Doctor Who

Season 2 Episode 1

New Earth

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2006 on BBC America

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  • wasn't a total bomb. The catnun makeup was pretty awesome...

    So Rose is going to take another trip into the future, this time with her new, new Doctor at the helm. At least she said goodbye to her mother this time, although I'm not sure what to make of the kiss she gives Mickey. I thought they broke up (this time for real) during the Christmas Special. I guess we'll just have to assume that it was a rather lingering peck between friends.

    The destination is New Earth, the planet that humans eventually settled on after the destruction of Old Earth which we saw last series. New Earth lives up to its name futuristic flying cars and all. Rose also takes a moment to indulge in a bit of sappy sentimentality with The Doctor, stating about how travelling with him is the best thing that's ever happened to her. Somehow I don't see her ever saying that to Nine and I don't think it works for her to say to Ten either, especially when he responds. I know that The Doctor is a new man whenever he regenerates, but he's also essentially the same character and - at the very least - his companions' reactions and treatment of him should stay the same for a while as they adjust to his new self. So this is horribly out-of-character for both Rose and The Doctor (maybe it was just a bit of the hormones that we'll hear about later).

    So what do I think of New Earth? It's almost bearable the first watch, but dull and even detrimental to mental health the second. There are really only a few good spots (see videos above) and those can be found on YouTube. The episode had no imagination, no cohesive plot, and was full of Davies Forced Exposition, not to mention in-your-face social commentary. I rate it as a 3/10 the one being for the two decent scenes. If you don't get to watch this episode, you're not missing much.

  • New Earth

    New Earth was a perfect episode and great start to the second season of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story was excellent, the actors were phenomenal and there were so many levels of depth and complexity. It was awesome to see New Earth and the hospital run by Cat Nun Nurses. It was also intriguing to see the Face of Bo there as well as an enemy from the past. I liked how every thing played out, the character interactions and the ending was so touching that I cried, yes I admit, and I'm glad this character received such an ending. I like the new Doctor and his chemistry with Rose. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Fun Season Premiere

    New New York. Campy but fun.
  • cassandra is back........ the kiss between doctor n Rose....

    zoe wanamaker is back as Cassandra and she needs a body! she pocesses Rose 4 most of the episode so we dont really get to see the "new Rose" 4 dis episode. we do see the the doctor n rose's 1st kiss lol but it is really cassandra not rose. awww.
    u ave dese cat nurses who are testing on humans ( a play on humans testin on animals perhaps) cassandra lets them out when the cat nurses refuse to give her money and if you touch the diseased people u become infected as well!!!
    dont worry the doctor finds the cure and saves the day!!!
    cassandra dies but i have a feeling she will be back.....
    next week Q. Vic is in it n sumthin about a werewolf???
  • The Tenth Doctor and Rose travel to an alien planet that has a close connection to old Earth. And along the way they are reunited with Lady Cassandra. Oh, and the Face of Boe is back, being one big tease. Damn you Boe!

    Last year I sat back and watched episode one of the new Doctor Who, and sat in awe of Christopher Eccleston. For me he represented everything that the Doctor was, everything that the Doctor is. He was, to be blunt, everything that later 1980's Doctors were not. And we all loved him.
    Sitting watching New Earth is a surreal experience. Not because I find it strange that somebody else is now playing the Doctor, but because somebody else has replaced Eccleston in my heart. David Tennant has already established himself so successfully in "The Christmas Invasion", and so here, we are finally allowed to totally fall in love with him. Within minutes, memories of Eccleston are pushed to the back of the mind. David Tennant really is the Doctor.
    The story here isn't exactly the most exciting (think Russell T Davies meets George A Romero), but it doesn't need to be. Like last year's "Rose" it serves one purpose, to introduce the Doctor and Rose to television audiences again after so long away. Unlike most Russell T Davies from series one, this never once feels like a children's show. Doctor Who 2005 has now safely found its feet. For every childish moment (Tennant's body swap anybody) there's moments of adult horror (zombies...again!). audiences complained last year over RTD's scripts, but with "The Christmas Invasion" and now "New Earth" he's totally redeemed himself. Here is a writer who understands what Doctor Who should be: funny, adventurous, scary. He's latest scripts have given so much enjoyment to my entire family, and for the first time I'm proud to be a Doctor Who fan. Yes, that's right, I love Doctor Who, and after "New Earth" you will too.
    Now, if only I could be proud watching Star Trek...
  • cassandra returns

    great episode cant wait to see more this is one of the best tv series of all time. better than most of the junk that we have here in the states cant wait for the k-9 sarah jane episode coming up soon.
    sad to see the end of a great villan like cassandra if she really died this time. duke of manhattan was a little over the top as a character. the cat nuns seemed to think that what they were doing the right thing while doing really horrible things to a non sentient beings.
    miss captain jack he would have had fun with this place.
  • Adventurous...that's exactly what this episode'll see why...

    I am going to begin adding more reviews and this is my first episode reviews. Let's start with my favourite series and the not favourite episode. New Earth.

