Doctor Who

Season 4 Episode 13

Journey's End (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jul 05, 2008 on BBC America

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  • Journey's End

    Journey's End was an amazingly awesome episode of Doctor Who! I really enjoyed watching as all The Doctor's companions tried to help save the universe. The story was well written and full of drama, intrigue and suspense. I loved the space scenes and special effects along with The Daleks and Davros. There were a few emotional scenes which were very touching. Donna Noble discovers she is more important than she could know. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Deus ex Machina Rules in Epic Doctor Who Finale

    At the risk of garnering thumbs down from obsessive Who fans here who can't accept the reality of good stories and bad ones where Doctor Who is concerned, I will say this episode had lots of potential that ultimately fizzled out as everything was wrapped up in a matter of moments much like the last 3 season finales.

    Journey's End is very much a retread of all of Russel T Davies season finales. in the first season, you had a huge armada of twisted Dalek ready to destroy a futuristic Earth only to be stopped with a wave of the hand of inexplicably omnipotent Rose (the Tardis makes you a god?).

    In Season Two you had thousands of Cybermen and Daleks swarming over London and possibly the Earth only to be all sucked away into the Void including the newly made cybermen who wouldn't have had those void particles that would caused them to be sucked away.

    In Season Three you had thousands if not millions of deadly spinning globes dominating the Earth. An aged Doctor rejuvinates by somehow patching into the psychic network of Earth so when everyone thinks of him, he becomes "magically" younger and powerful then he basically hits the reset button so almost none of it ever happened.

    Now in Season Four you had guest stars galore up against a dalek armada out to destroy creation itself. Another doctor is created out of his hand and Donna gets Doctor like intelligence and they wind up taking out the whole armada in a matter of minutes by twisting a bunch of knobs and stuff on a device left in Davros' room.

    Sensing a pattern? While on one hand, it's just a show and one should just enjoy it for the acting, special effects and character interaction but on the other hand that is no excuse for sloppy writing. RTD is great at the emotional moments and character development but he keeps building up epic stories particularly in the season finales and giving ludicrously resolved endings that rely on wizardy and deus ex machina rather than science or cleverness.

    Now I enjoyed the episode for its overall splendor and seeing the characters together but I wish there had been a more satisfying resolution to the crisis.
  • Season finale with all companions in and a farewell to the best one....

    Following on from the previous episode, all companions are on board the Tardis at the end despite Dalek Khan's warning that the most important companion will die. Before they flee, the Dr powers his regeneration into the spare hand, and Donna is almost killed when the Tardis descends into the lava pits of the ship, and the Dr regenerates from the hand, and it is revealed Donna is part time lord. Defeating the Daleks, they take the Earth back to it's rightful place in the Universe. Once back, Jack and Sarah Jayne leave the Tardis one by one to commence with their lives, Mickey joins them having deciding he is needed back in the real world. Rose and Jackie and the duplicate Dr, end up back in Norway in their own world, and as Donna plans her future, it comes clear that it is not meant to be as she malfunctions, and has to go home, albeit reluctantly.
  • All companions in the 2005 series come back to save the universe. When every one including the Doctor is helpless only one can save them, the great and unique: Donna Noble. The whole of creation would have disintegrated if not for the Doctor and Donna.

    I don't like the way they got rid of Donna. It was great for storyline, but I'm glad she was the one who was part time lord and got to show her unique brilliance one last time. I'm also happy everyone was friends with her, and Rose wasn't jealous or mean to her. She was unique in this series in that she was the Doctor's best friend. I also can't believe Tennant's leaving Doctor Who soon. They could bring him back though, with that other Doctor in the alternate reality with Rose. The writers left some room for ways to bring all the recent companions back into future episodes, if you think really hard and look for any way possible.
  • Sadly disappointing

    After having been thrilled by the previous episode, I had high hopes that this one would NOT - like the previous couple of WHO season finales - turn into a string of cop-outs and frantic, muddled plotting. My hopes were dashed. The truth seems to be that Russell T Davies simply cannot write endings. At the very beginning of the episode, what happens to the Doctor (carried over from the previous episode's conclusion) is such a terrible anticlimax that every viewer must have felt cheated. Unfortunately, things didn't improve from there. The emotional tone of the previous episode was completely lost in a series of frantic run-arounds and damp squibs. It's almost as if RTD thinks that action is the only thing that matters, and that a plot doesn't need logic because "it's for kids". Once again - and I don't think this is too much of a spoiler - we have a deus ex machina in an ending where all the destruction that's gone before is magically reversed. As Robert Holmes - the greatest of the writers of the "old" Doctor Who - liked to point out, in a series like this, plot is everything. It's very disappointing to see the series producer repeating some of the mistakes of the 80s show: one major reason for its decline was that viewers couldn't follow the plot of half of the Sylvester McCoy stories.

    I don't want to be too harsh on RTD, as he deserves credit for reviving the show, but I'm glad to see that Steven Moffat is taking over. Here's a writer who really can construct plots and leaves the viewer entertained even at the end of his stories. I'm confident that storylines will improve in 2010.
  • This episode derives too much from Star Wars: Return and the Jedi. The Doctor (Luke Skywalker) destroys Dalek Central (the death star), Davros (the emperor) was betrayed by that thing (Darth Vader)...

    and "everyone jumping around looking at fireworks in the sky" has parallels to the celebration by the Ewoks and everyone else in Star Wars.

    Aside from that, too many characters made the episode hard to follow. We could have done without Captain Jack, Martha Jones (and her mother), Rose's mother, Sarah Jane (and son), and the token black guy. There wasn't one clearly defined theme. The whole episode was a jumbled mess, shifting from one special effect to the other. But the most disappointing part of the episode was that no one died, as stated would happen, and we were left we a lackluster ending. Where was the big cliff-hanger? It shocks me that others describe this episode as "well-written". I for one could not believe how awful it actually was.
  • Don't u think that now The Doctor stars a whole new chapter in his existence?... Oh, what an end to that journey (if u know what I mean)

    I hava to say that I enjoyed every single bit of this episode. RTD (great applause)! I think he ended "his" Doctor Who with a might!

    U know there are moments in this episode when u just have to stop thinking about what's happening, stop thinking about the plot and the explanation of everything... u just have to feel it... then everything seams perfect and on place.

    When I look at it overall this episode is meant to be "all" - the Doctor, all his companions, the Daleks, saving the world, interesting plot twists and especially very, very emotional bits. It stood to my expectations when it came to that moving part.

    I started to cry like baby :):D during the BAd Wolf bay scene. I couldn't hold myself really. It was so beautiful and yet so sad. That love story had a "happy" ending after all but the Doctor wasn't part of it... not really, hah?

    Poor Donna she was brilliant, but maybe that is the worst thing ever happened to a Doctor companion... to loose all her memories of sth worth "breaking ur heart for" worth every single breath u take. We all knew sth like this was going to happen and when it actually happens it is feels like u never expected it...this is what I felt.

    Personally, I thought the final scene was the strongest of all although it wasn't supposed to be but yet it just wants u to embrace with ur already moved to tears hear the message: "That is me again, this is Tardis again, I can't pretend no to feeling this sorrow, I can't pretend everything never was and yet here am I... their journeys have come to an end but mine is still on and despite everything I'll never stop moving on...." And this is the beginning of a new page, new chapter in the adventure.
  • Goodbye Donna Noble. Catherine Tate Is Purely Outstanding.

