Doctor Who

Season 2 Episode 1

New Earth

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2006 on BBC America

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  • The Tenth Doctor and Rose travel to an alien planet that has a close connection to old Earth. And along the way they are reunited with Lady Cassandra. Oh, and the Face of Boe is back, being one big tease. Damn you Boe!

    Last year I sat back and watched episode one of the new Doctor Who, and sat in awe of Christopher Eccleston. For me he represented everything that the Doctor was, everything that the Doctor is. He was, to be blunt, everything that later 1980's Doctors were not. And we all loved him.
    Sitting watching New Earth is a surreal experience. Not because I find it strange that somebody else is now playing the Doctor, but because somebody else has replaced Eccleston in my heart. David Tennant has already established himself so successfully in "The Christmas Invasion", and so here, we are finally allowed to totally fall in love with him. Within minutes, memories of Eccleston are pushed to the back of the mind. David Tennant really is the Doctor.
    The story here isn't exactly the most exciting (think Russell T Davies meets George A Romero), but it doesn't need to be. Like last year's "Rose" it serves one purpose, to introduce the Doctor and Rose to television audiences again after so long away. Unlike most Russell T Davies from series one, this never once feels like a children's show. Doctor Who 2005 has now safely found its feet. For every childish moment (Tennant's body swap anybody) there's moments of adult horror (zombies...again!). audiences complained last year over RTD's scripts, but with "The Christmas Invasion" and now "New Earth" he's totally redeemed himself. Here is a writer who understands what Doctor Who should be: funny, adventurous, scary. He's latest scripts have given so much enjoyment to my entire family, and for the first time I'm proud to be a Doctor Who fan. Yes, that's right, I love Doctor Who, and after "New Earth" you will too.
    Now, if only I could be proud watching Star Trek...
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