    This episode was adventurous. Adventurous because of the storyline and the writing. The episode was like a big adventure with a resonable yet unexciting storyline. Russell T Davies decided to write another year five billion adventure that featured two repeating characters and the same evil enemy plus a bunch of cats. It was adventurous writing because how could Russell T Davies think that people would enjoy this. Another, repeat, same - all words that show how unadventurous Russell was with the script.

    I may be contradicting myself, or not making much sense (so if you understand this, then well done) but this episode was one of the higher ones of a very poor far anyway! My reviews to episodes of Doctor Who will get the series hold on!
  • I really really wanted to like this episode.....

    You know what it\'s like. Season premiere. Hopeful for great things to come. Rising excitement..... But it went so terribly wrong....if you were a real Doctor Who fan you wouldn\'t score this above a 7.0.

    First things first, the \"cats.\" I know it\'s aimed at children, but seriously? They looked just awful.

    Secondly, is it just me, or can no female actress \"scream\" like they mean it? It just doesn\'t seem real anymore. Their screams are so hollow.

    Secondly, as a fan, I had to put so much effort in to liking this episode. I so wanted it to be good. But then you get the whole \"cat falling down a lift shaft\" scene which is just plain laughable.

    Another criticism is that this episode seemed rushed. You have Ten million \"infected\" and then the Doctor is like \"ooh, let\'s squirt them with some disinfectant and everything will be all right.\" Come on RUSSELL!!

    And Cassandra. Does anybody really care? She\'s skin!!

    All I can say is thank goodness the next episode is a corker!
  • This episode is distinctly underwhelming

    The basic story is fine, as far as it goes. The Doctor and Rose visit "New Earth", a planet in galaxy M-something where mankind migrated after the destruction of Earth. The Doctor gets an invitation from the Face of Boe via his psychic paper, and he and Rose go to visit the hospital, where it turns out that strange experiments are going on. The Cat-like sisters of Plentitude are conducting experiments on an army of clones beneath the hospital, trying to find cures for all known diseases that plague the human race. The ethics of animal testing are examined tongue-in-cheek through the idea of animals testing cures on humans, but no real-world ethical questions are asked, nor are answers provided, so it's a bit of a waste. The idea of using supposedly mindless human clones was raised in "Vampire Science" if I recall, so the idea has been done before in Doctor Who, though not on TV. It does provide an excuse for a 'zombie rampage' which produces some tense moments when everyone in the hospital is forced to run or lock them out. The return of the Face of Boe, and his actual use as a character and a plot device is welcome, since he pretty much existed as a background joke last year. I do wonder just what secret he was going to tell the Doctor.

    However, the story is not content simply to explore medical ethics issues, which would have been straightforward enough in and of itself, but it also sees the return of Cassandra. While I found her tolerable enough the first time around, I had no desire to see her make a return appearance. Consequently, not only is she unwelcome, but the antics with the body-swapping are doubly so and just get sillier and sillier as the episode goes on. Billie Piper and David Tennant's mimicry of Zoe Wannamker's performance are at times grating, and at times embarrassing to watch. Cassandra's about-face at the end of the episode and her sudden willingness to die is a character shift that is hard to believe after all the extreme measures she's been willing to take to stay alive. The ending where she dies in her younger self's arms is probably meant to be touching, but I don't care about the character and find the scene just too bizarre to muster up much emotion. Hopefully we've seen the last of her this time.

    The script suffers from the usual excesses that I've come to expect from Mr. Davies after last year: lots of good ideas marred by sexual entendres and poor plot resolution. I know a lot of people think RTD is unfairly criticized and wish the critics would just shut up, but flaws are flaws. I'll give Mr. Davies credit when it's due, and criticize poor writing when that's appropriate, which is unfortunately far too often. Case in point: the ending of "New Earth" is an unbelievable 'magical solution' type ending that doesn't even pretend to make sense. The idea that the Doctor could take twenty different cures for twenty different diseases and blend them all into one big concoction, and then use that to cure a few zombies is laughable in its absurdity. The idea that the clones could then 'pass it on' to their fellow clones and cure their multitude of diseases by touch is even more absurd. Compare this bit of nonsense with the Doctor and Liz testing drugs in "The Silurians", and ask yourself which scene is easier to believe. Which one looks like a scientist trying to find a cure to a disease? I get the feeling that RTD wrote himself into a corner and had to come up with something to get out of it that didn't involve blowing everything up. He deserves kudos for perhaps trying to come up with a life-affirming ending, but that ending doesn't actually make very much sense.

    Visually, the episode looks quite good. It's nice to finally leave Earth behind, even if the new planet is functionally the equivalent of Earth which somewhat negates the impact. The hospital is well designed, and the New New York cityscape is very nice as well. The massive clone cells below the hospital reminded me of the Borg cubes from Star Trek, especially with the green lighting, but there's no denying the effectiveness of the imagery. And the Doctor and Rose's drop down the elevator shaft is a nice bit of action. I think I spotted some re-used locations from last year though.