    This was one of the worst endings of a Doctor Who series. Don't get me wrong, the story was brilliant, and well-written, the performances were outstanding, everything was spectacular. Yet we were forced to say goodbye to the outstanding Donna Noble. After only one fourteen episodes on our screen, Donna had quickly become a true favourite. Her status as a character reaching the same level as the Doctor himself.

    The episode was amazing, yet the last ten minutes of this episode outshone all 4 seasons of Doctor Who put together. Catherine Tate, if she had to go, she'd go in perfection. Amazing acting, which when she originally started the show I was not sure if she could pull it off, yet over these 13 episodes she has risen to greatness. And now she leaves, with a tear-inducing performance, as she goes back to her meaningless life. Not only do we have to lose her, yet we are told she cannot return without dying. Allthough I cannot see any other way Donna would leave the TARDIS. But still, she is forever gone.

    Her departure makes the idea of Tennant leaving at the end of this year slightly better. I cannot imagine David Tennant with anyone other than Donna. Allthough I hope there is at least one re-appearance of Donna Noble before Matt Smith takes over.

    My dream: David's Doctor manages to reunite with Donna, and leaves her with her memories at least, before he becomes Matt Smith (Who I really am on the fence about so far)

    All in all, despite having so many of the Doctor's friends arriving, the finale truly belonged to Donna Noble. We will miss you dearly.
  • Best ever!

    The most wonderful Episode of Doctor Who ever! I love it! It was very, very, very sad when they had to see Donna go. She was the best companion ever! I am sure everyone would agree that it was the saddest part in the whole of the show. It's such sad seeing such a great companion go. But when she took the Doctor's mind into her own head it was very funny. Her accent as well! Three Doctors!! I think this is the best of the best series finale in the whole history of the show. Watch it and you will be amazed!
  • Not a bad episode the daleks master plan is revealed but

    Okay so lets review the good
    davros over the top performance
    the revolation of his grand plan
    and his status amoung the darleks
    davros remember sarah jane from the genesis of the daleks episode from way back in the tom baker era
    donna amusing turn as the doctor/donna
    the death of the daleks
    donnas final fate heart breaking
    her off handed goodbye to the strange man standing in her kitchen

    The bad ever heard the phrase too many cooks
    all these guest actors vying for screen time
    and none of them getting the time they deserve especailly rose
    the darleks loosing control of ther bodies and the episode desends into "striclty come dalek".
    The oh so convient and never fully explained
    descision of the doctor to dump rose and new doc back into petes world
    he says its to help the new doc just as she helped him
    okay sounds good but why is she being forced to do this in another universe??

    The ulitmate cheese fest of the tardis being flown by six companions all smiling like loons.

    A good episode with some fatal flaws of doom
  • Neat, but inconcrete.

    I'm not going to spoil, especially for the American viewers, by being specific, but the plot in this episode takes very grand liberties with any sensible logic. Numerous annoying cop-outs are taken and the story is shoehorned into a handy direction, but one that any discerning viewer will simply not be able to go along with. Fantasy has to obey it's own rules.

    The pace runs up and down from completely dead to rushed and difficult to comprehend, corresponding to whether the scene is supposed to be affecting or surprising. The direction is occasionally spatially very messy, and along with a bunch of messy ideas, means the brain is always trying to catch up for all of the wrong reasons. The plot follows roughly seven different strands, none of which are linked particularly well. This is done to involve a large number of recognizable characters, but they are hardly put to any use, there's no exploration, just a beginning and an end.

    Also, the emotional core of the story does not carry out - if being violent is bad why is it necessary for success in the story? So promising, so underwhelming. Sets it's sights too far and misfires.

    I like Russel T Davies, but this is all of his bad sides. He really needed oversight for this episode.
  • WOW!!!

    The best finale there has been for decades. Without a doubt the most moving episode since Doomsday, the most action-packed episode since The Parting of the Ways and best episode since The Unicorn and the Wasp.

    All of the episode was filled with amazing moments, with all of the companions returning, then leaving. The saddest moment is Donna's goodbye, she doesn't want to leave, but of course she has to.

    And right at the end, when Wilf bids his farewell to the Doctor is the most emotional piece since Donna in Turn Left.

    In conclusion, with the return of Davros, the companions and the end of Season 4, it couldn't have gone better.
  • Moments Written by Russell T. Davies Directed by Graeme Harper

    The Doctor (about his soul being revealed): "What does that mean?"
    Davros: "We'll discover that together. Our final journey because the ending approaches".

    So a week is a very long time to wait for an episode of Doctor Who. Okay so it's the season finale and the anticipation was already there but with the totally evil ending of The Doctor regenerating, it almost felt like an eternity waiting for this episode.

    All week long the BBC were keeping schtum about the ending while the press were practically announcing James Nesbitt as the new Doctor. They were fortunately wrong on that score as my hope for the regeneration to be botched ended up being the truthful one after all.

    The Doctor looks like he's about to become a new man and all of a sudden, his hand in the jar soaks up all the necessarily. It looks like Donna won't be seeing a new man but her reaction along with Rose and Captain Jack's is priceless. Rose is pleased to see that her Doctor hasn't changed after all.

    Of course while a Dalek might not be enough to change The Doctor, the Supreme Dalek decides it's time to capture the TARDIS and when the vessel itself is powerful against Dalek transportation, things really don't look that good. The Doctor is quick to point out that the Dalek race is virtually unstoppable so they have to surrender.

    The thing about the TARDIS is that it seems to have some very funny ideas of its own. With The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack surrounded by Daleks, Donna's trapped in the TARDIS and it refuses to let her out. As usual she thinks The Doctor's trying to protect her but even he's confused by what's happening.

    The Supreme Dalek on the other hand thinks The Doctor is trying to pull a fast one and decides to have the TARDIS incinerated. This is one of a few scenes where The Doctor is helpless. Despite his several altercations with the Daleks, even he will still try to appeal to them in times of need.

    The Supreme Daleks takes great pleasure in seeing The Doctor beg and poor Donna is inside a TARDIS that's literally burning up. Captain Jack also does fare well when his attack on the Daleks results in him being shot and nearly incinerated. I know Jack can't die but that seriously made me gasp. The Doctor and Rose on the other hand are taken prisoner.

    Fortunately there is luck on some fronts. For instance a Time Lock saves Gwen and Ianto from being slaughtered by Daleks. On the flipside they can't leave the hub but at least they're safe. As for Sarah Jane, rescue comes to her in the form of Mickey and Jackie who are an episode overdue.

    There isn't really time for the three of them to start chatting. Jackie's main priority seems to be getting Rose back and Sarah Jane is desperate to find The Doctor. Given that Mickey and Jackie's teleport devices are down, the only thing for them to is to be taken to the Crucible by the Daleks. Given that a few moments some Daleks were gonna wipe out Sarah Jane, they're certainly taking a big risk.

    Martha's also got some problems of her own. With Francine fearing for her daughter's safety, Martha realises that she might have to use the Osterhagen Key after all. Harriet was pretty animated about Martha not using it and even a woman in Germany (where Martha land after using Project Indigo) tries to stop her.

