Doctor Who

Season 2 Episode 1

New Earth

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2006 on BBC America



  • Trivia

    • The Face of Boe says that being millions of years old is impossible. However, this conflicts with his appearance in Episode 1-7, The Long Game, which was set in the year 200,000. If it is the same Face of Boe, he wouldn't just be millions of years old, he would be billions of years old, as this episode is set in the year 5 billion and 23.

      (When the Face of Boe says this, he seems to do so with a knowing wink. In other words, it's impossible because everyone KNOWS it's impossible, but he and the Doctor might know better.)

      Also, the Face of Boe does not have to be one being. It may just be a position, as in the head of the solar system Boe