    Billie Piper is still quite good. There's not much new to say about her. Despite the annoying silliness of the body-possession by Cassandra, it's good to see Piper stretch her acting a bit and make the possessed Rose quite distinct from normal Rose. Different body language, different accent, different vocabulary. I had to look up 'chav' by the way. Not being from the UK, the reference didn't mean anything to me.

    My first impressions of David Tennant were very good. "New Earth" was my first real exposure to his interpretation of the part. Eccleston took time to grow on me, but Tennant gets a lot right from the beginning. He just seems to more naturally fit the role. Tennant's Doctor is cheerful, energetic and quite sure of himself. He's quiet and thoughtful when talking with the nurse about the face of Boe, and he's convincingly outraged when demanding an explanation about the clones beneath the hospital. The drop down the elevator shaft is well executed, and the Doctor's enthusiasm is infectious. "You want to live? Live a little!"

    I'm not quite sure where the writers are going with the "I'm the Doctor, There's no higher authority!" statement, or "the lonely god" title. It's tempting to simply read it as another attack on religion by an atheist writer, with the Doctor denying any higher power to the religious order who run the hospital. Several other reviewers have referred to it as 'self-mythologizing'. It does put me in mind of Paul McGann in the Big Finish audios saying things like "I'm the Doctor, I don't do things like that". It's a sort of exaggerated self-awareness and ego, and is really a very strange and artificial character trait. The whole show exudes self-awareness and winks to the audience far more often than it should, but in this story it's begun to be written into the Doctor's character. Not good.

    That aside, it's tremendously refreshing to see a proactive Doctor again! Rather than sit around and wait for Rose or someone else to solve the problem like last year, the Doctor is constantly curious and acts with decisiveness. However nonsensical the method of curing the plague clones is, at least it's the Doctor who works it out and carries it out. Which is exactly as it should be.

    Overall, "New Earth" is fairly entertaining nonsense, and despite my nitpicking, I did enjoy it for the most part. There are some decent if derivative ideas, but a poorly thought-out plot resolution. It is a good start for David Tennant however, who plays the role very well. I look forward to his future episodes.
  • Brilliant medical twist.


    Cat nuns and nurses, plague victims, red men, white men, blue men, fat men, pink men, a white hospial, a tattooed man, a recurring stretch of skin and one giant face make up this smashing episode which starts the new season on a high.

    The storyline was fantastically written and of course we see the return of the Lady Cassandra. We hardly see much of Rose but that's okay. It lets Billie explore with her different techniques and styles and gives the viewers something entertaining to watch.

    All in all a well written episode which explores different ideas. Well done Dr Who team!
  • Good episode, expecting more from the new Doctor

    For the longest time this was the first full episode that I watch David Tennant playing as the Doctor. Comparing it with Eccleston is not necessary as I do think that they have their own strength. The quirkiness and seriousness of the Doctor was there but I do expect more out of his character from the first season. The continuity was there from the last episode of the first season. Story-wise it was not as strong and interesting, however I do like the appearances of the Face of Bo and Cassandra, although not a very formidable adversary is quite mean and trying. I liked Piper's acting out as Cassandra as it bashes out her being one dimensional on the show (she was surprisingly hot, in her other series). Anyhow I was expecting more from the first episode of the second season and could not wait for the Dalek to appear again.
  • Funny and amusing

    One of the more light-hearted episodes of the series and yet somewhat disturbing-once we find the infected zombie people kept within the vaults of the hospital. And I thought all cats just wanted a ball of string to stay busy. Well, between those nuns and Cassandra, there's lots of fun action going around. I say "fun" because if you have to skip this episode, you won't miss out on too much of the series' bigger story arch. Just try to see the end where the Doctor and the Face of Boe exchange a few words of wisdom.

    LIke I've said before, robots as villains don't even come close to humans as villains. They're scarier, funnier, and more interesting to watch. And in Cassandra's case, she's more vain and selfish than a droid so she'll take crazy risks to preserve herself. Which means her body-jumping sequence is the highlight of this episode and there's some wonderful remarks. "Two hearts! Oh baby, I'm beating out a samba". Hats off to Billie Piper and especially David Tennant for great acting skills during those possessed moments. One of the funniest things I've seen on this show so far.
  • Alternately briliant, silly, and moving

    New New Doctor. Colourful, fast, funny, and at some points, moving. New Earth launches the Doctor and Rose into bodyswap territory. It gets a bit silly in places, but there you go. The cat nun falling off the ladder is ridiculous too and spoils the scene, as did the similarly stupid Sycorx leader fall in The Christmas Invasion. The scenes between the Doctor and the Face of Boe are brilliant however, as is the ending. A bit of rewriting here and there and is would've been a series highlight, and not just frothy fun.
  • "It's the year 5,000,000,023, we're in the galaxy M87, and this... this is New Earth."