    That being said it would more than a gun from a half-hearted woman to stop Martha. We know that whatever it is, it can't be good because even Martha doesn't seem to like the idea of using and it's also interesting that she's virtually on her own while everyone seems to have someone.

    For instance, instead of burning to a crisp, Donna not only survives but a part of her manages to make another version of The Doctor from his hand. Now one David Tennant is great but two of them is really spoiling us. I'm just really happy to be right about the botched regeneration.

    For the last week there has been some fun ideas of Donna being a Time Lord in secret, I even though it myself and thanks to this episode, it's kind of true. The fusing of her and The Doctor's hand means that both she and New Doctor are half-Time Lord and half-human. Seeing them copy each other was essential comedy but we have to wait ages before they factor properly into the scheme of things.

    As for Davros, it's been 20 years since him and The Doctor have shared the same scene with each other and their confrontation here is suitably interesting. Threatening to hurt Rose is a good way to get at The Doctor but even our hero doesn't mind teasing Davros.

    For all his huffing and puffing, Davros should be afraid of The Doctor. The man has defeated him at least five times in some way or another but Davros is too busy gloating about his latest act of destruction – the destruction of everything, except obviously himself and his monstrous creations.

    We get a little tease of that when the Daleks use the energy in the Crucible to destroy all the human prisoners. Jackie manages to escape around the same time Sarah Jane and Mickey meet up with Captain Jack. It's nice to have four of earth greatest defenders there. With Davros in maniacal form, Julian Bleach really soars in his performance. Seeing The Doctor powerless like this is hardly new but even The Doctor seems appalled at the insanity which Davros seems to have soared to. Even The Master's great scheme with the Toclafane is tame compared to this.

    As for reunions, The Doctor and Rose should feel at home. They met in dangerous circumstances, parted as a result of them and now brought back together during them. Apart from the earlier scene in the TARDIS, they're too busy trying to stay alive and get answers from Davros.

    The other thing with Davros also is the fact that he's a prisoner too. You wouldn't think with the way he's able to challenge the Supreme Dalek but it seems that he's just a means to an end. The Daleks did have a penchant for using Davros so perhaps it's just desserts that he's a whipping boy for them again.

    Not that Davros would ever label himself as one. He got pretty annoyed when The Doctor figured that one out but he also continued to goad The Doctor. Thanks to Dalek Caan we got some more moment where The Doctor had to squirm as well as that promise that a companion will see everlasting death.

    It's also not really good for The Doctor when Martha and Sarah Jane both attempt to bargain with Davros. It seems the Osterhagen Key can be used to destroy the Earth and to make things worse; Sarah Jane's Warp Star is also similarly destructive. Davros should be quaking in his chair but the psycho isn't.

    Instead he uses it as a ripe opportunity to demonstrate to The Doctor the destructive side of what his companions can do. Because The Doctor may never use a gun or any weapon of mass destruction, it doesn't stop every single companion from resorting to brute force for the greater good.

    This might be enough to shut The Doctor up but in all fairness, given the chaos that the Daleks and Davros have pulled, it's not like any of them have a real choice. I know The Doctor is responsible in some ways but in actual fact, it's Davros who has done this. None of them want to use brute force but neither of them have a choice in the matter.

    Davros and Supreme Daleks then has Martha, Captain Jack, Sarah-Jane, Mickey and Jackie transported to the cells with The Doctor and Rose. Of course the best part is that New Doctor and Donna also show up and that's when things begin to get really interesting.

    While New Doctor and Donna are getting electrocuted by Davros, it looks like everything is going to disintegrate into nothing. However because Donna has rightfully dominated this season, it's only fair that she's instrumental in taking Davros down and Donna certainly does it brilliantly.

    Martha might have emasculated The Master last year but what Donna does with Davros and the Daleks feels even more humiliating for them. Donna basically makes the Daleks unable to kill and Mickey wastes no time in threatening to exterminate Davros. Plus there's fun to be had with every companion pushing Daleks away.

    Better still, Donna uses her Time Lord knowledge and the two Doctors to help stop the chaos that's been created. Instead of the worlds and universes dissolving into atoms, it's the Daleks who end up going in pieces. Supreme Daleks arrives too late and only manages to get killed himself.

    As for Dalek Caan, it seems going back in time and being driven insane has given him something of a wake up call. Unlike any other Dalek, he's disgusted with the way his race has advanced and betrays Davros. Then New Doctor does something rather rash that is enough to illicit anger from both The Doctor and Davros.

    With the Crucible going up in flames and Davros virtually defeated, is this the last we've seen of him? Compared to every other big bad in the previous three seasons he's had a shorter time of it but I doubt that he's actually dead. Still I do wonder whether or not he's vindicated in blaming The Doctor in all of the destruction that is happening.

    Getting back to Gwen, Ianto, Luke and Mr Smith, all four of them are useful along with K9 in helping The Doctor, New Doctor, Donna, Rose, Martha, Captain Jack, Sarah-Jane, Mickey and Jackie in bringing the Earth back to its rightful place. Seeing them all together working the TARDIS is just a freaking delight. Now this really does feel like "The Five Doctors".

    However with the world saved it's time to say goodbye and Christ, there are plenty to get through. The Doctor and Sarah Jane have a nice moment where she tells him he's not alone. She also tries to explain about Luke but leaves it. Not that it matters as we'll soon be seeing her again in two months time.

    Then there's Captain Jack, Martha and Mickey. Well Jack gets his transportation privileges taken away from him again by The Doctor but the rumours of him getting new recruits for the vacancies that Owen and Toshiko have left behind come true. Martha's our doctor and Mickey's the computer genius. With Martha fed up with UNIT and Mickey having nothing in the parallel universe to keep him there, I can't wait to see these two in action in Torchwood's third season.

    Then there's Rose's departure. Suffice to say bringing her and Jackie back to Bad Wolf Bay isn't what the girl wants but with New Doctor proving to be a loose cannon, The Doctor and Donna give the human-Time Lord hybrid to Rose as a parting gift. I bet there are a load of fans out there who loathe this, especially when New Doctor and Rose start kissing but I honestly don't care. It's a good way to write Rose out and she does get a Doctor to keep as well.

    However the best departure of the bunch is Donna's. With Catherine Tate only being contracted for this season, she pretty much goes out on a high. While Russell T. Davies might have chickened out for the second time in killing a companion for real, having Donna's memories wiped away, even if it's to save her is still down right evil. It feels even worse than if Davros had actually succeeded in killing her.

    Both Catherine Tate and David Tennant play a blinder in the last few scenes. The Doctor doesn't want to erase Donna's memories but literally doesn't have a choice and just like "Doomsday", I made with the man tears. Donna's been so brilliant that I will seriously miss her. I still can't believe I actually dreaded her retuning when she hasn't put a foot wrong all season. Also if "Doomsday" was RTD's version of Buffy's "Becoming Parts 1 and 2", is "Journey's End" his taken on "The Gift"?

    The Doctor's final exchanges with her and Sylvia and Wilf are great. Sylvia finally realises that her daughter really is special even after The Doctor reminds her of it. Wilf even pities The Doctor for losing all of his friends yet again. The last scene with him brooding in the TARDIS made for a change from the way the previous finales have all ended.

