Doctor Who

Season 6 Episode 8

Let's Kill Hitler (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 27, 2011 on BBC America

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  • A stonking start to part 2 of the series.


    This is probably what Moffat means about spoilers. Who'd have though the episode would turn out like that?

    I can't complain at all. Im not going to moan about any notions of under exploiting the Killing Hitler/ messing with time story potentials, because it really doesn't matter. We just got a feast of info on various mysteries, a bucket of laughs and great production values.

    This was probably River Songs finest hour so far, as well as one of The Moffs. I really dont want to ruin the story by going into any depth, but I enjoyed the set up of thid time travelling justice squad. Such a bonkes sci fi idea, the kind people dont really delve into these days, it was a refreshing and fun surprise.

    Of course it turns out 1930s Berlin is just the back drop for the story and thats just fine. An episode focusing on the Nazi could have never been this fun or 'delivering' in terms of on going storylines. However Hitlers role in the episodes was still excellent with not a wasted line.

    Despite Gavin Fullers complaints I thought it was both poignant and funny that this time justic squad or what ever they were called saw River Song as a bigger target than Hitler. Of course anyone who kills the Doctor will probably be inadvertantnly responisble for the fall of universe! But even if the Doctor Who world doesn't go that far it is still funny - 'Forget Hitler lets kill River Song!' So be quite Gavin and have a laugh!

    Special effects were pretty darn good too thou. I'd be scracthing for morsels to pick on anything. Sure any of it could look better, but it didn't look 'wanting' like Doctor Who can do from time to time.

    Im still making my mind up, but this might be my favorite episode of this series so far. Whatever the situation series 6 continues to completly outshine season 5