    After 'The Christmas Invasion', this episode begins the series very well: with the Doctor starting up the TARDIS console as Rose says goodbye to Jackie and Mickey at the Powell Estate. (I noticed the words 'BAD WOLF' just about visible in the shot looking over the top of the TARDIS). I became even more interested when the Rose asks the Doctor where they were going, and Doctor replies , "Further than we've ever gone before." New Earth is outstanding! The flying vehicles, the city of New New York in the distance and the apple grass! When I saw the small robot spider I realized that something not good was beginning to occur. I like the sequence in which the Doctor explains how New Earth came to be: In the year five billion the Sun expanded and Earth was roasted. Rose then says, "That was our first date," and the Doctor says, "We had chips," and they laugh. I was also interested when the Doctor explains how the humans found that place: same size of the Earth, same air, same orbit - perfect. It's tricky but possible, David Tennant saying the word 'new' fifteen times after saying that the city is the 15th New York. The psychic paper recieving messages as well as saying whatever you want to to say is new one. The 'hospital' as the Doctor calls it, it very futuristic. I could not believe it when saw that Cassandra had survived after what happened in the episode 'The End Of The World' in the previous series. I like the way the scene cuts to Rose and the Doctor entering the hospital. I recognize that room from that place in Cardiff. This sequence is well written:

    ROSE (to the Doctor) They're cats.

    THE DOCTOR Now, don't stare. What do you look like to them, all pink and yellow? That's where I'd put the shop right there!

    The showers in the lifts are very amusing. Did James Hawes tell Billie Piper that was going to happen? David Tennant certainly knew. Sometimes the directors don't tell the actors/actresses what's going to happen because they want their natural reactions. Well Rose's reaction is VERY natural. The hospital obviously wants all it's vistors to be clean before entering the wards. Rose meeting Cassandra again is funny to watch, until Cassandra goes into Rose's body and posesses her. The Doctor meeting the Face Of Boe again is also interesting, but the atmosphere gets tense when Novice Hame tells the Doctor that the Face is dying. I became interested again when Novice Hame tells the Doctor that legend has it that the Face Of Boe will give his dying message only to a wanderer without a home, to "the Lonely God". The Doctor then realises that he fits the description in the legend. Thoughout the rest of the episode, after the Doctor realizes that Cassandra has survived, confusion and suspense builds as hundreds of plague carriers like zombies start taking over the hospital, infecting anyone they touch. I like the scene where the Doctor points his Sonic Screwdriver at the Cassandra-poseessed-Rose and says, "Give her back to me." Then Cassandra goes into the Doctor and gives his body an impressive review, followed by 'the flesh' breaking into the room and the Doctor pushing past Rose saying, "Out of the way blondie" and starting to climb a ladder, followed by more confusion and humour! The Doctor and "Rose" reach Ward 26, which seems to be the only place still untouched by the 'the flesh'. The Doctor takes all of the intravenous solutions and straps them to his body. Together with "Rose", he slides back down the shaft (I love that scene!) to the lift car, where he empties the solutions into the disinfectant reservoir. The Doctor then says, "I've got an appointment. The Doctor is in!" and drops into the lift. The Doctor opens the doors, luring several plague carriers inward as "Rose" starts the shower. The spray drenches the carriers, curing them. The Doctor encourages them to pass it on, and they wander back out to spread the cure to the others. This scene is very uplifting and the Doctor says how the human race just keeps on going in the excitment. I did not expect the surviving Sisters to be arrested by the New New York Police Department. It's just as well the cured New Humans (as the Doctor calls them) were to be taken into care. At that moment, the Doctor remembers the Face Of Boe. No longer dying, the Face tells the Doctor telepathically that he had grown tired of the universe, but the Doctor has taught him to look at it anew. The Doctor asks the Face about his message, but he enigmatically replies that it can wait for their third and final meeting. The Face then teleports away. Just wait until the next series. The truth will be told. The Doctor then orders Cassandra to leave Rose's body. Cassandra transfers her consciousness to a willing Chip instead, but his cloned body begins to fail, and Cassandra accepts her impending, true death. When Cassandra was posessing Rose, she really did not want to die. Whereas after going into Chip, she accepts death like a fine agreement. The Doctor does one last thing for Cassandra, taking her back to the party seen earlier, to see herself on the last night someone had called her beautiful. "Chip" approaches the Cassandra of the past and tells her just that, and collapses into the younger Cassandra's arms as she comforts him. As the older Cassandra finally dies, the Doctor and Rose silently leave in the TARDIS. I can't help feeling a bit sad after that final scene, but it's like the Doctor says, "Everything has its time, and everything dies." By the way, the preview for the episode following this one looks very tense indeed...
  • Like early morning wake-up shower