    Also in "Journey's End"

    This episode did what every other finale did and jumped into the opening credits. That I did expect.

    Sarah Jane: "Mickey?"
    Mickey: "We Smiths have got to stick together".

    Speaking of Mickey, I was a little surprised that Noel Clarke and Camille Coduri's names weren't added into the opening credits. They could've slotted them in between Elisabeth Sladen and Billie Piper.

    The Doctor: "What do you think?"
    Rose: "You're still you".
    The Doctor: "I'm still me".
    Donna (to Captain Jack): "You can hug me if you want. You can hug me".

    Donna: "Oi, I'm not staying behind".
    The Doctor (to Supreme Dalek): "What did you do?"

    There's a funny little moment where the Daleks in Germany actually speak German. At least they're willing to learn the language of the people they're going to kill.

    Donna: "It's you".
    New Doctor: "Oh yes".
    Donna: "You're naked".
    New Doctor: "Oh yes".

    Davros: "Excellent. Even when powerless, Time Lords are still best contained".
    The Doctor: "You still scared of me?"

    Because we'll never get The Doctor/Captain Jack snog again, I have to admit to being happy to see David Tennant briefly nude. Yay!

    Donna: "Oi, watch it spaceman".
    New Doctor: "Oi, watch it Earth Girl".

    German Woman: "You will not go".
    Martha: "I've got no choice".
    German Woman: "I know what the key does".

    Freema Agyeman noted that Martha's plot here was slightly similar to "Last Of The Time Lords". Martha interacted with The Doctor and the other companions the least so she might have a valid point.

    The Doctor: "Leave her alone".
    Davros: "She is mine to do as I please".
    Rose: "Then why am I still alive?"

    Davros (to The Doctor/Rose): "Across the entire universe. Never stopping, never faltering, never fading. People, planets and stars will become dust and the dust will become atoms and the atoms will become nothing and the wavelength will continue breaking through the rift at the heart of the Medusa Cascade into every dimension, every parallel, every single corner of creation. This is my ultimate victory, Doctor. The destruction of reality itself".

    This is the first time that Camille Coduri got scenes with John Barrowman, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman and Elisabeth Sladen.

    Captain Jack: "And who do I find, Mickey Mouse".
    Mickey: "You can talk, Captain Cheesecake".

    One of the best things about this serial was Davros remembering his encounter with Sarah Jane in "Genesis Of The Daleks". There's no way Russell couldn't reference it.

    Martha (to The Doctor): "Who's that?"
    Rose: "My name is Rose Tyler".
    Martha: "Oh my God, he's found you".

    Davros: "I made the Daleks, you made this".
    The Doctor (re his companions): "They're trying to help".

    In the parallel world, Mickey's grandmother died and Jackie had a baby boy called Tony. Loved her teasing The Doctor after he wouldn't let her mess with the TARDIS.

    Rose: "Mum, I told you not to".
    Jackie: "I couldn't leave you".

    The Doctor: "Donna you can't even change a plug".
    Donna: "Wanna bet, Time Boy".

    This episode clocked in at 65 minutes making it the second longest episode of the new series after "Voyage Of The Damned" of course.

    Sarah Jane: "Good to see you again".
    Rose: "You too".

    The Doctor: "Davros come with me now. I promise I can save you".
    Davros: "Never forget Doctor. You did this. I name you forever. You are the destroyer of the worlds".

    We got some flashbacks to some of the deaths that The Doctor couldn't prevent such as Jabe, Lynda, Sir Robert, Astrid and River Song to name a few. Pity we didn't get The Master as his 'death affected The Doctor deeply.

    Sarah Jane (to The Doctor): "You act like such a lonely man but you've got the biggest family on Earth".

    Rose: "You'll grow old at same time as me?"
    New Doctor: "Together".

    New Doctor doesn't seem to wear a tie. In the Doctor Who Confidential, Billie Piper threw some allusions to Beauty And The Beast with this plot.

    Rose (to The Doctor/New Doctor): "All right, both of you answer me this. When I last stood on this beach on the worst day of my life, what was the last thing you said to me? Go on, say it!"
    The Doctor: "I said Rose Tyler".
    Rose: "Yeah and how was that sentence gonna end?"
    The Doctor: "Does it need saying?"
    Rose: "New Doctor, what was the end of that sentence?"

    Donna: "I want to stay".
    The Doctor: "Look at me. Donna, look at me".
    Donna: "I was gonna be with you forever".
    The Doctor: "I know".
    Donna: "Rest of my life, travelling in the TARDIS. The Doctor-Donna. No. I can't go back. Don't make me go back. Doctor, please, please don't make me go back".

    On the Doctor Who Confidential for this episode, there was high emotions for the departures of Catherine Tate and producer Phil Collinson.

    The Doctor: "Oh Donna Noble I'm so sorry but we've had the best of times. The best. Goodbye".
    Donna: "No. No, No. Please. Please. No. No. Don't. No".

    Wilf: "When it gets dark and the stars come out, I'll look up on her behalf. I'll look up at the stars and think of you".
    The Doctor: "Thank you".

    Breaking from tradition this year we got a brilliant trailer for the Christmas 2008 episode called "Return Of The Cybermen".

    What an absolute legend of an episode! "Journey's End" had the unenviable task of living up to high expectations of the high standard of the previous two episodes and while there are some people who might loathe the outcomes of Rose and Donna, I thought this was actually the best finale we've ever had in all thirty seasons of Doctor Who. Exhilarating, tense, witty, tearful, shocking, poignant, bittersweet and overall excellent, there's very little to really criticise. It's also easily the best TV episode of this season and I am seriously looking forward to "Return Of The Cybermen" and the four 2009 specials.
  • A great cap to the RTD era

    So, the Daleks have taken planet Earth (and 26 other planets) for some nefarious scheme. Davros was back. Sarah Jane was about to be killed. And horror of horrors, a Dalek had scored a glancing blow to the Doctor, triggering a regeneration.
    So, as always, a fantastic penultimate episode and genuinely brilliant cliffhanger, the kind RTD delivers every year...and always follows up with sloppy, overdone, dues-ex-machina rubbish that presses the reset button for the main characters. Oh dear. I hope this time it would be different.
    It wasn't. The episode was overdone. There was a lot of emotional stuff. The villains were defeated by a giant dues-ex-machine, and reset buttons were pressed.
    And it was GLORIOUS!
    I'll deal with the niggles first:
    1 - The 'regeneration' ending fizzled out, as the Doctor quite easily solved that problem (and if he planned to do it all along, isn't be a bit of a douchebag for making everyone think he was going to die?)
    2 - The Torchwood team were basically bystanders
    3 -The Dalek's plan was epic, but seemed ill thought out. So, they destroy all other forms of life. Then what do they do? A speech from the Doctor like the one in the audio 'Jubilee' would have worked wonders.
    4 - Original Doc getting all pissy at his counterpart for destroying the Daleks, calling it 'genocide' mean like the ones you committed when you started a civil war on Skaro? Like when you BLEW UP their planet? Or when you ended the Time War by destroying their fleet? Or when you sucked the Genesis Ark Daleks into the Void? And what would he have done?
    5 - It's all played like Davros is dead and the Daleks are gone forever. Come off it.

