots of potential that ultimately fizzled out as everything was wrapped up in a matter of moments much like the last 3 season finales.

    Journey's End is very much a retread of all of Russel T Davies season finales. in the first season, you had a huge armada of twisted Dalek ready to destroy a futuristic Earth only to be stopped with a wave of the hand of inexplicably omnipotent Rose (the Tardis makes you a god?).

    In Season Two you had thousands of Cybermen and Daleks swarming over London and possibly the Earth only to be all sucked away into the Void including the newly made cybermen who wouldn't have had those void particles that would caused them to be sucked away.

    In Season Three you had thousands if not millions of deadly spinning globes dominating the Earth. An aged Doctor rejuvinates by somehow patching into the psychic network of Earth so when everyone thinks of him, he becomes "magically" younger and powerful then he basically hits the reset button so almost none of it ever happened.

    Now in Season Four you had guest stars galore up against a dalek armada out to destroy creation itself. Another doctor is created out of his hand and Donna gets Doctor like intelligence and they wind up taking out the whole armada in a matter of minutes by twisting a bunch of knobs and stuff on a device left in Davros' room.

    Sensing a pattern? While on one hand, it's just a show and one should just enjoy it for the acting, special effects and character interaction but on the other hand that is no excuse for sloppy writing. RTD is great at the emotional moments and character development but he keeps building up epic stories particularly in the season finales and giving ludicrously resolved endings that rely on wizardy and deus ex machina rather than science or cleverness.

    Now I enjoyed the episode for its overall splendor and seeing the characters together but I wish there had been a more satisfying resolution to the crisis.