    This is the first episode I have seen with the new Doctor. I take the precaution of always being skeptical about the new ones just in case I'm disappointed. Glad to say that David Tennant is fabulous as no. 10.
    I liked New Earth because it was a bit of a kick back to the old series -- arrive at a hospital and something's wrong etc... it reminds me a bit of the Ark in Space or Terminus but is still unqiue and interesting and much of that owes thanks to the Cassandra sub-plot and the fine performaces by Billie Piper and David Tennant (especially) in mimicking the Idiosyncrasies of Zoe Wannamaker (Cassandra, appearing in brief scenes throughout the ep). This was what really strengthened the episode for me.
    The Cat people were also a bit of a flashback to Survial. At one point there was a line "Who needs guns when you've got claws..." which was one of those moments which just tends to capture the writer's sense of humour (as the claws don't turn out to be much use at all).
    I am eager to see how the rest of the series pans out. Let's hope David Tennant is here for a few seasons atleast.
  • David tenant takes the reigns of Doctor who and brings about new fresh excitement as he travelers to New Earth. It’s always an exciting moment when we can watch the newly regenerated time lord find his footing and head out into new adventures.
    The idea of New Earth is Fascinating, to see a glimpse of what it might be like is always a tease.
    For me I would have loved to see the city of New, New York. The story it’s self is slightly amusing but off beat, I felt that they should of followed a different path for the Doctor’s new beginning, one that is more exciting and more connected to Doctor Who it’s self.
    Though I was happy and glued to the screen when I watched every second of the Doctor, Rose and Cassandra.

  • Flesh And Diseases Written by Russell T Davies Directed by James Hawes

    Cassandra (as Rose to Chip): “Oh my God, I’m a chav”.

    Sorry, I heard about this line before I even seen this episode and thanks to its neat delivery by Zoë Wanamaker, I just had to use it to start my opening paragraph to this review. In an episode dealing with diseases, body swapping and human lab rats, there was certainly an interesting mixture of terror and fun in one here.

    Having Rose briefly say goodbye to Jackie and Mickey, both she and our not quite so new Doctor then took their usual bout of TARDIS fun to another place. Not yet keeping the promise of taking her to Barcelona the planet, our debut time travel mission was on all too familiar turf.

    If in Season One’s “The End Of The World”, The Doctor and Rose saw the Earth being blown to smithereens, then it seems incredibly fitting that their first date in the Doctor’s newish guise should be on a newly restored Earth. I liked the reference Rose had made and one of her earlier comments in the premiere nicely touches on a taboo subject for this series. More on that later!

    Naturally enough, this episode wasn’t going to be a case of the Time Lord and his trusted right hand woman checking out all the advantages of the newly refurbished home planet as they are drawn to a creepy hospital run by the Sisters Of Plenitude, who are basically cats who are nurses and nuns at the same. Which is a sentence I never thought I would utter or write, but hey, something new to do every day! However this is a little creepy for me.

    First off all, although I don’t hate cats, I will admit to preferring dogs much more but the combination of them being nurses and nuns at the same just threw me off, even for this show. When we meet them, it happens just as The Doctor and Rose get conveniently separated and disinfected in separate lifts.

    The Sisters Of Plenitude appear benevolent and after all, who would suspect anything foul about a bunch of overgrown cats that are curing their patients of previously incurable diseases? Oh, that right, that would be me of course. Thankfully my suspicions of them are confirmed and justified thanks to an unlikely and assumed long dead foe of The Doctor.

    Because this episode is in many ways a sequel to “The End Of The World”, it wasn’t a major shock to see anti Nip/Tuck ad campaign Cassandra (who’s back survived) is underground with a dim-witted and all too eager to please slave Chip at her beck and call. Seeing as I liked her in her last outing, I had to admit she was a lot more here than in Season One and it didn’t take her very long to outsmart Rose and take over her body, now did it? Her reaction to being Rose (and my opening paragraph) had me in hysterics and the rest of Cassandra’s capers weren’t short on the laughs either.

    The Doctor is usually such a perceptive guy, I found myself surprised that it took him seemingly long to cop on to the fact that Rose literally wasn’t herself. I mean, look at the way she started shouting out old Cockney rhyming and slang. Since when has The Doctor ever heard Rose say the likes of “Adam and Eve it” or “apples and pears”?

    Even when he did realise it (or maybe he just know all along and confronted over the debacle with the human lab rats), Cassandra did literally have to spell out who she was and what she wanted, which again was pretty simplistic and greedy. Some people just don’t change.

    Cassandra is quite the vain piece of parchment and is happy to go body swapping until she finds the right fit and as for the revelation of the menacing moggies using human clones as lab rats to test drive cures for fatal diseases? It felt right for the episodes content and it came as no shock that Cassandra only wanted money from the Sisters Of Plenitude rather than to sabotage their operation. Of course, taking away any opportunity of redemption they just attacked left, right and centre and tried to justify their extreme experiments.

    Certainly a water cooler and discussion worthy topic is human cloning, this episode shows the pros and cons of this as well as that dark side of The Doctor that David Tennant is determined we get acquainted with. I’m obviously going to take The Doctor’s side on the topic but I felt the battle between the infected clones and uninfected had a little hit and miss action at first.