    But in terms of the bigger picture, these are minor problems. Easily ignored when you look at TWO David Tennants. The brilliant effects work. Davros being such a nutter. German Daleks! Sarah Jane being recognised by Davros. The DoctorDonna. A happy ending for Rose. Nice continuity references. Great music. And THAT ending...

    In a way, Donna losing all her memories in a cliche. It's a lazy way to write out a character. Blah blah. But it is carries such an emotional punch.
    Donna wasn't a likeable person when we first met her in 'The Runaway Bride' She wasn't supposed to be. But when we met her next, she was a different person. As she traveled with the Doctor, she grew as a human being in so many ways. Even The Doctor was impressed, calling her 'special' and 'brilliant' To see the 'death' of someone who had in the spare of 12 weeks gone from 'annoying' to 'favorite new series companion' was truly tragic.

    It's fitting this is called 'Journey's End', cause this indeed feels like an ending. The show could finish here, and it would feel right (well, I mean it would be a good ending - ending DW will never be 'right')
    But with the baggage of the RTD era cleared away, this is something else: A clean slate.

    Over to you Mr. Moffat!
  • On first viewing, disappointing. But viewed with part one, amazing!

    I watched part 2 a month after seeing part 1. Stolen Earth had the best cliffhanger ever! After finally seeing Journey's End, I was disapointed. It was still very very good (I first gave it 9.2/10!) but it didn't match with part 1. But I recently rewatched them both back-to-back... maybe Journey's End is better on repeated viewings, or both stories are best viewed together (as part one somehow seemed to improve as well!). Either way, this is deffinatley a rewatchable, amazing piece of television!
    Each character gets some good screen time... altho sometimes someone will say something random just to remind you that they're still there! Russel T Davis wrote everyone in brilliantly, the entire story was genius and a brilliant end to the first era of 21st century Dr Who. Love it!
  • The end of the first era of the new Doctor Who... (Spoilers)

    With the new Doctor Who, it has seemed that Russell T. Davies has worked hard to reward the fans that boarded the Tardis with the Ninth Doctor and Rose, weaving a beautiful continuity, and mythos that fascinates the viewer and ties the series together. From the face of bo (who could quite possibly be Captain Jack) to revisiting New New York, there always seemed to be something in the season that said, "Hello there fans, here's a little head nod to make you say Fantastic!" Journey's End was no different. Choosing to bring in every major face and organization that has been featured within the last four years, the finale brings a sense of closure to the first volume of the new Doctor's run, which in all fairness could be labeled: "The evolution of the Doctor." Showcasing just how far our favorite time lord has come in four years and three companions later. As far as the story, Davros has created a new species of Dalek, and is now looking to create and use the ultimate doomsday weapon, and all the former companions, Donna, and the second Doctor, must stop Davros and the Daleks from destroying the universe. Standard fare for this group of people, throw in a prophecy spouting Dalek who managed to escape the time locked Time War, and you have an all out party! The cast gives a great performance in their respective roles, though it can safely be said that some characters in this ensemble episode were not given nearly enough to work with, the actors with far more bit roles still managed to find a way to shine! Even Noel Clark managed to avoid having me shout "Tin Dog" at the screen. And it was nice to see the Daleks in an episode where they gained back a little dignity after the travesty that was "Daleks Take Manhatten." It was epic, heart wrenching, and a fun ride. So why the less than perfect score? This episode suffered from the same weakness the sontaran episode had: Tone shift. If there is going to be a two pat episode, then there needs to be some consistency with the tone between two episodes. Though not as bad as the aforementioned episode, it did pull me out of the world a bit. Also, some of the storylines seemed to be slapped together, granted I would have loved to have seen Mickey take a laser to the chest, but with his role in the past, he deserved more than: I'm off to see my real family. As for Rose, she has a man closest to the Doctor that she fell in love with than she ever could have with Donna's doctor, but you still wished them more... Lastly, I hope that the writers continue to explore some of the themes that have now been set up in the series, the Shadow Proclamation, and the hint of what the Time War might have been like, and a Doctor who is now facing a darker, and perhaps more lonely path with the knowledge he's gained from his encounter. This first volume, if I may quote my doctor, was "Fantastic." I'm hoping that Stephan Moffat writes more, and continues to take the series in a direction that is daring, darker, and offers the audience more of a chance to grow... Who knows what the future will bring? Who knows! As far as the episode, caps the end of my favorite season since Christopher took Billie's hand, and said "Run."
  • This two part season finale was so much better when seen back to back. The Doctor and his gang save the universe.

    This had something for everyone. The Doctor fans, the Rose fans, the Donna fans, Torchwood fans and Sarah Jane fans. This was one of the best episodes I have ever seen, I laughed, I cried and was not disappointed at all with the way it ended. I am a huge Rose fan, and she lives on forever with a mortal Doctor. I am not a big Donna fan and she lives on at home as a normal person.
    Torchwood lives on and it looks like Donna and Mickey may be coming there when it returns, which is fine with me.
    No more Daleks, but no episodes for a while which is very sad. With all the bad TV I have seen in the last months, this show is a 12.
  • This has got to be the best episode of all time...even if it made me cry (spoilers alert)

    Oh boy what else can I say. This has got to be the most beautiful, sad, tragic, amazing episode I've ever seen. I loved everything about it. I'll keep this short because everything I could say has already been said, but I have to comment on the last few scenes. The endfight with the entire group (well most of them anyway) was fantastic. But most of all I loved DoctorDonna. I'm very very said to see Donna Noble go (she is my favorite companion.) and I hope to see her again in one fashion or another. Her last scene with the Doctor were beautiful and tragic. I cried during the scene and I rarely ever cry. I wanted her to stay too. Watching the Doctor say goodbye to woman who no longer knew he he was was sad in a whole other way. Donna's ending was one of the most beautiful and tragic I have seen on television in a long time. Catherine Tate will be missed.

    I am basically awestruck by this masterclass of a finale.
    i have never felt this way(it aired nearly a month ago and im still stunned)about an episode on this show before.
    Journey's End basically sums up the entire mythology of Doctor Who,its-Scary,Fun,Adventurous,Emotional(very tearjerkin'),adrenalin fuelled...and well...Perfect Viewing.
    Series Four has been an amazing run for this show and is by far my favourite run of episodes and it certainly bows out with a great bang.
    This along with the stunning The Stolen Earth is of an epic standards which is definately the greatest Davros storyline/Dalek storyline ever made...Ever!!!
    Donna Noble is my favourite companion and i really hope we see her again in the(near) future.
    Catherine Tate has shone through series 4 and i loved how her and the wonderful Tennant just acted off of each other perfectly.
    Capt.Jack was definately in top form(make him the main companion for series 5 Please!!!)and was great throughout providing some very humourous one liners.
    Micky & Jackie were great to see again.
    Martha seemed to have shown her character growth through this storyline and that she has indeed come full circle with her maturity and i am looking forward to seeing her on Torchwood series 3:)
    Rose Tyler was well used for this storyline and i was glad that Billie Piper made a comeback for these final three episodes of series 4,although she isn't my favourite companion she made a great impression.
    Sarah-Jane Smith was(as always)great and the fact that Davros echoed back to genesis of the daleks was a great continuity...makes this episode more special for the severe Whonovians.
    there are too many great scenes to mention...but a highlight has to be the German Daleks(classic),also i loved that twist with the regeneration.
    overall this along with Stolen Earth & Turn Left has to be the most perfect of all the Doctor Who episodes,i love it 100%.