    Things didn’t really liven up until The Doctor had strapped on all those fatal diseases and lured them into the disinfectant lift. As for the human civilians, some of them were just quite stupid in this episode, including that annoying PA girl to the Duke Of Manhattan but sadly though she survived the ordeal.

    Aside from the cloning and diseases issue, there was also the nature of Cassandra’s body hijacking antics to deal with and boy, did this episode keep us going. Cassandra literally refused to Rose’s body and having the parchment inside gave Billie Piper the chance to play a posh bad girl, which she clearly enjoyed doing and wasn’t she great?

    Body possession is such a cliché that most of the time it requires really stellar performances to pull it off and when Cassandra briefly inhabited The Doctor and Chip, there was some real fun to be had. Watching David Tennent and guest star Sean Gallagher as Chip camping it up in hysterics, more so with The Doctor and especially when Cassandra started bating Rose about the way she looks at The Doctor. Sheer comic genius!

    It took a lot to get Cassandra to leave Rose’s body for good and when she did, she only jumped into Chip’s at the end. This episode added some sympathy to the character whose obsession with vanity has been her downfall. The Doctor and Rose did a nice thing by bringing her back to a time where she was the most happy in her life before she officially died. It was a bittersweet way of ending the episode.

    As for the second and taboo of them all, there’s certainly an attraction between The Doctor and Rose increasingly building up. The nature of their relationship is certainly getting more intense and although it was Cassandra kissing The Doctor and not really Rose, it was certainly one of the hottest screen kisses I’ve seen this year.

    Also before I forget and keeping with reminders from “The End Of The World”, The Face Of Boe made an appearance where at first it appeared to be dying and then to tell The Doctor a secret, except for the fact that The Doctor has to meet him one more before disclosing it? Would it be a stretch to wonder if this big secret has something to do with the Time War?

    Also in “New Earth”

    We got no previously bit, which was a little strange, considering the continuity from “The End Of The World” in this episode.

    Rose: “Can I just tell you that travelling with you, I love it”
    The Doctor: “Me too”.

    Anybody else notice that Mickey took a long time to leave as Rose and The Doctor departed at the start of the episode? I’m getting the feeling that he’s changing his mind about time travelling.

    The Doctor (to Rose): “The human race moves but so does viruses”.

    Time/Date/Location in this episode: 5,000,000,023 in New New York. Actually there were fifteen New York’s, the grass smells of apples and the psychic paper intercepted a distress signal.

    Sister Of Plenitude: “Some say that’s impossible”
    The Doctor: “I like impossible”.

    Cassandra (to Rose): “It’s goodbye to trampoline, hello to Blondie”.

    Patients who were cured by the Sisters Of Plenitude were the Duke of Manhattan who had Petrified Regression and unknown people with Paladoma Psychosis etc. It’s funny how they can’t cure old age though.

    Novice: “The Sisters are sworn to help”
    The Doctor: “What? By killing?”

    The Doctor (to Cassandra): “You can float as atoms in the air, now get out”.

    Cassandra’s lists of insults to Rose include “Chav”, “Blondie”, “Dirty Blonde Assassin” and “Common”, while “Clever Clogs”, “Smarty-pants” and “Ladykiller”.

    Cassandra (to Rose): “I’ve been inside your head, you’ve been looking, you like it”.

    Doctor: “You’re so desperate to stay alive, why don’t you live a little?”
    Cassandra (re Rose): “You’re completely mad. I can see why she likes you”.

    Did anyone find the music for Doctor Who: Confidential at the end a little annoying?

    This was fun! For an episode that raises issues on beauty, racism, cloning, humanity, medical morals and even sexuality, Russell T Davies certainly knows to blend serious debates with a fun, lively romp and “New Earth” is certainly that. David Tennant and Billie Piper are wonderful to watch and this series is in safe hands.

  • Perfect Episode

    an absouloulty great episode of doctor who david teent really showing what he can do in the role, because the last episode he didnt really do much acting he just slept, but he has shown that he has turned the doctor int a younger and just as funny in fact i would say funnier than christopher eccelstoen, the episode itself was really good, every second during the chase wondering what they were going to do and where they were going to go to get away, humourouse bits like when they were on the ladder, they were just funny, an all round great episode and a great start to the new doctor.
  • A brilliant epersode to start the new season with...

    New Earth was a brilliant epersode to start this season off with. This new doctor is better, cuter and funnier then the last. And even Billie is better this time round!
    The story line was brilliant. And Cassandara was as funny as hell. " Oh no! I'm a Chav!! " And " Oh chav-tastic. " where so funny! They should so go on a T shirt! And the;
    Cassandara: Peek - a - boo!
    Rose : Dont come near me Cassandara !
    Cass : What am I gonna do ? Flap you to death ?
    It was so funny! I cant wait for the next epersodes!
  • The doctors back!

    So finally the doctor reaches our screens, after a wait of 13 months its about time! The advertising the bbc put behind the start of series 2 was phenominal, the advert was shown everyday, it was mentioned on lots of programs, it even got its own magazine style childrens show. So maybe thats the reason this episode was a little bit of a let down, my expectations were so high nothing would of satisfied them. Now i\'m not saying this is a bad episode but it certinly isn\'t one of the best. It reminds me of \'The end of the world\' last year: more of a showcase of special effects than a brilliant story. This episode was easily the best thing on tv that night or that week but it wasn\'t the best doctor who i\'ve seen. but then again it is far better than rose was last year and that episode got me hooked to the series. i hope that as the series goes on the episodes get better and better.
  • Hot! Hot! Hot! An exciting adventure to show the new new Doctor's talent.

    So, yes the flesh and the cat people seem like silly villains but they did well. However, compared to the fun when the Doctor and Rose were on screen (possessed or not) the mystery/adventure takes a back seat. The performances of both actors were fantastic! Rose seemed somewhat appealing as opposed to annoying and unintelligent. It was fun to have her around and to watch her playful banter with the Doctor.

    The really story here though is that David Tennant is a joy to watch. Not only is he a lot more attractive (oh those glasses drive me crazy! I so wanted to be the one kissing him and ruffling that great head of hair) but he is a lot more fun too. The comedy of the series has been elevated thanks to him. We saw that he could pull of serious in "The Christmas Invasion" but he is better at that when he has that gleam in his eye that shows he's having fun while fighting back the alien perils. He shows that someone who routinely saves the Earth from danger can have fun while doing it but not be making light of seriousness of the situation because they are callous or cruel. It is an energy to the performance which last season had bits of but this season has in droves. The episodes with the new new Doctor should be treat to watch no matter how ridiculous the plot-line (werewolves next?).

    Everyone look forward to a wonderful season ahead!
  • Out of all Russell T. Davis\' scripts, this one is his best.

    A good way to start season 2.
    I liked the way they kept the outline of Bad Wolf on the floor from the end of last season. You can vaguely see it, but I didn\'t think Rose needed that backpack. It looked like she\'d be gone for years but the Doctor has shown before he can cheat the bank system and get loads of money (The Long Game) so why Rose would need to bring her entire wardrobe is beyond me when she can literally just buy new clothes.
    I loved the fact they used the Gower peninsula. I live in Swansea so it wasgreat seeing all that CGI and stuff used on Swansea. Have you ever tried walking down this one bit of the penisula. It\'s walkable but its pratically vertical. I\'m afraid I\'d fall but its safe enough. A bugger to walk back up though.
    The nurses were great. The idea of Cat\'s evolving instead of aliens looking like cats is great. Loved the hopsital and great to see Face of Boe again. It\'s nice that Davis has given us another mystery to think about as well. What is this secret that the Boemeister is hiding? And it seems a shame they said the THIRD and FINAL time as this limits his appearance.
    Great to see Cassandra and actually see Zoe Wanamaker in it! She is a great actress and Cassandra is great and I loved her switching bodies especially when she entered the flesh one.
    The storyline in general was great. Loved the plot. Thought it was a nice filler episode and can\'t wait for the Queen Vicmeister episode next week. the Vicmeister is wicked.I always called Queen Victoria the Vickmeister cos I think she is great lol.
    All in all a good episode I thought. Better baddies than his Slitheen ones anyway!
  • Doctor Who returns to our screens with a cracker!

    New Earth. What a ride. New New York. Flying cars and futuristic buildings. This is what Doctor Who is all about.

    Loved Rose throughout the whole episode. And The Doctor as a matter of fact. And Cassandra. Oh let's just say all the characters were great!

    Great story, great suspense, great moments. The Cat-Nuns were fantastic.

    "Ooh baby, I'm beating out a samba!" - Great, great moment!

    The Face of Boe was just fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. I loved him. GREAT! I loved it when he talked at the end, that was a truly great scene, one of the best of the episode.

    But... my absolute favourite bit. The end. How emotional. My eyes were actually welling up. The change of Cassandra. I could tell that Cassandra was telling her past self she was so beautiful because she didn't want herself to turn into skin. And then... Cassandra... passes on. With the new and improved Cassandra by her side.

    Great episode.

    PS. Loved the lift scene (near the beginning)!
  • The Doctor's Back! *WARNING - SOME SPOILERS*

    'New Earth' is an absolutely storming start to the new series. The newly-regenerated Doctor takes Rose off to an alien planet many years in the future. But sinister cat nurses, a plague of zombified 'flesh' and an old adversary complicate matters... Some sterling work by both Billie Piper and David Tennant; both are incredibly funny when Cassandra possesses them. Zoe Wanamaker is on top form as Cassandra, whom we actually get to see in human form as well as the flap of skin. A brilliant start and looking like it's going to get much better... a werewolf and some sinister fighting monks in the next episode. Cannot wait!
  • Doctor Who: New Earth

    Quite a good episode, but a bit confusing. Who was the real villain, the Sisters of Plenitude, Cassandra, or the Flesh? It took a while for the plot to become clear, because at first it seemed like Cassandra was going to do something evil as Rose, but she ended up helping the Doctor instead. For the first half of the episode, the Sisterhood seemed pleasant enough, and then they became evil. And in all the episodes in the first series, there was a definite villain (Autons, Gelth, Slitheen etc.) but this one seemed to have too many villains who were all actually not so bad. Cassandra wasn't very evil, the Sisterhood were actually trying to help and the Flesh were just scared and wanted help. Not the best episode, but worth watching.
  • Wasn't bored.