    its a 10+/10 from me:)
  • i'm feeling a little ambivalent about this ...

    i'm feeling a little ambivalent about the season's final episode. it was a lot of good fun and there were a lot of dramatic moments as well. to start with, i think "stolen earth" was amazing with a great story and beautiful special effects with all the planets lining up in the sky and leaving us with a really thrilling cliffhanger with all hope seemingly gone. i'm incredibly happy about the doctor not having regenerated because i couldn't have stood losing david tennant. i quite enjoyed the gathering of so many familiar faces in a way but then again, there might lie one of the problems this episode had. most of them merely were some kind of bystanders and there wasn't enough time to develop the story lines surrounding them and the scene where everybody was working together to steer the tardis was a tiny little bit too much for my taste. even though i loved them in the previous seasons, i'm not entirely happy with the developments rose and martha have undergone. rose with her huge gun playing sarah connor was weird and martha working for the military wasn't at all what i had expected of her. in some strange way, even though it had the same length as all the other seasons, season 4 was too short for me to really get used to donna. i quite liked her but in the end, martha has made a greater impression on me even though she only just had the same amount of episodes. i would have liked donna given the chance to another season because her character was only just starting to get really interesting. seeing her as shallow as she had been before meeting the doctor was heartbreaking after having found out what great, compassionate and courageous person is burried inside of her and there was some wonderful acting of catherine tate involved in playing the scene where she was gossiping on the phone.

    i can't believe they are going to let us wait until 2010 to have „doctor who" continued for good. this time is going to be very, very long ...
  • 'The Doctor. The man who keeps running. Never looking back because he dares not, out of shame. This is my final victory, Doctor. I have shown you yourself.' (SPOILERS)

    All the strands have come together in the season finale, Journey's End. As Davros and the Daleks prepare to unleash their ultimate weapon, the Doctor and his companions are taken to the Crucible to witness the Dalek victory. Their ultimate weapon is a reality bomb that will destroy everything in existence. With Donna trapped inside the TARDIS as it hurtles towards destruction in the heart of the Crucible, Martha preparing to use the Osterhagen Key and the Doctor forced to face some uncomfortable truths, will the might of the Dalek Empire be too much? Will the darkness overtake the universe? And which of the Doctor's companions will face the prophecied death? As with last year's finale (Last Of The Time Lords), I can't help but feel a little disappointed or underwhelmed by it. Some very good moments lift it from mediocrity but it doesn't match up to the potential set up in The Stolen Earth.

    First off, the regeneration. Or in fact, non-regeneration. Of course David Tennant wasn't leaving for the last episode so they had to come up with some way to get out of it. Well, pouring the regeneration energy into the Doctor's severed hand would do it. Personally, I think it's a great thing because Tennant is a fab actor and, in this episode, we get two lots of Tennant for our money. As the TARDIS faces destruction in the heart of the Crucible, Donna reaches for the hand... and bingo! A new Doctor is formed. Two Doctors, no waiting. It's an interesting solution and one that just about holds up to scrutiny. I don't quite know how much I like it, but it works. It's just a shame that the other big reveal of the episode- Donna taking the Time Lord consciousness into herself as the new Doctor is formed- is a step too far. That to me doesn't work, although it does lead to an absolutely devastating pay-off at the end.

    Catherine Tate's performance in this episode is a bit erratic to say the least. The broad comedy strokes when she and the New Doctor first meet is far too reminiscent of some of her comedy characters, but when she's confronted by the New Doctor's truth that she really doesn't seem worth it, she gives a quietly muted performance which is very affecting. Her Doctor impression towards the end- when she becomes the Doctor-Donna- is also a bit grating but the breakdown of it and her final moments before the Doctor removes the consciousness and leaves her the vapid, loud-mouthed bint she was before she ever met him is gutwrenching. Donna as a character (and by extension Tate as an actress) has developed and grown over the thirteen episodes, becoming a more confident, aware and mature woman. To undo that- and to remove the memory of all the good they did- is a terrible and devastating thing to do. In some ways, worse than a physical death. She will never know what she could have become, and will never become it. In some ways, it's a bleaker ending than, say, Doomsday or Last Of The Time Lords.

    The scenes in Germany- replete with German-speaking Daleks which cracked me up no end- and a shadowy German woman (a nice turn by Valda Aviks) who seems intent on stopping Martha are good and I like how self-assured and strong Martha has become. The Osterhagen Key is a method of defence by detonating nuclear warheads and ripping the world apart. It's a great McGuffin, almost as good as the dismantled gun distraction in Last Of The Time Lords. Of course there's never any real danger that its ever going to be used, but its good to see the threat that could be posed. The same goes for the warp-star explosion that Sarah Jane has. There's also a lovely moment in which Davros recognises Sarah Jane (a lovely nod to Genesis Of The Daleks, the first story containing Davros in which Elisabeth Sladen starred opposite Tom Baker). There's a nice subtle little nod to The Unquiet Dead as well, when the Doctor asks Gwen (Eve Myles) if she's from an old Cardiff family- Eve played the psychic maid Gwyneth in that episode (and fan theories abound that there is a link between the two characters).

    The way the Daleks are treated as figures of fun when the Doctor-Donna gets going is a bit of a cheap laugh, to be honest. The terrifying might of the Dalek empire is ridiculed before being destroyed. Again, Nicholas Briggs is excellent as the voices of the Daleks. There's a particularly satisfying moment when its revealed that Dalek Caan, mad as a basket of ferrets, has decreed the destruction of the Daleks. The confrontation between Davros, the Doctor and Rose in the Vault is some of the best writing in the episode, where Davros calls the Doctor on his behaviour. The flashbacks to those who have died in the Doctor's name works particularly well- so many people have sacrificed themselves or died or been killed because of him, that it's little wonder that he looks back. I also like Davros' point that the Doctor changes people into weapons. Again, Julian Bleach gives a fantastic performance- only lapsing into stereotypical megalomaniac at one point which is all the more jarring because the rest of the performance has been so subtle. I particularly like his final denouncement of the Doctor as 'the Destroyer of Worlds'. Is this the last we've seen of him? I hope not.

    It's good to see Noel Clarke and Camille Coduri back, even if its only for this one episode. The problem is, even with an extended running time of 65 minutes, there's too many people to give everyone a fair shot- so Gwen, Ianto, Luke, Francine and (to some extent) Captain Jack and Sarah Jane get less to do. Even Jackie isn't given that much to do. It's brilliant to see K9 back, even if only for a few moments. It wouldn't have been a celebration without him. The scenes where everyone is in the TARDIS, piloting the Earth back to its rightful place in time, are excellent. Although it does seem a bit strange that the Doctor would drop Sarah Jane, Jack and Martha off at the same place... surely he'd at least take Jack back to Cardiff? But perhaps that's just me. Rumours that Noel Clarke and Freema Agyeman are joining Torchwood for season three look more concrete when you see the two of them walk off with Jack at the end. The CGI effects throughout the episode look absolutely brilliant and Murray Gold's score is also excellent indeed.