    The best compliment that I can bestow on this episode was that I wasn't bored. There were moments of comedic genious, like the lift decontamination scene, but conversely there were whole sections of the plots which were ridiculous and completely uninspired.

    My example of this is when Cassandra takes over the Doctor. The writers, who are gay, went for a cheap gay joke, which left me feeling completely empty, instead of thinking of something which is actually funny.

    However, the episode moved briskly along, and was actually quite clever in a lot of segments, but while Russel T. Davies's scripts are improving, he still has to work on his tone shifts, as there were a lot of segments to this episode which didn't sit well.

    Doctor Who can be funny, it can be light, but conversely it can also be horrific, scary and dark. Last year we saw Father's Day, Dalek, and the two set in wartorn London, which were perfect stories, but we also saw the two set in present day London with the farting aliens, and the three abord the space station.

    For me, nine episode on, Russel T. Davies still is yet to write a very good episode.
  • A good start to the new season but I can't help feeling there is much better to come.

    As series openers go, this episode was alright. Not fantastic, but certainly better than 99.9% of the rubbish on television. The story was good, but tried to achieve too much in 45 minutes, with there being a little too much of a focus on sideline characters who didn't really do anything- the Lord of Manhattan being one for example.

    However, that's not to say there weren't so excellent set pieces. The chase sequence worked brilliantly and Cassandra's switching from person to person was very funny and allowed both Tennant and Piper (whose performances get stronger every time they're on screen) to play against type, which they did with aplomb.

    There were also some intriguing little things setup presumably to be sontinued later in the season; The Face of Boe's enigmatic speech at the end being the most obvious.

    All in all, possibly not to usual standard, but still welcome back Doctor you've been away too long!
  • Decent "proper" debut for doctor 10

    After the amazing performance by Christopher Eccleston in the first season, it would have been hard for David Tennant to live up to no matter what this episode was like. But he managed to prove he's at least on par with the ninth doctor.

    Russel T Davies mentioned in the behind-the-scenes program "Doctor Who Confidential" that this episode was written with the intention of re-assuring fans that although the Doctor was different, the show is the same. With that considered, the use of old characters and a very similar storyline to the most popular episode of season 1 seems justified.

    Lady Cassandra makes a comeback, as does The Face of Boe (the latter providing an apparent story arc already). The empty child stroyline makes a return in the form of bio-engineered humans carrying all the diseases in the world. It's a lot less epic than the empty child and his soldiers, but.....

    This episode shows of Tennant's ability to do comedy and drama very well, and his ability to switch style in a second. His best performance in this episode is his send-up of "My Family" star Zoe Wanamaker.

    It looks promising for Tennant but he'll have to work harder to beat Eccleston
  • Fantastic!

    I absolutely loved this episode! It was a brilliant start to the new series and David Tennant is really showing what he can do as the new doctor! I was in stitches when he had to act as if Cassandra has taken over his body - it was fantastic viewing!
    Bring on episode 2!
  • Perfect start to the new series. Chris Eccleston pales in comparison to David Tennant! Excellent!

    I must say, that after waiting so long for the second series to arrive, it seemed to spring up on me, and before I knew it, it was here. Let me just say, it did not dissapoint.
    After David Tennant's excellent debut in 'The Christmas Invasion', I was definitely looking forward to watching more of him in the new series. The strange thing is, after watching him, it's hard to remember what Christopher Eccleston was actually like. It's as if Tennant has been with us all along. His Doctor is definitely my favourite already, and he makes the role his own.
    Billy did a stupendous job in this episode and her performance really blew me away. I was made aware of her acting talents last series, but with this episode she really pulled out all the stops and proved once and for all that she is a star.
    The body-swapping idea was very amusing, and although terribly cliche, it didnt come across as over-used or un-original. It was done in a fun, humourous way and didnt take itself too seriously. That's the great thing about this series, is that it can have fun, silly episodes and yet also deliver the goods with hard-hitting, emotionally affecting episodes.
    This episode was a great way to start the new series and David Tennant is a star already. Also there is something strangely hot about him, which helps. The appearance of some past characters was interesting, even if it did seem a little soon and maybe not the best thing to have in the season premiere. There are some series arcs appearing already what with the Face of Boa's secret and him saying they will meet again. Overall, 'New Earth' was an exciting, fast paced and often laugh-out-loud funny episode of the new series and was in the Doctor's own words 'fantastic'.
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