    The conclusion at Bad Wolf Bay again is nicely done, but I think a lot of people have mixed feelings over it. Sealing Rose back off again for good, but leaving the New Doctor with her so she can have her life with the Doctor (albeit in a human form) could go either way. I personally like it. I think its a nice coda to the story and Rose gets her happy ending, in a way. There's also a reference to Doomsday where Rose gets to hear what the Doctor would have said to her. The smart money would be on 'I love you' (which it almost certainly was). Billie Piper has been excellent in these last few episodes and its been good to see her back. To be honest, though, I hope they leave her in her parallel world now. Her story seems to be done.

    The final scene is a wrencher, where the Doctor explains to Wilfred and Sylvia what he's done, although it's good that he gets a chance to tell Sylvia off about how she treats Donna. Bernard Cribbins plays an absolute blinder in these scenes, especially in the final exchange with David Tennant. It'll be the hardest heart not to break when you see that scene in the rain where Wilfred says he'll look out for the Doctor. And then he's gone. From a TARDIS full of friends to alone again. The final moments, the Doctor alone, is a very downbeat ending. In fact, unlike previous years, there's been nothing to take you in to the next episode or adventure- no bride appearing, no Titanic crashing through the wall- just a lone Time Lord looking grim.

    It's been another excellent season of Who. David Tennant has gone from strength to strength again, and Catherine Tate proved time and again how good an actress she can be. My personal highlights for the season include the Pompeii and Agatha Christie episodes as well as the technically brilliant Midnight and the wonderful guest performances by Christopher Ryan, Lesley Sharp and Alex Kingston. The trailer for the Christmas special- which features Dervla Kirwan, David Morrisey and the Cybermen- is a nice little teaser. Bring it on!
  • A really great Doctor Who finale!

    I think Russell T Davies deserves alot of credit for this. It was brilliantly written and directed. All the actors were great and it delivered the knuckle biting episode I was hoping for.

    The good stuff: The storyline and plot was fantastic! Everything fell into place in this episode. When Donna became part Timelord part human she called her self the Doctor/Donna just like the OOD said. Dalek Caan said "the death of the most faithful companion. Which is Donna, although, she didn't literally die only her memories did. It was great to see everybody together again and when they "fly" Earth back home it's a fantastic moment. The epsiode had me wiping away tears from my eyes. Their were really fun moments including when the new Doctor realises he is part human.

    The bad stuff: Davros was better, but not the best. Also I noticed when he said "this is my ultimate victory, DOCTOR" that when he said "Doctor" he sounded Irish. Freema Agyeman wasn't great either. Also Although I loved seeing everybody together I felt their was too many people too follow.

    With a little help from Donna Noble and the Doctor here's my favourite line:

    Donna: Oi, watch it spaceman! Doctor: Oi, watch it earth girl!
  • Fantastic episode, featuring a great cast...

    I loved this episode most of all out of series four, and the other series. It was great so see other/old cast members return for a great two-part finale - but the second part to the two-parter had me screaming for more! I did feel that Rose did do a lot of standing, and not a lot else... and all sarh-jane did was produce a necklace... oh well :) I loved the story arc for Donna, and how all the events that happened earlier in the series were for a reason... and the reason was the save the world itself! "Donna Noble, you are the most important person in the entire universe!" I loved how that actually played out :) I've classed this episode as "tearjerker" because it is really upsetting at the end when The Doctor has to wipe Donna's memory clean, and all the great things that she did with him, and all the things that she wanted to do with him forever... she will never remember The Doctor, and all the amazing things that she did... = Tearjerker.
  • It's the end of the journey for series 4.... along with RTD....erm and Catherine Tate (Donna)..... oh and lets not forget Billie Piper (Rose).

    Yep the RTD era is over folks and oh how interesting it has been. It's had it's highs, (Midnight, Human Nature, Idiots Lantarn, Father's day) it's had it lows (Fear Her, most of series 3) but where exactly does Journey's end finish at, does series 4 go out with a bang or a whimper?
    Well the result is in and ooooh it's a bit of both. This episode has the rare ability to be brilliant and bitterly disappointing at the same time.

    Admittedly on a first viewing I was blown away, the finale was huge bigger and better than ever before and a marvuolous spectacle - something that last year severley lacked in. Yet once the squeeful brain imploding has finally ceased and rational thought can once again be processed in one's mind, then it's easy to see where Journey's end isn't quite all it could've have been. Really the problem is the overcrowding. There is too much trying to be covered and too many side characters running about not really serving any useful purpose and wasting preciscious screentime which could have been used to greater affect with the main players. Seriously the point of Jackie's return was? Hmmm no clue. And why give her so many character moments with Mickey?
    I get it why RTD wanted to include so many of his beloved characters, I do, it's his last episode. Yet bringing every companion back to have graced the screen since the return of "new Who" is quite frankly overkill. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge Torchwood fan I adored their cameos, but the story would not have suffered in any way without them.
    Really it's my main gripe I'm so sour about. Rose. ROSE. Rose has returned, reunited with the Dr, we've been waiting for this since 4x01, it has been hyped to high heaven and it might have been a silly assumption to make, yet I made it anyway - that Rose would actually have some material to work with and that the whole point of her return was for a purpose. Did she? N to the O, No she didn't. Yeah Turn Left, was fantastic, Rose came to the fore and excelled in taking over the Dr's role. Yet Turn Left while leaving many questions really didn't overhang into the finale, except for the obvious: Bad Wolf. As for Rose, she went from technobabble Queen to standing in a prision with a few throw away one liners. "Now that's what I call a ransom" Someone kill the line please. Her sole purpose in the finale became all about the Drose and the BBC's ability to point and scream to the world "Holy smoking, ceasar salad everyone, we've got Billie back!" Which is no bad thing but if you've got her back then please do something decent with her character! Even the Drose and I mean team!Drose was unsatisfactory. When they were finally alone together they were trapped, and there were no classic Dr/companion moments between the two, like solving a problem together or simply running from a monster hand in hand. Before you know it the Dr's band of merry men have all been transported back to the vault and the Dr and Rose get thrust to the backburner, until bad wolf bay. Which even though I liked, lacked the emotion to make it a great scene like the first goodbye to take place there.

    The emotion instead went to Donna, and Catherine Tate certainly nailed it. Nevertheless no matter how heartwrenching the resoloution of her story was, I utterly despise it. The character development did a complete U turn with that memory wipe, and Donna, the Donna we came to know and love turned back to the loud and mouthy brash Donna of the past and I can't stand to think of what happened to her. To be frank I would have preferred if she'd fufilled Dalek Caan's prophecy and actually died, literally, not figuratively RTD, that's a cop out.

    As was the destruction of the Daleks, the might of this new powerful, threatening empire with Davros back on side and they can be deytroyed with a couple of rather comical (and in a bad way) pressing of buttons, and pushing them away like dodgem cars. Not impressive. The Daleks are evil, we're supposed to take them seriously, though how can we when they are made a mockery and such light work of? I will say though, Davros's maddened speech's, Caan's creepy riddies brilliant, and the German daleks - pure win. Now if they'd killed Martha back in Germany the episode could have been forgiven all it's faults and saved us from many more lines of clunky dialogue and bad german, alas t'was not to be.

    To sum up
    - as a spectacle, turn your brain off, family entertainment series finale it's excellent, it meets the full requirements.
    - as a good loyal to the character's and story tale, it falters, it falls lame and cries for wasting the return of Rose. (Seriously TPTB should've had Rose turning up right at the end of 4x13 to adventure with the Dr propperly, for one or two of next years specials. So her return could be satisfyingly dealt with. [/grumble])

    Oh and one last thing why cut so much out of the kiss at the end? Calling any Drose shippers reading this, if you haven't already seen it, go hunt down the Dr Who confidential for 4x13 and see the extended kiss, because it's hotter than hell!
  • As the world faces extinction, the Doctor must unite with all of his former companions in order to save the universe from the dreaded Daleks. However, the prophecy states that one of his friends will die...

    What an episode!

    Firstly, the focus on the characters themselves was exceptionally well done. The Doctor's soul itself tested when he is forced to realise that he has turned his companions into soldiers. This realisation in the episode was a chilling moment, and was fantastically acted and written.

    The entirity of the episode looked at how all of the Doctor's companions could unite as a means of saving the universe, and the moments within the Tardis when the Doctor, Donna, Rose, Martha, Jack, Sarah Jane, Mickey, Jackie and Doctor Two were truly enjoyable. The world was finally saved, but there were high costs that had to be paid by the Doctor. Losing Rose all over again was painful, however, it did feel slightly sidelined. Saying that, Rose appeared to have been granted a happy ending with her very own Doctor. Still it was a painful moment to watch her kiss another Doctor right in front of our own Doctor's eyes, and the ending sparks debate - was he really the same Doctor in another body?

    Finally, the most painful moment in the whole episode to watch was probably Donna's fate. Catherine Tate has taken Donna to massive strengths this season, and the character has grown to be a fantastic edition to the series. That said, the moment when the Doctor forced her to return to her previous mundane self was heartbreaking. First, she would never be able to return to the Doctor, and second, she would never know how fantastic she truly was. Catherine Tate's performance was truly sepcial and a highlight of the episode. She will be missed from the show...

    All in all, a great ending to the series...
  • Witness the souls of the last Timelord laid bare.

    As we left the Universe on the brink of destruction this episode began with so many surprises and salvations that I was in awe of the talent of the Script writers. However soon The Dr and "The Children of Time" AKA "The Dr's Secret Army" are soon in mortal danger again (Ok I admit when aren't they!!). Trapped, powerless and with reality on the brink of annihilation only a heartless Doctor and Doctor-Donna can save the day. We see the Doctor for what he really is (and was) as his soul is laid bare in the final battle full of rage, fire, anger and bitterness. A battle in which morality is no longer an option as the prophecy is fulfilled. Yet one last pieced of the puzzle remains - "One must still die". I will hold my hands up and say that whilst watching this episode the second time around it was very obvious but I could not see it coming the first time. Next - Christmas and the Cybermen.!!!!
  • A suprising and pretty unpredicitable episode which wraps up the strongest series yet, very nicely.

    OK then put you hand up if you were one of those idiots actually thought we would get a new Doctor? As if anyone actually thought he as going to leave for many reasons if you did your a complete mug, with little knoledge of Who History!

    Like with all Doctor Who cliffhangers, this second part concluded the cliffhanger very fast, and got on with the episode. As was certain we again got to fully enjoy the cross overs and return of familiar faces. The only criticism is that there just wasnt enough time to have the ultimate fun with these multiple crossovers. Still that can be savced for the future, and no one can reasonbly expect for this desire to be wholly fulfilled.

    This episode was laced with iconic moments and some of the stongest comedy ever written for a Sci-fi "Spanner shhh!" Considering the dire and dark situation, it is a testiment to Davies' skill as a writer, that this episode managed to keep its dark and evil coating with so much comedy surrounding it. Naturally if I saying this then it goes without saying that Tate and the lines written for Tate were superb; for me it was easily highlight of the episode.

    Sadly of course it looks like we have said goodbye to Donna, maybe for good, and once again weve lost Rose. As sad as this maybe I cant think of better way to say goodbye to them, and it has to be said - Who could have predicted that!? My only gruble is that Wilfred didnt get trip in the TARDIS

    Many will probably be upset at the closing scene, but relating it to the last thing Sarah-Jane said to the Doctor, the irony was pitch perfect, alongside the Doctors devistating at loosing the only true friend he has had in quite sometime. (Considering love played a major part with the others)

    This is one of those stories most of us will wish had an extra hour or so to explore more deeply, but ultimatly this wuld have probably diluted everything down to mediocre...I live in Chav/Sket central - People are watching Doctor Who who normally wouldnt touch sci-fi with a bargepole, and seeming as it appears to have been a hot topic of discussion, theres no way this can be called a failure.

    Davies has done an excellent job of broadening the viewer base, and lifting all the misconceptions and jokes which surround DW before its revival - And here in his final seies we perhaps have the geekiest episode yet, but it manage to impress and entertain people who wouldnt touch the genre.
  • this episode only begs the question how many friends can you have and still be lonely.

    between the many many friends, and the new doctor/donna clone made. this episode only has 2 flaws, how many times can you bring the Daleks back before it doesn't work and will fans finally shut up after this bit of closure on the part of rose. other then that i wanna see donna back, she was a very good parter for the doctor as she was a very good excuse for explaining everything as simply as possable. personally i would love another spin off that covers what rose and the new doctor/donna is doing in the alternate dimention. i am sure i am not the only one that wants this.
  • "Every night, I'll look up at the sky, and think of you"

    Well at least someone is, because once again the Doctor is all alone...

    First of all, congrats to RTD for wrapping everything up so nicely and making it all click into place – cleverly done. Bringing everyone back together was a nice touch, although it did seem a bit scattered and random at places, which I guess was necessary to make the 'coming together' of everyone even more special.

    Talking of special – German Daleks?! So brilliant…and they injected some humour in a not-so-humouress moment.

    I had mixed feelings about the ending…not sure about Mickey and Martha going off with Jack and presumably into Torchwood, I really don't have high hopes for that working out. Although Rose got her 'happy' ending with the Human Doctor, the Doctor still had to leave her again…and then leave Donna. The final scenes with Donna were heartbreakingly sad, and I've never been a huge fan of Catherine Tate/Donna but I have to say she was great in this episode – the whole DoctorDonna dynamic ("Oi, Space Man!" "Oi, Earth Girl!") was perfectly done.

    All in all, a great ending to a great series – can't wait until Christmas!
  • The Doctor won't regenerate

    The doctor, regenerating, transfers the energy into his cut off hand and doesn't regenerate. The daleks then take the tardis onboard their ship and mickey and jackie save sarah jane. Everyone leaves the tardis, except donna, who gets trapped. The tardis gets incinerated, but donna touches the hand in the jar, growing a second doctor who saves him and donna. Sarah jane, mickey and jackie surrender, then ru8sh to safety to see people turn into dust. Jack dies then finds mickey and co. Martha and Jack threaten davros in which davros brings them there. Donna and doctor 2 arrive and donna has the brain of a time lord. awesome. she stops davros by sending the 26 planets back to their places and everyone escapes, towing earth home with the help of K9!. Mickey, Jack and Martha leave together, Sarah Jane leaves and the doctor takes rose, jackie and doctor 2 to the paralell world. Donna has her mind wied of the doctor to save her life and can'tr ever remember any of that.p